April 27

Program for April 27

NIAD - Nurturing Independence Through Artistic Development

Nurturing Independence through Artistic Development (NIAD Art Center) has been a fixture on 23rd Street since the early 1990s.  Founded by the visionary team of Florence Ludins-Katz and Dr. Elias Katz, this program supports artists who have disabilities.  In the large communal studio, artists make original art based on their passions, interests and desires.  The process of making art allows them to proclaim “I Am” to the world at large – a world that largely discounts them and ignores them.  Everyone has a story to tell, experiences to share, and through their art they are able to do so.  As they learn skills and see the results of their decisions, they also learn more than just making art.  They learn to focus, envision and accept risk.  The art is then exhibited and sold so the artists earn commissions from their work.

All adults hope to be able to be productive and live a meaningful life doing work that they wish to do.  At NIAD, artists are supported to make this a reality.

The Richmond Rotary has been a supporter of NIAD for years and it is appreciated.