NEXT MEETING: October 23, 2015

Berkeley Global Campus, Richmond Bay

Berkeley Global Campus, Richmond Bay represents a transformational model for the expansion of educational and research activities. Building on University of California, Berkeley’s international reputation, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab’s groundbreaking research and the unique setting of Richmond Bay, the new Berkeley Global Campus will be a focal point for an international coalition of leading academic institutions and private sector and community partners. The Berkeley Global Campus will focus on global engagement and research integration with deep ties to the main campus and the local Richmond community through a variety of educational, public health, community outreach, labor and transportation partnerships.

Campus representatives Terezia Nemeth, Development Manager for the Berkeley Global Campus, and Ruben Lizardo, Director, Local Government and Community Relations, will do a brief presentation on the project and the status of Richmond community relationships.

MEETING OF October 16, 2015


Prez Alan Blavins called the meeting to order and asked Oscar Garcia to lead us in the Pledge. Alan asked for a moment of silence for freedom, peace, and justice on earth. He offered this quote: “If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?”

Visiting Rotarians and Guests

Doris Mitchell’s guest was Adriana Quintero.

Special Events

Tiffany Straus, sponsored by Your Scribe, was formally inducted into the Richmond Rotary Club. Tiffany started as the Executive Director of Early Childhood Mental Health in April and is the wife of past-Rotary President Doug Straus.  Welcome, Tiffany!


  • Pam Jones said that the “Buy a Bike” program for the upcoming Christmas Toy Program has begun. One unit costs $47 ($45 for bike and $2 for helmet). Pam indicated the Club has a $5,000 match approved. Please make payments to our Treasurer. The Toy Giveaway is December 19 at the E M Downer Family Y. At the end of the meeting, it was announced that 14 bikes had already been purchased.
  • David Brown announced that we have met our goal for providing $100 to every classroom teacher at Peres Elementary School. Prez Alan gets the privilege of personally delivering a check to each of the teachers at Peres.
  • Liliane Kozial reminded all about the presentation on October 23 regarding the Berkeley Global Campus in Richmond. Presidents of all the BARSHEEP clubs have been invited to also attend. Please make every effort to be there.
  • Alan Baer announced that the San Pablo Rotary Club is having its 3rd Annual Gumbo and Chili Event at Maple Hall on October 24. Alan also provided a heads-up that the Rotary International President will be in the Bay Area on January 3, 2016.  Tickets are $85/person or $800/table. Alan is hoping to put a table together. This event is surely going to be sold out.
  • Henry Moe announced that the InterAct Club is hosting a get-together at Salesian High School. The speaker they have lined up is “the one and only” Dr. Cliff Dochterman on November 18.  You should not miss an opportunity to hear Cliff, a true Rotary legend.


Happy and Sad Dollars

Norm’s Nonsense


The Biggest Explosion in History, or, How I Learned to Love Magnetars

Jim Young introduced our speaker, Peter R. Harvey, UC Project Manager and liaison with NASA. Anytime something gets shot into space it probably crosses Peter’s desk before launch.

Your Scribe was way in over his head with the presentation but I will give it a shot, as follows.

As part of the Space Scientific Laboratory, Peter studies “things that go bump in the night” like Magnetars, which emit enormous amounts of cosmic radiation (huge energy bursts of gamma rays, particles, etc.). Peter and his colleagues believe the energy and related effects from the last detected Magnetar may well have had something to do with the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that killed 250,000 people and destroyed coastal cities all around the Indian Ocean.  Although the Magnetar episode actually happened thousands of years ago, its effects reached earth just prior to the 2004 tsunami. Peter indicated there may have been 4 Magnetars over time and maybe one caused the end of the dinosaurs.

If you want more details, ask Ric Ambrose, who seemed to be asking very good questions.

The Menehune, Rotating Scribe