NEXT MEETING: March 30, 2018

Today's Youth Matter: Offering Students a Transformational Journey

Today’s Youth Matter (TYM) is a nonprofit that uplifts and engages vulnerable children in under-resourced communities in the Bay Area. These children have often experienced complex trauma, and a large majority are in the foster care system.  TYM has served 10,000+ students across 25 years, and is now ready to launch year-round programming.  TYM offers students a Transformational Journey experience – a learning pathway – that encompasses a reliable and unique blend of mentorship, life skills, and tools to help students build up resilience, character and leadership qualities.  In camp and after-school settings, TYM mentors, counselors and tutors meet students right in the often-messy realities they face. Through guiding, teaching, leading and modeling actions, TYM takes every opportunity to encourage students to thrive, not just cope, and discover their true potential. Recently, TYM partnered with Richmond Police Activities League to create a vital youth development and academic enrichment program.

MEETING OF March 23, 2018


Connie Tritt gave her usual warm welcome

Sid Chauvin’s words of wisdom were as follows: Money is the root of all Wealth.

Visiting Rotarians and Guests

Pam Menzies and Gail Pannos –both with speaker Bob Kagan

Shirley Butt – Richmond’s First Lady


  • Saturday, March 31, drop in between 10 to 2 pm at Richmond High School – Community Meeting to get feedback regarding the 23rd Street Streetscape Plan: announced by Darlene Drapkin
  • Dave Brown announced Rotary Board approved a $2,500 grant for last week’s speaker, Dirt World Bike Park, to help them complete the course.
  • The E.S.C.A.P.E. Club (Environmental Science, Conservation, and Photographic Excursions) is an outdoor education program founded in 1999 at Adams Middle School. Currently the program resides at Lovonya Dejean Middle School. Students are given the opportunity to attend monthly study trips to destinations all over Northern California, including Mt. Diablo, Point Reyes, Ano Nuevo State Park, snow sledding in the Sierras, and camping in Yosemite. Richmond Rotary has been helping to sponsor this program for many years. To check out their latest trip to Ano Nuevo  click this link.  escape-to-ano-nuevo



Happy and Sad Dollars

Norm’s Nonsense


Latitude: Update on Laconia's Point Richmond Project

Speaker Bob Kagan updated the Latitude project, a 13-acre waterfront site with 1,200 feet of frontage along Point Richmond’s shoreline. Once complete, the Project will consist of 316 residential units with ample parking and retail space. Condominiums will be for sale between $5500,000 to $1.2 ad will feature “great-room” style living spaces and smart, functional floor plans. The single family homes will start at $1.8 million and as high as $2.2 million. Three quarters will start building in 2018 and the project should be completed in 2020. Project has taken four years to carry out. The timing is right with the housing shortage so it will impact the community positively. Latitude is the chosen name because Chinese investors like the name because it translates well into both English and Chinese.
Latitude will also include a 5.5-acre public park that will serve as the centerpiece of the Project and a public recreational amenity. The existing wharf, built in 1915, will be re-purposed as part of the Waterfront Park. The Waterfront Park will also feature a shoreline extension of the Bay Trail, further activating the waterfront and making the area highly accessible for bicycles, pedestrians and residents of the East Bay area wishing to enjoy the waterfront and spectacular bay views.

Darlene Drapkin, “Rotating Editor”