June 23

Program for June 23

The Challenges of a Richmond Distiller

There are many misconceptions about what a distiller’s life is all about. Some think it is romantic, some envision an illegal appellation moonshiner, and some a jet-setting glamorous party animal… The reality is far from this. Distillers have to cope with what any other manufacturer has to go through and sometimes more when it comes to taxation, compliance, distribution…

Farid Dormishian, Founder/Distiller for Falcon Spirits Distillery, will touch upon these and will share some of his own personal challenges and accomplishments. He will also describe his journey from undergraduate studies in Biochemistry at UC Berkeley, to bartending and wine-making, to launching his own distillery. Members won’t want to miss this talk, as Farid is also bringing samples of his delicious spirits for us to taste!