May 19, 2011

NEXT MEETING: May 19, 2011

Deputy Fire Chief Robin Poindexter

Deputy Fire Chief Robin Poindexter will update us on projects and changes at the Richmond Fire Department.


The Interact Boat Cruise sets sail again on May 27th. Richmond Rotary has been very generous in helping the Salesian Interact Students attend each year. If anyone would like to contribute send your donation to David Brown and mark Interact Boat Cruise in the Memo. The cost of the cruise for each student is $55.

MEETING OF May 12, 2017


Madame President-To-Be Connie Tritt had a trial run today. Connie called our meeting to order in the absence of soon to be former president Josh Surowitz. Jon lead the Pledge, Herb invocated peace and freedom, and Sid entertained, courtesy of Will Rogers: “I don’t make up jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.”

Rotarians with Guests

We welcomed many guests today. Jan Brown introduced Kathy Anderson and Terri Brown, both from the YMCA. Jan also introduced her husband Byron (the latter sporting a new beard and so needing only an identification, rather than an introduction). Speaking of spouses, we also welcomed David Brown’s better half, Cheryl.

Alan Baer’s guest was Alberto Silva, his second attendance at Richmond Rotary. Mike Winter’s guest was Cecilia Orozco, who will no longer be a guest (see below). And last but certainly not least was Jon Lawlis’ sweetheart, Darlene Quenville. We appreciated the full house.

Special Events

Cecilia Orozco was inducted into the Richmond Rotary today, sponsored by Mike Winter. Welcome, Cecilia!

Recognitions and Happy/Sad Dollars

Today may have been a record-breaker for Happy and Sad Dollars, but who’s counting?

  • Bob Dabney was happy to travel back east, attend a wedding and eat Philly cheesesteak sandwiches. (Did he look heavier to you?)
  • This one’s happy, sad, and happy. A friend of Josh Genser’s wife, Elaina, made a $250 donation to Richmond Rotary. Josh put the check in his wallet to bring to the meeting—but then lost the wallet. Josh stopped payment on the check, but later got his wallet back intact. A replacement check is on its way.
  • David Brown had enjoyed taking the train to Chicago. [Being both a lover of trains and a Chicago native, I can understand why. -Ed.]
  • Doris Mitchell was hopeful, if not happy. Her son turned 4 and she’s hoping that raising a 4-year old will prove easier than raising a 3-year old. Good luck with that, Doris.
  • This year’s Cinco de Mayo Festival was a big, family-friendly event and Oscar Garcia was more than happy about that.
  • Liliane Koziol shared Oscar’s happiness because the Cinco De Mayo Festival merited a mention in the Consular Corps Briefing.
  • Jon had sad (or was that happy?) dollars. It will be his last meeting until September. He and Darlene are off to Quebec for the summer vacation.
  • And Nick was also sad about Jon’s vacation plans. Nick was counting on Jon to edit the Flywheel while he is in Berlin for a month this summer. Jon says, “No problem. I can do it Canada.” Nick was still unhappy. If Jon can do it in Canada, Nick could also do it in Germany, which sort of blows his cover. We’ll work it out.
  • Bill Koziol confessed to multiple counts of sadness. First count: his wife Kirsten was out-of-town and so he suffered the pains of an over-burdened and under-qualified house daddy. Just one example—second count—his daughter attempted to open the car door with a rake. Ouch. And one more count: he somehow managed to rip his toe open on a shower drain, requiring 10 stitches. Ouch again. But as he recounted all this, Bill stood there smiling. Sadness charges dismissed. Next case.
  • Alan Blavins had happy dollars for the Warriors season. Simple.
  • Sid reported happiness from his wife because he has finally found an assisted living facility for his sister.

Norm’s Nonsense


The Teen Moms Project


A full house of Rotarians pitched in for the 12th Annual Teen Moms program, packing bright Rotary bags with gifts for moms and their kids. But in addition to preparing the gift bags, our members wrote personalized notes to each young woman, encouraging them to finish high school and rise to the challenges of parenthood. The thank you notes we’ve received in years past tell us that they greatly appreciate the support.

We also have many thank-you’s to make. We appreciate the generosity of Mary Sue Erickson and the Linus Project for hand-finished blankets. Michelle Attkisson of Clorox donated the Burt’s Bees and Baby Bees gift packs, and Dan Tanita again provided dental hygiene supplies. Thank you all!

-Nick Despota, Flywheel Editor