NEXT MEETING: January 27, 2017

Cutting Carbon Pollution through Fee and Dividend

Now with nearly 70% of Americans saying they believe that humans are responsible for a warming planet, the conversation is shifting away from the question of whether climate change is real, to the question of what we can do about it.

The Citizen’s Climate Lobby is a national organization with an answer. CCL is building the political will to put a price on carbon and lobbying Congress to support the market-based solution called Fee and Dividend.

The two key ideas of Fee and Dividend are, first, that it would incentivize development and purchase of more efficient products; and second, that it is revenue neutral and so more likely to win support across the political spectrum.

A member of the Alameda Chapter of the CCL, Dr. Ted Obbard, will tell us how the Fee and Dividend system can dramatically drive down greenhouse gas emissions while growing the economy, improve health, and avert the most extreme effects of climate change.



President Josh led the meeting. Josh Genser lead us in the pledge and Herb Cole asked for a moment of silence. Sid was not here so we were left Thoughtless for the Day.

Visiting Rotarians and Guests

Jordan Lau, the son of the Great and Mighty Don Lau, attended the meeting.

Special Events

Connie Tritt presented Jordan Lau a Paul Harris from his father Don Lau. The young man was genuinely surprised.


  • The Rotary District 5160 Conference takes place in Berkeley, from Friday through Sunday, March 24 – 27. This year’s conference is in our own backyard so the 8 local clubs (acronym: BARSHEEP; ask someone if you don’t know) need a strong showing at the conference. The cost is $125.00 for the weekend. Sign up soon.
  • Crab Feed is a week away and we have about 100 people signed-up. To hit our goal of 150 we need our members to bring their friends and enjoy of evening of good food and good times. Tickets are $50 and you can order them online or send a check to David Brown and also email Henry Moe at so he can get a good count for the crab order.
  • President Josh Surowitz gets two gold starts for planning ahead. Way ahead. Gold star #1: The Annual Holiday Auction will take place on December 1 of this year. Get out your calendars (or more likely, pull them up on your computer or phone), and save the date.
  • And Gold Star #2: The Annual Christmas Party happens on December 8, 2017.


Happy and Sad Dollars

Norm’s Nonsense


Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in the East Ba

Our speaker on this day was Martin Bond, Executive Director of Community Energy Services Corporation (CESC). Martin described the horizon for energy efficiency and renewable energy in the East Bay. CESC provides services to low income homeowners, with the aim of helping them save money through energy conservation, efficiency and renewable energy systems.

Martin played a version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire with our Richmond Rotary members. After shooting down 2 or 3 contestants, Oscar came up with the first right answer to questions about home solar systems, appliance efficiency, electric cars and so on. Pres Josh also managed to divine a correct answer to one of the questions.

Martin stressed the price of residential solar energy systems has been plummeting. Right now purchasing is a better option then leasing, since the price of these systems will continue to drop.

- Henry Moe, Scribe-in-a-pinch