NEXT MEETING: August 24, 2018
This meeting wil be at Hilltop Mall. Directions below.

The Center for Enamel Art

Judy Stone, founder and board president of the non-profit Center for Enamel Art, is a passionate advocate for enameling. Fusing glass to metal with high heat defines this medium but few people know about or recognize it. The word ‘enamel’ often gets confused with paint or the stuff on our teeth.

The Center, which Judy started 5 years ago, has an ambitious mission and a detailed plan to accomplish that mission. A wide array of programs including workshops, exhibitions, lectures and symposia, that can present enameling in all its variations and forms, is a great step toward building interest in the medium. What the Center needs now is a home. Could that home be in Richmond?

MEETING OF August 17, 2018


President, Jerry Feagley welcomed everyone to the friendly Richmond Rotary Club. Sid reminded us that “a truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour”.

Visiting Rotarians and Guests

Simon Ellis introduced his son, Matt.

Stacey Street introduced her guest, Melinda McCrary, Executive Director of the Richmond History Museum.


  • Friday’s meeting will be at the Conference Room of the Shops at Hilltop Mall. It will be catered by Café Soleil. Don’t go to the Richmond Country Club.Directions to the mall. Once there, park between Walmart and the old JC Penney. Use the main entrance by the Richmond Police substation. Take the elevator to the second level, and the conference room is to the left of the main Shops at Hilltop office
  • Alan Baer announced these events and activities:
    – A Rotary event at Cal Bears vs. University of Oregon Ducks on September 29th.
    – San Pablo Rotary is sponsoring a BBQ Potluck
  • Melinda McCrary notified us that the Richmond History Museum currently is exhibiting “Pioneers to the Present: Jews of Richmond and Contra Costa County”
  • Melinda also mentioned a fundraiser dinner on September 7th with profits going to a program that provides funding for kids to get to the museum.
  • Edgar DeLeon is collecting ties for Armand Carr’s non profit organization called “All Tied Up”. He is also raising $900 for Armand and one student to go to Florida for an event.


Happy and Sad Dollars

Norm’s Nonsense


Riggers Loft Wine Company

Our guest speakers were Barbara and Kevin Brown from Rigger’s Lot and R&B Cellars. They offered us three tastings of wine: 1) White Improviser (a viognier blend with grapes from Lake County), 2) Roulade en Rose (the best one). 3) Red Improviser. During the tastings, Kevin and Barbara recounted the startof R&B Cellars. They started with a Napa Cabernet Sauvignon in 1997 issuing 425 cases, and now they are issuing 20,000 cases in 20 varietals. They have named all the wines for musical terms because that is their mutual interest.

They plan to open Bocce Ball courts, and fire pits soon. They are also proud of the two Osprey parents who continue to return to their nest on the Whirley Crane next to the RedOak Victory Ship.

- Connie Tritt, Rotating Reporter