NEXT MEETING: March 25, 2016

2015 Paris Climate Conference

Richmond Mayor Tom Butt will present a “show and tell” of his exciting trip to Paris for the UNFCC COP21 this past December, and what it means for the City of Richmond and Marin Clean Energy.  Approximately 40,000 representatives from 196 countries around the world participated. The major story was about how Cities are leading on climate change, and how they use local climate action plans to prioritize strategies to reduce their emissions – including through land use and transportation planning.  You can preview the PowerPoint at United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Congress of the Parties 21.

MEETING OF March 18, 2016


President Alan Blavins presided over the meeting. Don Lau led the pledge. Sid Chavin’s thought for the day was what happens is not as important as how you react to what happens. Herb Cole’s thought for the day was John Wooden’s Timeless advice for his players, “Always be on time, be neat and clean, don’t use profanity, never criticize a teammate, have patience, have faith that things will work out if we do what we are supposed to do, don’t whine, complain or make excuses and do your best.”


  • Alan Baer announced that the upcoming District Conference will take place April 1-3. More than 300 people have already signed up. Friday is the free mixer and even if you did not sign up everyone is invited on Friday. There is still time to sign up and pay your $99 for the weekend.
  • Alan Baer also announced that the Grand Opening Celebration at the Rotocare Clinic will be on March 31. All are invited to see the new facility.
  • Ric Ambrose announced that a special David Park art showing took place on Saturday, March 19, at the Richmond Art Center (Personal Perspectives and the Human Spirit: Contemporary Figuration as an Expression of Humanity).
  • David Brown announced that on Saturday, April 9, our district grant project will be installing high reflective street numbers on the curbs of 38 homes in Parchester Village and we will also package a combination smoke/carbon monoxide detector and fire extinguisher for each of the 38 homes.
  • Mark Howe announced that every Wednesday he is helping convert old drawings located at Point Molate Building 6 to digital scans. Email Mark if you are interested in helping or for more information.


Happy and Sad Dollars

Norm’s Nonsense


Rescue, Adoption Center and Sanctuary for Domestic Animals

Josh Genser introduced Lynne Tingle, our guest speaker from the Milo Foundation. Milo is a nonprofit, no-kill animal rescue organization founded in 1994. Milo rescues homeless pets in Richmond and from shelters across the state. They also take in or help homeless people’s pets when the owners are unable to take care of them. Milo rescues and finds homes for about 5 animals a day. The Milo Adoption Center is located at 220 South Garrard Blvd in Point Richmond and is open for adoptions every day except Tuesday from 11am-5pm. Visit the Milo web site for more information.

Henry Moe, Rotating Scribe