NEXT MEETING: March 18, 2016

Rescue, Adoption Center and Sanctuary for Domestic Animals

The Milo Foundation is a nonprofit, no-kill rescue organization founded in 1994. Milo rescues homeless pets in Richmond and from shelters across the state.  The organization helps strays found by citizens on our county streets, parks and abandoned in parking lots.  Milo Foundation also supports pets from the homeless who ask for help to care for them whether by providing food and veterinary care or taking their animals when they realize they can no longer care for them.

Milo rescues and finds homes for an average of more than five animals a day; many of these homeless pets faced euthanasia in animal shelters. The Milo Adoption Center is located at 220 South Garrard Blvd, in Point Richmond and is open for adoptions every day except Tuesday from 11am – 5pm.

Visit for more information.



Prez Alan called the meeting to order and asked David Brown to lead us in the Pledge and offered us a moment of silence for peace on earth. There was no Sid so Hank Covell offered the following thought (don’t shoot the scribe) “if a man is alone in a forest and says something is he still wrong if there is no woman there to hear it?”


  • Alan Baer announced that the RotoCare Clinic Open House at its new location the Family Justice Center (256 24th Street, Richmond) will be on March 31 from 6-7pm.
  • Alan also reminded us that the Rotary District 5160 conference will take place April 1-3 in Woodland, CA. To sign up, contact Valerie Munoz at 925.683.6310.
  • Rafael Madrigal announced the return of Rotary @ the A’s which will be Saturday, July 23 versus Tampa Bay Rays (I looked it up) with fireworks to follow. There is a limit of 40 tickets.
  • Pam Jones shared our Richmond Rotary Club Fundraising Analysis which gave us an update of where we are with Foundation giving. See Pam for details and give if you have not done so this year.


Happy and Sad Dollars

Norm’s Nonsense


Lost Art Discovered

Stacey Street introduced our speaker Melinda McCrary who has been the Executive Director of the Richmond Museum since 2013. Melinda told us the story of how she was able through persistence, research and sleuthing to locate and save a mural of Richmond painted in 1941 by famed muralist Victor Arnautoff titled “Richmond: An Industrial City” which was originally on a wall at the Richmond Post at 10th and Nevin from 1941-1976. When the Post Office was renovated in 1976 it was supposed to have been mailed to LA but never was from 1976-2014. And you thought your mail delivery was slow. The 16’x10’ mural had been rolled up and crated and sat in the basement of the post office until Melinda tracked it down by contacting Al Martinez (past Post Master) who sent her to a former custodian. Working with the federal government (another well-oiled machine) and being very persistent and making many calls, Melinda was finally able to liberate the mural from the post office and it is now being restored by Ann Rosenthal. The Museum, after the mural is restored at a cost of $50,000 (donations welcomed), will hang the mural at the Museum hopefully by the end of 2016.

Thanks Melinda for saving a Richmond treasure!

- The Menehune “Rotating Editor"