NEXT MEETING: August 28, 2015

Junior Achievement: Program Overview

Stacey Martin-BonaduceStacey Martin-Bonaduce, Program Director for Junior Achievement (JA) in West Contra Costa and Oakland, will provide an overview of programs that prepare young people to succeed in a global economy.

JA provides business/entrepreneurship, financial literacy and workforce readiness programs for K-12th grade students throughout Northern and Central California. Volunteers are key to JA’s success, creating a powerful combination of academic knowledge and real-life business experience that bridges the gap between the classroom and the world beyond. During 2014-2015, more than 4,000 volunteers taught JA programs to over 100,000 students from diverse socioeconomic demographics in 23 counties.

MEETING OF August 21, 2015


President Alan Blavins called the meeting to order and asked Jim Young to lead the Pledge of Allegiance. He asked Stoney Stonework to invoke a moment of silence for freedom, peace, and justice on Earth. In Sid Chauvin’s absence, Herb Cole had a thought for the day: Your friends will come and go, while your enemies will tend to accumulate so be nice to everyone!

Visiting Rotarians and Guests

There were no guests, but Rotarian Ralph Porter from the Solano Sunset Club in Vallejo joined us for lunch. And if it wasn’t Ralph Porter (excuse a possible scribe error), the man made a very good impression anyway and we welcome him back.



  • Mark Howe and Shana Bagley tied the knot with family and friends at their Sanderling Island home. The Rotarians’ new partnership was officiated by Paradise Rotarian Arthur Pollock. Congratulations and Best Wishes to Mark and Shana! Pictured on the right are Mark’s son Ross, the groom himself, the happy bride, and Serena, Mark’s daughter.
  • David Brown read aloud a letter sent to Hank Covell from Betty Calfee (who just turned 99 years young and remains a compelling writer) that enclosed a check for $25,000 in memory of Dave Calfee!! Wow!! Betty wants the money to support either a Scholarship Fund, which would be appropriate for Dave, or else a current project that needed funding. Betty noted that the Richmond Rotary was always very important to both Dave and her, and she sent her love to all members. The Club membership erupted into cheers – what incredible generosity, Betty, and Dave!!
  • Josh Genser announced that Mayor Tom Butt’s Community Fund Annual Golf Tournament will take place on Monday, September 28th at the Richmond County Club. The event will raise funds to support Richmond Youth Sports this year, and Josh is hoping that Richmond Rotary will be a sponsor of the event at the $1500 level, which will include a Foursome, door prizes, mulligans and recognition in all event promotion. Josh also encouraged members to participate as golfers, or to just attend the closing dinner. See attached flyer for more information.
  • In Menbere Akilulu’s absence, Stacey Street (your scribe today) announced that there would be another event at Salute on Sunday, August 23rd from 3-6 pm, again to help raise funds for Menbe’s Thanksgiving Day event for disadvantaged community members. As before, there is no charge, just come and enjoy some delicious wines, great food and wonderful company, and this time enjoy music provided by a wonderful jazz combo. Donation or participation in the silent auction are strongly encouraged! Stacey noted that Menbe said she would be very angry if her fellow Rotarians don’t come support the event!!! There will be a final fundraiser at Salute on October 8th so mark your calendars!


Happy and Sad Dollars

Norm’s Nonsense


Cecilia GaerlanStacey Street introduced Cecilia Gaerlan, Executive Director for the Bataan Legacy Historical Society. Cecilia gave an extremely compelling presentation on World War II in the Philippines. Cecilia’s father, Luis Gaerlan, was a soldier during WWII in the Philippines, but though he suffered horrific trauma, he never told the full story to his family since it was too difficult to remember. When Cecilia started learning the truth, that Filipino soldiers were used, deceived and sacrificed to win the war, and ultimately betrayed when deprived of benefits on Truman’s signing of the 1st Surplus Rescission Act, she founded Bataan Legacy to address the lack of information about the role of Filipinos during the war. Its multimedia presentations are designed to teach everyone the importance of WWII in the Philippines and to present the war from different points of view – soldiers, civilians, Filipinos, Americans and other nationalities.

Cecilia provided a brief historical overview, chronicling the history of the Philippines as a colony, then a Commonwealth, the history of fighting over the Philippines, and then how it was ultimately invaded and overpowered by the Japanese. She described the Bataan Death March to the prison camp after the surrender on April 9, 1942, where troops were forced to march 60 miles in tropical conditions, and were beaten, bayoneted or left to die if they couldn’t go on. Nearly 11,000 died, and another 25,000 perished in the prison camps. In addition, in 1945, during the liberation of the Philippines, approximately 100,000 civilians died in Manila, and by the end of the war, approximately 1,000,000 Filipino civilians perished.

Cecilia also showed several short videos and film clips, including historical footage that she narrated live, and interviews with Filipino soldiers. Cecilia closed by inviting everyone to attend two special events: an exhibition on WWII in the Philippines will be at the SF Public Library from September 12 through January 9, and a conference hosted by Bataan Legacy on Saturday, October 24th from 10 AM to 5 PM in San Francisco. Visit For more information or to register (attendance is free), please visit this web page. For more information about Bataan Legacy, visit

Stacey Street, Rotating Editor