NEXT MEETING: June 27, 2014


It’s time for the annual change of Club Presidency. Liliane Koziol will be demoted and become a Past President while Stoney Stonework will be installed as new Club President for 2014-2015, beginning July 1. As always, this should be fun.

MEETING OF June 20, 2014


President Liliane Koziol called the meeting to order at the Richmond Country Club. She announced with glee that this was the last meeting she would lead as Rotary President for 2013-14!  Ethan Heinrich led the pledge of allegiance and Stoney Stonework asked for a moment of silence for freedom, peace, and justice on earth. Sid Chauvin offered this thought for the day: The most practical, beautiful and wonderful philosophy in the world won’t work if you won’t.

Visiting Rotarians and Guests

  • Jeff Mulvihill came for his final visit as a member of the Redding Rotary Club, and brought his lovely bride, Sue, as his guest.
  • Mark Howe introduced his guest, Dan Lee, a featured speaker next month.

Special Events and Awards

We are delighted to officially (and finally!) welcome a new member to the Rotary, Jeff Mulvihill.  Although he has been a longtime friend of the club and thank him for all he has already done, we look forward to having him participate as a member, and learning even more about him.

President Liliane bestowed special service star awards to the following members:

  • Ethan Heinrich was recognized for his help with the fishing derby, in particular his special assistance with one of the youngest kids on the trip. Ethan stayed with her and helped her the entire time – thank you, Ethan!
  • Bill Koziol was also thanked for his help with the fishing derby, though he was unable to attend.
  • Mark Howe was applauded for leading the clean-up work in the Peace Garden.
  • In her absence, Heather Kulp was thanked for leading the tour of the Chevron Refinery.
  • In their absence, Jim Young and Nick Despota were thanked for hosting the New Generation Exchange Student in October 2013.

Prez Liliane began the Club Assembly by recognizing and thanking all the members of the 2013-14 Board and bestowing beautiful plaques on each:

  • Vice President and President-Elect, Stoney Stonework: early recognition for his incoming presidency.
  • Sergeant at Arms, Sid Clauvin: with thanks for ongoing dedication and service
  • Secretary, Alan Baer
  • Treasurer, David Brown (not in attendance since he wasn’t feeling well)
  • Membership Chair, Josh Surowitz (traveling)
  • Community Services Chair, Mike Winter
  • Vocational Chair, Tom Waller
  • Club Service Chair, Alan Blavins
  • International Service Chair, Pam Jones
  • Foundation Chair, Connie Tritt

Liliane also had a special award for the New Generations Chair, Dan Tanita, who headed up this new program created by Rotary International and managed the exchange student from Russia. She asked Dan to speak about the proposal from Charles Ramsey, President of the School Board, to rename the Poratola School to the Fred Koremotsu School. Dan noted that Fred was not just a local hero, but also a national figure, recognized by President Clinton with the Medallion of Freedom.  He refused to go to an internment camp, was arrested and sent to prison, and then sued the federal government. Although the Supreme Court upheld the conviction and he and his family spent years in a camp, Koremotsu appealed many years later, and the court ruled to overturn his conviction.

The Rotarian of the Year Award was presented to Henry Moe, a well-deserved honor! After Henry’s mother passed away, he attended the judging of the Rotary Four-Way Test demonstrating incredible dedication and commitment as the students’ participant coach. Henry received a standing ovation from all in attendance – great job, Henry!


  • Pam Jones announced a special contest from District 5160 to build Facebook friends – the 475th and 500th people to “like” their page will receive 100 points. That’s like $100! She noted they are currently at 453 so that’s not far to go…
  • President Liliane Koziol announced that today’s meeting would not follow the usual format since it was a special meeting with a lot of ground to cover.
  • Liliane reminded everyone to attend the July 12th District 5160 Awards Luau and 2014-15 President Installation Ceremony at the Woodland Community Center. Guests can see Stoney Stonework installed as the new Richmond Rotary President as well as celebrate the adventures of 2013-14 and the awards that our club and other clubs earned.
  • Stoney reminded everyone that his first meeting as President will be on July 11th, so they need to attend that meeting before heading up to Woodland!


Happy and Sad Dollars

Norm’s Nonsense


Club Assembly

In David Brown’s absence, Alan Baer asked individuals served with invoices to please pay your dues!

Pam Jones presented about the Satellite Program. A satellite club would not be a separate club, but would offer an additional meeting as a strategy to increase membership.  For example, Richmond might consider adding a Monday evening meeting at Salute to allow those unable to attend Friday lunch meetings a time to meet.  The Berkeley Rotary has created a successful satellite club, with additional evening meetings at a local pizza joint and a focus on fellowship, a key part of Rotary.  We will continue the conversation with Berkeley and learn all we can.

Alan Blavins encouraged the club to consider merging with some of the other BARSHEEP clubs, such as Pinole (12 members) and El Cerrito (23 members), to become the West Contra Costa Rotary.  This would create a much larger club membership.  It would mean a revision to the by-laws, which were written many years ago and clearly didn’t foresee so many small city clubs so close together.  It seems time to bring the by-laws up to modern standards!

After reassuring everyone he was not going to discuss his sauce, Stoney said there will be two key areas of focus this year:

1) Increasing membership: We need to get back to networking and fellowship, not just service and fundraising, though they are important. He charged each member in the room and on the roster with bringing in one new member this year. We need to talk up Richmond Rotary, and take, and use, the “Watch Rotary” and “Be My Guest” cards!!

2) Programs: Kudos to Liliane for bringing members of international consulates and those who helped this year. We need to have exciting programs so current and prospective members want to attend. He has asked this week’s scribe to be the new Program Chair (no pressure!).

Stoney also introduced new members of the Board in 2014-15: Henry Moe, Felix Hunziker, and Richard Alexander.

Those members in attendance at the meeting provided a vote of confidence for Club Secretary, Alan Baer, as he highlighted an issue involving another Club member.

Connie Tritt presented the Foundation report. She noted that the Every Rotarian, Every Year campaign increased donations 11%.  Sustaining membership, those who contribute $100 or more, increased 16%.  Overall, 74% of members have contributed to the Foundation.  Liliane thanked all the members not only for the good work they do on behalf of the club, but also for their generosity to the club and the District overall!

President Liliane concluded by reminding members to enjoy their success and be proud of the many accomplishments this year. The “adventure ride” is coming to an end – a thrill with ups and downs, twists and turns – overall a blast!  Thank you, Liliane, for your leadership and dedication this year!

Stacey Street, Rotating Editor-in-training