NEXT MEETING: July 27, 2018

PowerPlant Park

PowerPlant Park proposes to build a 44,000 square foot cannabis growing and processing center n a parcel of land between Point Pinole and the Richmond Rod and Gun Club.

The building would have footprint half that size because it would be a 2-story facility. PowerPlant Park would have the capacity to process over 100,000 pounds of cannabis a year. Its operations would include drying/curing, machine and hand trimming, pre-roll assembly, packaging, labeling and storage. What are the economic, land use and possible community impacts of this project? Today’s speaker will address these and other questions.

MEETING OF June 29, 2018


Newly inaugurated president, Jerry Feagley, called the meeting to order. Alan Baer led the Pledge and offered the invocation.

For his Thought for the Day, Syd quoted 20th century’s greatest English orator: “A good speech should be like a women’s skirt: Long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest.” – Winston Churchill

Visiting Rotarians and Guests

We welcomed many guests and visiting Rotarians at this meeting. They included Syd Chauvin’s wife, Zelpha; and James, Alan Baer’s son. We also appreciated visits from Daniel Lopez, of the San Pablo Rotary; Sil Adaiago, of the El Cerrito Rotary; and Haakon Weinstein from a Portland club.


Darlene Drapkin announced the speakers for upcoming Rotary meetings. Darlene also asked members to offer suggestions for speakers. Each of us know someone who is doing fascinating work, has an important message to share, or simply is an entertaining speaker. You can ask that person if he or she would like to make a presentation at Rotary. Then talk to Darlene.


Happy and Sad Dollars

Norm’s Nonsense


Thank you, Connie!

Josh Surowitz took the floor to thank Connie for her year of service as the president of Richmond Rotary. He presented a quiz, Did You Know? Answer, mostly we didn’t know that Connie was:

  • Born in Lake Charles, LA
  • Moved to Bay Area because her mom married an engineer in 1965
  • Went to middle and high school in Mill Valley
  • Went to University of Oregon
  • After college to worked in New Jersey
  • After she was promoted to Managing Partner of a CPA firm in San Jose and worked there for 7 years, she quit her job and moved to Atlanta.
  • Her tax practice is located in Point Richmond
  • Her business has tripled since she took over from a retiring accountant.
  • Rotarians Alan Baer and Rafael Madrigal were among the group of clients Connie inherited when she took over the business.
  • Connie’s favorite television channel is HGTV
  • Her favorite vacation was in France and Italy with her ex-husband. She was in San Tropez on 9/11.
  • Connie became a vegetarian after learning how the animals we eat are killed and how they live.
  • She participated in an animal rights protests outside of Ringling Brothers and rodeos.
  • She has 4 cats.
  • And last but far from least, Connie was acknowledged as having been a fantastic president of the Richmond Rotary.

Thank you, Connie, for your competence and steady hand as Richmond Rotary’s president!

Tamara Shiloh, Rotating Scribe