NEXT MEETING: August 26, 2016

Solid space to liquid space and back: A journey of changes and restoration

Fernanda Castelo is a test pilot for adaptive mobility devices. As an advisor to clinical therapists and engineers, she assists them in the development of mobility devices and assistive technology.

Fernanda knows whereof she speaks. Twenty years ago she was a professional dancer at Disneyland. Then with the snap of a finger, she suffered an accident that changed her life.

President of California Inclusive Sailing, today Fernanda competes in performing waltz and paso doble with her dance partner, aboard another sailboat cutting through the wind and waters. Last year Fernanda claimed a first place in the Chula Vista 18 nautical mile dash.

Fernanda has made a couple of short videos that give glimpses of both the technology and the spirit that enables people with disabilities to sail.

The first illustrates helm training with an asymmetric spinnaker and a trapeze.

The second, somewhat longer video was recorded at the South Beach Yacht Club Friday Night Summer Series in August 2016.

MEETING OF August 19, 2016


Josh Surowitz presided over the meeting and Alan Baer led us in the pledge. Herb Cole invoked higher powers, while Sid’s thoughts went in the other direction: “Did You Know line dancing was started by women waiting to use the ladies’ room”.

Visiting Rotarians and Guests

Visiting Rotarians – David Hammer President El Sobrante Rotary, Rebecca Phuong, Berkeley Rotary and District 5160 Interact Moderator

Henry brought young guests from the Interact Club:  Alexi Basas, Salesian Interact President; Zarah Maroof, Salesian Interact Vice President; Anthony Bell former Interact President and current UCLA Senior who is staring to apply for Medical School.

Alan brought his daughter Stephanie Baer who belongs to the El Cerrito Interact Club and is on the Interact District Council.

Special Events

The Salesian Interact Club was presented with the Presidential Citation Award which was only one of three Interact clubs in our district to receive the award. The current Salesian Interact President and Vice President thanked Rotary for all their support and for sending them to Camp Royal Leadership Camp.


  • Sunday August 27th is Rotary’s Foundation Family Fund Day at Six Flags. Sign up on line at the District website. Go to the site’s calendar page, here, then download the flier for a promo code and instructions on buying tickets. Good food, good people and a great day with your family and your family of Rotarians.
  • David Hammer, El Sobrante Rotary President, came to recruit Richmond Rotarians to attend a fundraising dinner on Saturday August 20 at the Berkeley Yacht Club, and we hope that it went well. David mentioned that the profits will go to the water project that Richmond Rotary has agreed to help sponsor.
  • October 15, 2016 – Rick Ambrose announced that the Richmond Art Center will hold a gala to raise money for their scholarship program that brings people in to learn art skills who would not have the money to do it on their own.


Happy and Sad Dollars

Norm’s Nonsense


ShotSpotter: Richmond PD’s quick response system

Lt Eric Smith RPD, introduced us to the Shot Spotter System used by the Richmond Police Department, which locates and records gunshots. The system does not cover the entire city, but within its area of coverage can report the location of a shot fired within 25 meters.

Eric described the Incident Reporting Center, where analysts determine a few seconds whether the audio recorded by the system is indeed gunshot and, if so, how many shots were fired. The IRC then transmits that information to the police department and to officers in the field. At first officers were skeptical of the value of the new technology, citing both its cost and the fact that residents report when they hear gunfire. But now, several years after Shot Spotter has been deployed, the system has proved its worth. The technology generates more reliable evidence, which results in more prosecutions. And because emergency personnel can arrive at a scene more quickly, the lives of more shooting victims can be saved.

- Henry Moe , “Rotating Editor”