NEXT MEETING: July 25, 2014

Ultrasonic Cavitation: The New Solution for California’s Water Woes

Sound can be used in so many different and incredible ways. It can entertain you, heal you, and see inside you. It can clean water and produce power. It can change the world, for the better. Through the use of mechanical ultrasound, in conjunction with a natural process called cavitation, liquid can be hyper-purified to produce pure H2O. A Rotarian from out of town, Ron Swanson, will introduce a new technology that is simple, affordable, and green. It takes wastewater, seawater, even hydraulic fracturing flow-back water to pure H2O. For additional info in advance, visit the website of Sonic Cavitation.

MEETING OF July 18, 2014


Prez Stoney called the meeting to order at La Strada. David Brown led us in the Pledge. Stoney provided the invocation with a prayer for freedom, peace, and justice and also offered the thought “Light up Rotary with Fellowship and Fun!”

Visiting Rotarians and Guests

Jan Brown had as her guest Melinda McCrary Executive Director of the Richmond Museum; Henry Moe has 2 InterAct students as his guests Giselle Carino and Peter Hall; Your Scribe has as his guest Roxanne Cruz from PG&E.

Special Events

  • Giselle and Peter, our InterAct students, were also the students who attended Camp Royale representing Richmond Rotary. Giselle described it as a life changing experience and both thanks Rotary for the opportunity.



  • On Wednesday, July 23rd, Saluté’s Restaurant hosts a, uh… spirit-lifting… fundraiser to help Richmond’s homeless, Vino for Vets. Each year the restaurant provides Thanksgiving Day dinners to folks who, otherwise, might have little to be thankful for. This wine-tasting fundraiser helps Saluté’s help our community. So please go, sample a few varietals, buy a bottle or two, and help Saluté’s continue the civic-minded Thanksgiving event they began a few years ago. 4-7 PM, 1900 Esplanade Dr., Richmond. Download Vino-for-Vets flyer.
  • Treasurer David Brown reminded all to PAY YOUR DUES IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY!
  • Past Prez  Liliane Kozial reported on the Rotary meeting held last Saturday in Oakland. Richmond Rotary scored 3 Awards: 2013-14 President Citation with Distinction (complete with medal!); Engagement in the 5 Service Areas of Rotary; and Setting Strategic Goals “Changing Lives”
  • Prez Stoney recognized our President-elect Alan Blavin… was very busy collecting money and taking attendance.
  • Joe “Swampy” Bagley announced that the Summer of Luv (1967/1968?) Rotary Auction item will be occurring on August 2nd 4-8pm at the Bagley home.  If you did not buy in at the auction you can for $50/person. Food, Fun, Drink, Music…Electric Kool Aid??
  • David Brown presented the first Rotary check of the year to Lynn Martin. $1000 for Early Childhood Mental Health.
  • “Sunshine Report” Erle Brown informed us that there will be a service for Norm Foley on 8/10 in Rancho Murieta. More details to follow. Prez Stoney paid a visit to Charley Wong and wife Jean and reported they are doing fine.


Happy and Sad Dollars

Norm’s Nonsense


Helping Immigrants Lead Productive Lives

Tom Waller introduced (was Tom the Program?) our speaker Atta Arghandiwal who is the author of 2 books Lost Decency and Immigrant Success Planning. Atta grew up in Afghanistan and described the country that he grew up in as a very peaceful country were all groups got along very well. This all changed as the Russian, Chinese and Iranian communist parties slowly infiltrated the country. In 1978 there was a communist coup de at and a Soviet Union invasion in 1979. This was the end of peace in Afghanistan. Atta fled the country with the promise to get his family out of Afghanistan. Initially going to Germany, then to the USA, Atta had a very success career in the banking industry going from teller to Sr. VP. He did manage to bring his entire family to the USA. Atta wanted to create a guide to successful immigration and so he compiled his knowledge and real life practices into his book. Atta feels the key to successful immigration is become a contributing and productive member of your country

- The Menehune, “Rotating Editor”