NEXT MEETING: August 11. 2017

Investing in Women: How Micro Credit Has a Lasting Impact in Guatemala

The majority of low-income women in developing countries do not have the opportunity to acquire the skills and experience needed to build a successful business and become economically empowered. Lack of education and training, role models and networks, and fairly administered capital combine with cultural expectations in Latin America to present formidable barriers to women entrepreneurs throughout the region.
Namaste Direct is a poverty alleviation organization headquartered in San Francisco, with operations in Guatemala carried on by its sister NGO, Fundación Namaste Guatemaya (FNG). FNG’s vision is that low-income women entrepreneurs in Guatemala will have the tools and access to support that are necessary to increase business profits and thereby move from poverty towards the middle class, and developed and implemented the Namaste Business Development Program (NBDP) to support this vision. The NBDP is a hands-up program that combines training, personal business mentorship from a trusted community leader and successful businessperson, and customized microcredit business loans to help women increase profits, formalize business infrastructure, and enter the formal business sector.

MEETING OF August 4, 2017


Connie Tritt, President, presided over the meeting and reminded Rotarians about the 4 way Test: Truth, Fairness, Goodwill and Friendship, and Beneficial to All.

From Sid: Always carry a flask of whiskey in case of snakebite. Furthermore, always carry a small snake ~WC Fields~

Visiting Rotarians and Guests

Prudence Ashely, Children of Mexico –  She was supposed to be our guest speaker. Due to a mix up which President Connie acknowledged, Prudence graciously deferred to speak on November 17. Gary Vilhauer, District Governor from Danville to speak instead.

Mack Robinson, Asst District Governor from San Pablo.

Special Events

Bill Koziol received his second Paul Harris award.

Connie Tritt gladly accepted a check for $4,000 for a grant she applied for to plant trees and create mosaic trash cans locally.


Pam Jones announced YMCA event 12/23/17 to distribute 1200 bikes to families, priced at $49 each. Looking for Rotarians to support. Mey Saechao indicated she had been a bike recipient when she was 12 and look where she is now!

District Governors throw great parties! The 2018 District Conference is scheduled for May 4 -6, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency in Incline Village, NV. The hotel rate is a good one: $159 per night but it will expire soon, so sign up right away.

Leadership Conference in Martinez on September 23.


Happy and Sad Dollars

Norm’s Nonsense


Gary Vilhauer, District Governor from Danville

Gary is a 33 year member of Danville Rotary and Co-Chair of Conferences.

Gary wanted to share his goals for the district. He started by talking about his international Rotary work in Nigeria: how welcome he was made to feel upon his arrival at airport and also up to the last day of his departure. That’s why he loves Rotary. He is concerned because membership is declining and if trend continues, by 2050 Rotary could cease to exist. Therefore Gary shared two different public service announcements for use to promote membership.

Rotating Scribe: Darlene Rios Drapkin.