NEXT MEETING: February 22, 2013

Winter Quarter Club Assembly

Jim Young will lead us through the Winter Quarter Club Assembly. This is an opportunity for all members to learn about Richmond Rotary’s projects, financing, and plans for the coming year.

MEETING OF February 15, 2013


Pledge by Tom Butt Invocation was given by Stoney: a moment of silence for peace, freedom and justice and for people murdered in Africa who were administering polio vaccines. Thought for the Day: Henry says the NRA can “go to hell.”

Visiting Rotarians

Doug Adcock from Incline Village, traded banners with President Jim.

Rotarians with Guests

Alan Blavins had friends from England, Derek and Rosemarie. Derek is a duck decoy carver.
Jon Lawlis brought Darlene.  Does she still count as a guest?
Mark Howe brought Dana Timber from Austria.
Henry Kellman brought his brother and former Richmond Rotarian, Joe.

Sunshine Report

Josh Surowitz has pneumonia.


  • The Rotacare Clinic is set for a grand opening on February 21.  Starting at about 4:00 p.m. there will be tours of the clinic, at 2727 Macdonald Avenue, and food and drink in the Bermuda Room.  At about 5:30 there will be a presentation in the Bermuda Room followed, at about 6:30, by a ribbon cutting at the Clinic. Please RSVP now so they know how much food and drink to buy.
  • Also on February 21, at noon at La Revolution, there will be a Board Meeting.  All are invited to attend.
  • On February 22 our program will be a Club Assembly, which will include a presentation of an international water project in Ecuador.
  • Felix Hunziker invites Rotarians to another tree planting on Saturday February 23.  Meet at 9:00 a.m. at the Solano Playlot and trees will be planted around the North & East neighborhood.
  • March 16 will be the Barsheep St. Patrick’s Day party at Hs Lordships. See right sidebar for details, and to purchase tickets.
  • March 21, Cliff Doctorman will speak at a joint meeting of Pinole and El Cerrito Rotary, probably at the Mira Vista Country Club.
  • April 20, Richmond Tales Family Festival at the Richmond Auditorium.
  • April 27, 4:00 p.m., the Howe-Stoney BBQ (for those who bought it at the auction) at Mark’s house.


Josh Genser, Mark Howe, Joe Bagley and Jan Brown all had club anniversaries on February 15. 11 years for all but Joe, who has 22!

Happy and Sad Dollars

  • Heather Kulp was happy to see the birds and sea lions going after the herring in the water off Richmond’s shores.
  • Bob Dabney was sad to have to return from 10 days of skiing in Sun Valley, Idaho.
  • Hank Kovell was happy for his granddaughter who was off to Italy to study, and that February 21 was the anniversary of his first date with his first wife, in 1953.
  • David Brown was happy to be going to Puerto Vallarta for a week on the beach.
  • Jon was happy that Darlene’s daughter was admitted to USC.
  • Tom Butt told a story about receiving a call from Richard Poe about a seal in distress, only to find out that it was merely replete with herring.
  • President Jim was happy to have treated his bride to a fine Valentine’s Day dinner at Liason in Berkeley.

Norm’s Nonsense

Nothing publishable this week. 😉


Shen Yun: The Renaissance of Chinese Traditional Culture

Eric Wong is a news anchor for a Chinese radio station, FM 92.2. He introduced us to Shen Yun, a show of Chinese dance that demonstrates and preserves traditional Chinese culture.

Traditional Chinese culture is a mix of Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism, each of which teach virtues such as loyalty, benevolence, and truth. Mr. Wong fears that many of those values have been lost because of the communist takeover of China and the Cultural Revolution. He thinks that is what is behind the scandals of contaminated sheetrock and baby formula from China.

Shen Yun features over 100 artists, including dancers and musicians, playing both western and traditional Chinese instruments. It features dances that tell ancient Chinese stories.

Josh Genser, pinch-hitting scribe