Holiday Gift Shopping That Benefits Your Community

You make the difference! Your contributions to our Holiday Auction raise the money we donate to local schools and community organizations (Which? See sidebar on Projects page). So join the band: come to the Auction, invite guests, and of course, bid on some of the fun and sometimes even useful items listed below. Check back to watch the list grow day by day.

We know that every Richmond Rotarian will want to pitch in. Please click the Post my Item button to send us your item’s description, which we’ll post on this page. Or if you prefer, click the Donate button to make a tax-deductible donation using PayPal or your credit card. We request a donation of $100 or more. Either way, your generosity helps to build a better community.


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Ric Ambrose
Wally Arakozie
Alan Baer
Joe Bagley
Shana Bagley
Alan Blavins
Jan Brown
David Brown
Erle Brown
Tom Butt
Patricia Canessa
Sid Chauvin
Herbert Cole
Hank Covell
Edgar DeLeon
William Dabney
Nick Despota
Darlene Drapkin
George Egan
Simon Ellis
Jerry Feagley
Charles Fender
Jim Findley
Gina Fromer
Oscar Garcia
Josh Genser
Ethan Heinrich
Mark Howe
Felix Hunziker
Pam Jones
Liliane Koziol
Bill Koziol
Donald Lau
Jon Lawlis
James Lee
Norman Lundberg
Doris Mitchell
Henry Moe
Jeff Mulvihill
Al Nero
Gonzalo Ochoa
Cecilia Orozco
Darlene Quenville
Mey Saechao
EJ Shalaby
Horace Stonework
Tiffany Straus
Stacey Street
Josh Surowitz
Dan Tanita
Stanley Teaderman
Connie Tritt
John Troughton
Mike Winter

The Bottle of Muscatel
This original retail value of the bottle of Muscatel was around two bucks. But by now it has accrued a fundraising value of over $35,000! Had you bought $2 of stock in Microsoft 30 years ago, you wouldn’t have done so well. Each year a member “invests” in Richmond Rotary’s stock, increasing the bottle’s accrued value and earning the honor of having his or her name memorialized in DynoTape on its package.
But note: you can buy it but cannot—must not—drink it. After purchasing this Holiday Auction tradition, the Bottle of Muscatel waits quietly in your closet, ready to step up to the auction block the following year.
Contractors’ Lunch
Erle and Jonathon once again toss down the gauntlet. Can the Club’s die-hards outlast one another despite the abuse to which they’ve subjected their bodies to over the years? Up to 10 people. Minimum bid $200.
East Brother Lighthouse Dinner, Bed & Breakfast
East Brother Lighthouse, or more accurately a Light Station, is a beautifully restored California Victorian Lighthouse Dinner, Bed & Breakfast Inn perched atop an island in the strait that separates San Francisco and San Pablo Bays.The lighthouse offers the rare combination of both a “lighthouse dinner, bed & breakfast” and an “island dinner, B&B,” and is a unique California destination.

Though only a ten-minute boat ride to the island, the lighthouse inn seems to be a world away from the lights of the nearby cities.Guests will also be treated to a full tour of the island, taking in all of the buildings. They’ll be regaled with the history of the island and its life as a lighthouse up to the present day. Its value is $415. See for more information.

Doreen’s Cookies
Don’t arrive at your holiday party empty-handed. This perennial favorite, 5-6 dozen scrumptious chocolate chip cookies in a festive wrapping, will delight a crowd of hungry revelers. Can be frozen (the cookies, that is).

Sid’s Eggnog
As usual, the best elixir for loosening the bidding propensities and checkbooks of the annual auction participants. It has earned the title of BEST due to the failure of the competition to even show up !!! As anyone can attest, the beverage is priceless.

ymca-logoHere’s to your Health in 2017
Certificate for 3 month Family Membership (2 adults and children in same household) at the Hilltop Family YMCA. Includes gym bag, water bottles, ear buds, t-shirt, and you are ready to go! $330 value.

This one’s also good for your health!
Erle Brown, ever conscious of the salutary effects of pressed and fermented grapes, offers a magnum of Carmenet 1997 Cabernet Sauvignon. Stored in temperature controlled cellar. A perfect way to kick off the new year with a group of health-conscious friends and family.

farmhouseOne week stay on the St. Lawrence River in Quebec
Jon Lawlis and Darlene Quenville would like you to go away…to an idyllic farmhouse located one hour west of Montreal, in St. Anicet, Quebec. Note that it is only available in June or September. This beautiful 100+ year old farmhouse is situated on 5 acres with historic 200-year-old barns. Located in St. Anicet, Quebec on Lake St. Francis on the St. Lawrence River. Beautiful views and waterfront access. Great for families. Click here for pictures and full description.
Chill out in comfort on the Medocino Coast
Listen to the sounds of the crashing surf and the barking sea lions. This is what you’ll experience at the “Ocean House” situated on the Mendocino coast. Mike Winter’s vacation home has 3 bedrooms and 2 plus baths. It can accommodate 6 people. New kitchen, built-in BBQ, fireplaces, entertainment center, bar, and enclosed garage. Internet and cell service available. Wow.
Portrait by artist Alan Blavins
A one-of-a-kind work that you’ll appreciate forever: a framed pencil or oil painted portrait of yourself, your family, or you and your grandchildren. Our resident portraitist, Alan Blavins, will create this work from an emotionally charged photograph (high resolution, please). See examples of  Alan’s painting and a pencil drawing made for the family of Rotarian Jim Young, now passed.

Whisky Tasting
Develop discernment in distilled spirits at the 10th annual Richmond Rotary Whisky Tasting! Next year we will learn all about Rye and, of course, taste six varieties of fine Rye Whiskies. As always, the whisky is accompanied by fine food for both the winning bidders and their designated drivers. Good for up to twelve tasters.

Richmond Police Department vehicle replicas, circa 1923
From the vault of Joe Bagley, we are pleased to present two Richmond Police Department truck and car coin banks, in 1/25 scale replicas, circa 1923. If you’re a collector of Richmond memorabilia, don’t pass up this one.
South Lake Tahoe House
Henry Moe offers a beautiful South Lake Tahoe home, located 6 blocks from the lake and 15 minutes drive from the casinos. Accommodates up to 8 people in the 3 bedrooms and pull-out couch in the living room. Only black-out dates are Christmas and New Years. Offer good through December 6, 2018.
Beautiful Christmas Basket
Darlene Quenville offers a beautiful large Christmas Basket stuffed with chocolates, ornaments, and other goodies.

McDonald’s Gift Certificates
Expecting a crowd to watch the football game? Got a house-full of grand kids that need lunch and you’re in no mood to cook? Well, have it your way: gift certificates to McDonald’s. Stoney once again offers sack-fulls of the All-American fast food.

Flight 1967, departing from Richmond
Join us in a celebration of California’s legalization of marijuana, beginning in January 2018!  We invite you to a high altitude 1960’s Party, with appropriate enhancements provided. Transportation by the Jefferson Airplane, Pink Floyd, and (assuming an uneventful landing) the Grateful Dead.
Captain Nick, promises that the No Smoking sign will not be lit during the journey. Suitable in-flight hot meals, M&M’s and Snickers. Entertainment supplied by you in the form of a few choice 35mm slides, tie-dyed fashions, an object d’art rescued from your dorm room, a cherished LP, or a good story from the 60’s.  Finally a word on passenger safety: Consider attending with a designated driver or arranging for a Lyft for safe passage to your final destination. Maximum 8.
A hands-on introduction to firearms
Ever wonder how it feels to shoot a gun? Curious about the difference between a revolver and a pistol? Then this experience is for you. We will spend an hour reviewing terms, handling, inspection, loading and unloading, and the basic of shooting: sight picture, squeeze trigger, stance and breathing.
We will then proceed to the Richmond Rod & Gun Club’s 25 yard range. There you will have the opportunity to shoot a variety of handguns. They include a 2 different semi-automatic pistols, a 10/22 rifle, and 2 different revolvers. This item includes range fees, eye and ear protection, targets and all ammunition. Last year we started at 9 AM and ended at 12:30 PM. Note: persons convicted of any felony, certain misdemeanors or subject to a restraining order are NOT eligible to participate as it is a criminal offense for any such person to handle a firearm.
Tour of Richmond Refinery & Lunch
Paricia Canessa invites you to an exclusive, private, vehicle tour of Chevron’s Richmond Refinery. Learn about how the refinery played a critical role in the U.S. economy during World War II and continues to have an impact. Tour must be scheduled on a Friday and subject to operation schedule. Up to 5 people.
San Francisco Symphony Tickets
Two tickets to see Emmanuel Ax perform with San Francisco Symphony on Friday, January 12, at 8 PM at Davies Symphony Hall. The program: Beethoven’s Leonore Overture, Mozart Piano Concerto No. 14, the Schoenberg Piano Concerto, and Richard Strauss’s Till Eulenspiegel’s Merry Pranks. More information.
Fleet Week Sail
Shana and Mark Howe invite you to watch the Fleet Week air show from the water on our sail boat, lunch and drinks provided. Past acts include the Blue Angels, trickster bi-planes, parachuters, and big jets. Although not confirmed, the likely date is Saturday, October 6, 2018 (the only Saturday of Fleet Week) from 11-3 (tide depending). Limited to 8 guests.
Vacation stay in Manzanillo, Mexico
Enjoy a fun-filled week at Jerry Feagleys private condo in Manzaniillo, Mexico, near the famed Las Hadas Hotel, where the movie 10 was filmed.

Three bottles of 20-year old wine
That’s it: Three bottles of 20-year old wine. More information to come.