April 20

Program for April 20

A New Era in Police Oversight

The Office of Professional Accountability (OPA) was established in 2016 as an independent office within the Richmond Police Department (RPD) that is committed to ensuring that employees provide the best service, individually and collectively, to the public.  As part of the commitment to provide trusted, fair, and a neutral accountability system, a civilian Manager was hired to oversee all functions of OPA including police internal investigations. This model of oversight is rare in the U.S. because it places a civilian in the role to make independent and trusted findings to the Chief of Police as a result of internal investigations completed by police Sergeants.

Eddie J. Aubrey, Manager of the OPA, is a civilian hired in March 2016. He oversees the intake, classification, and investigation of complaints against Police department personnel or police services; certifies investigative findings; and makes recommendations on investigatory disposition to the Police Chief. The Manager ensures that professional Police Officers and other Police employees perform assigned duties in a sound and sustainable manner; maintain accountability for their actions and the actions of their peers; and are held accountable for any deficiencies in professional activities or adherence to their professional code of ethics, and City or departmental polices and rules.