November 17

Program for November 17

Rising Sun: Launching Careers to Build a Better World

While Rising Sun has been operating for 23 years, there has never been a time when its programs have been more important and more impactful than now. What makes Rising Sun unique is its commitment to two critical issues: economic equity and climate resilience. Economic inequality has ballooned over recent decades. People unfortunate enough to come from disadvantaged communities, without college educated parents, and without economically successful role models have a very steep mountain to climb in order to achieve financial sustainability for themselves and their families.

At the same time, while California has made tremendous progress in energy efficiency and climate resilience, the stakes have never been higher as most scientists believe we have passed the point of no return on climate change.

Rising Sun’s mission is to empower individuals to achieve environmental and economic sustainability for themselves and their communities. We pursue this vision through thoughtfully-designed workforce development programs and a focus on achieving a future in which everyone who wants a good family-sustaining career can have one, where disadvantaged communities aren’t further disadvantaged by environmental burdens, and where climate change impacts are reduced and fossil fuel dependence is diminished.