NEXT MEETING: December 8, 2017

Five easy steps for a spectacular Holiday Auction

1. Invite friends and colleagues to the Auction.
2. Check our Auction page to browse the latest items: holiday gifts, weekend getaways, lively events. Ask your friends to do likewise.
3. Buy a toy for a kid, but don’t wrap it. Bring it on Friday and contribute it to the holiday toy drive.
4. On Friday, be sure to show up before 12PM. That’s when the fun begins.
5. Spend freely. Every penny we raise contributes to a healthier and more prosperous Richmond. (See the organizations we gave to last year.)

MEETING OF December 1, 2017


President Connie Tritt called the meeting to order and asked Erle Brown to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Herb Cole asked for silent prayers for peace, hope, and justice. Sergeant at Arms Sidney Chauvin offered a quote for the day: “I’m not t lazy, I just enjoy doing nothing!”


  • Don Lau reminded us that our annual Holiday Auction on Friday, December 8. The fun starts at noon, so bring a friend and enjoy Sid’s infamous eggnog, Blavins’ wine, and live entertainment by Stacey Street.       Don’t forget to bring an unwrapped gift suitable for young teens for the RFD toy drive.
  • Pam Jones gave us an update on the holiday bike drive: so far, we have met the Richmond Rotary match amount but we still need more donations so that every family can receive a bike. $49 buys a bike and helmet. December 23 is the give-away at the Downer YMCA if you want to volunteer.
  • President Connie Tritt reminded us that on December 15, there is no regular lunch meeting. Instead come to our Holiday Cocktail Party at Richmond Art Center, 5 pm.
  • President Connie said she encourages everyone to sign the initiative requiring farm animals to have more space in their cages. Go here to sign:
  • If you haven’t done so already, send an email to Jan Brown, giving her your shirt size for a free Richmond Rotary t-shirt.
  • RotaCare seeks a board member volunteer.  Please contact President Connie of you’re interested in this wonderful organization.


Happy and Sad Dollars

Norm’s Nonsense


12 days of Christmas - Richmond style

On this day we were visited by Richmond City Manager Bill Lindsay. Bill thanked Richmond Rotary for our contributions to the community. He then gave us the “12 days of Christmas – Richmond style.”

1 day park renovation at Wendell Park (see photo on right).

$2 million negative financial impact in annexing North Richmond (and 2 osprey, Rosie and Richmond, and 2 chicks in their Whirley Crane nest.

3.4% annual rent control adjustment.

$442 operating budget surplus.

500 Richmond promise scholarship applicants (100 up from last year).

6 state-of-the-art bus shelters on Carlson blvd (street improvements grant).

7,000 bikes for a regional bike-sharing program.

$800,000 solar installation at Triangle Court (affordable housing project) from state cap and trade money for 98 residential units.

9000 square feet of commercial leased space at Bart parking.

10 year anniversary of Richmond Build.

11% increase in sales tax receipts; and

12 ferry vessels in the SF bay ferry fleet and 2 more next year (at the Richmond Ferry Terminal).

-Shana Bagley Howe, Rotating Scribette and Ducks fanatic