NEXT MEETING: December 15, 2017

Instead of our usual lunch time meeting, this Friday we’re gathering at the Richmond Art Center (2540 Barrett Ave, Richmond) at 5 PM. We’ll bask in the success of our Holiday Auction, described below. We’ll enjoy the camaraderie over drinks and party food.

This is a chance to relax with other members in a delightful setting without the time constraints imposed by the usual meeting business and guest speakers.

We hope you can make it.


The money raised in our 2017 Holiday Auction topped all previous years: over $33,000!

This brilliant success would not have been possible without the generosity of 43 Richmond Rotary members. Our thanks to all of you:

Alan Baer, Joe Bagley, Shana Bagley, Alan Blavins, Jan Brown, David Brown, Erle Brown, Tom Butt, Patricia Canessa, Sid Chauvin, Herbert Cole, Hank Covell, Edgar DeLeon, Nick Despota, Darlene Drapkin, Simon Ellis, Jerry Feagley, Jim Findley, Oscar Garcia, Josh Genser, Mark Howe, Felix Hunziker, Pam Jones, Liliane Koziol, Bill Koziol, Donald Lau, Jon Lawlis, James Lee, Norman Lundberg, Doris Mitchell, Henry Moe, Gonzalo Ochoa, Darlene Quenville, Mey Saechao, Horace Stonework, Tiffany Straus, Stacey Street, Josh Surowitz, Dan Tanita, Stanley Teaderman, Connie Tritt, John Troughton, Mike Winter.


Auction master Don Lau also wants to give special thanks the members of the Auction team.

Auction webpage: Nick Despota
Finance: David Brown, Connie Tritt, Henry Moe, Mae Saechao
Silent Auction: Shana Bagley Howe and Darlene Quenville
Entertainment: Stacey Street
Live Auction: Josh Surowitz and Oscar Garcia
Wine: Alan Blavins
Chef du l’eggnog: Sid





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