NEXT MEETING: November 17, 2017

Rising Sun: Launching Careers to Build a Better World

Many people born into disadvantaged communities, without college-educated parents, and without economically successful role models, have a very steep mountain to climb in order to achieve financial sustainability for themselves and their families.

Rising Sun has been tackling this challenge for 23 years. It empowers young men and women to achieve environmental and economic sustainability for themselves and their communities. Through thoughtfully-designed workforce development programs, it strives to enable everyone who wants a good family-sustaining career can have one.

MEETING OF November 10, 2017


Pres Connie presided over the meeting and thanked Veterans, especially the Rotarian Veterans in the room, for their service to the country. Henry Moe led the pledge. Herb Cole led the invocation and Sid’s thought for the day was from Johnny Carson: Happiness is having a rare steak, bottle of whiskey and a dog to eat the steak.


Chances are that you’re among our club members who have not yet sent us your Holiday Auction description. We’d like you to do it today. Here’s why.

December 8th is just around the corner. The earlier we can spotlight our wide and enticing array of cool gifts, get-aways, and lively social events, the more interest we can drum up. And the more interest, the more money we can raise in this, the most critical fundraising event of our year.

So please take a few minutes to come up with your Auction item (go to our Auction page for examples), then use the button on that page to send us a brief description, and if you’d like, a photo. Please do it today.


Happy and Sad Dollars

Norm’s Nonsense


Be Prepared for an Emergency

Our speaker today was Edie Alderette-Sellers from the Point Richmond Community Emergency Response Team, PRCERT. Edie emphasized the importance of preparing a “Go Bay,” which you can grab in the event that you need to quickly evacuate your home.

The 3 mandatory items are water, clothing and food. In the clothing category underwear and socks are the most important in the group.

Edie presented an extensive list. A few of the items that stood out for your scribe are listed below. But for a complete list, please visit this page from the American Red Cross.

  • A digital copy of all your documents on a stick drive and encrypting it for safety. These documents include Home Owners Insurance, Birth Certificates, Passport etc.
  • A 7-day supply of medications. Rotate them out so they don’t expire.
  • Toilet paper, which may be in short supply at crowded shelter sites.
  • Nitrile gloves, which are inexpensive and will protect your skin from harsh detergents, blood-borne pathogens, and other contaminants.
  • A crank radio, since power may not be available in a shelter. If you’re willing to change out batteries on a routine schedule, simply packing the batteries for a radio is probably a better alternative. Store batteries outside of the devices so corrosion won’t damage the devices.


Henry Moe, Rotating Scribe