NEXT MEETING: February 24, 2017

Solar Decathlon at UC Berkeley

The Solar Decathlon is a rigorous, two-year competition in which teams design, build, and maintain 600-1000 square foot residential homes that are entered into a week-long competition in Denver, Colorado.

UC Berkeley’s very first team has designed a RISE home, which aims to address the increasing population density of many San Francisco suburbs. Designed for Richmond and in line with the partially adopted livable corridors code, this home will eventually be donated to the Richmond Community Foundation Housing Renovation Program. The UC Berkeley team is excited to present its ideas and design at the Richmond Rotary Club meeting and receive feedback from Richmond Rotarians!



Past Pres Alan Baer presided over the meeting, Pres Elect Elect Jerry Feagley led the pledge and Herb Cole led a moment of silence for peace and justice on Earth.

Visiting Rotarians and Guests

Starr Britt was Ric Ambrose’s Guest, Al Nero was Jerry Feagley’s Guest and past Richmond Rotarian Edgar Deleon was Alan Baer’s Guest.


  • March 8thJerry Feagley is on the board of PAL who will have a fundraising luncheon. For information, contact Jerry directly. Click here for tickets.
  • Alan Baer announced that the El Cerrito Interact Club was having a fundraiser last Saturday at Panda Express
  • Ric Ambrose announced that the Richmond Art Center was hosting a Art and Jazz event at the center last Saturday.


Happy and Sad Dollars

Norm’s Nonsense


Brandon Nicholson, board member and co-founder of the Hidden Genius project, spoke to us today about the program and history. He started off with a video with commentary from young high school men in the program. He explained that the program is an intensive 15 month program consisting of 2-7 week summer sessions with one day a week sessions during the school year.

Brandon also described several success stories of their program. One of the young men used the skills he learned through the Hidden Genius program used the skills to develop an app that could help released prisoners find companies willing to hire them. His inspiration was his uncle who was being released from prison and was worried about finding work. He also explained that the Hidden Genius Program will be expanding to Richmond and will share space with R.Y.S.E. in Richmond.

Henry Moe, Rotating Scribe