NEXT MEETING: January 31, 2020

Defensive Breathing: How To Keep Your Heart and Lungs Safe in Polluted and Smoky Air

Air pollution is a growing threat to our health, especially in metro areas like the San Francisco Bay Area. Transportation, industry, and now, wildfires are key contributors to air pollution. This presentation will guide us on breathing safely, using the equipment we always have with us: our nose and mouth! It’s not always possible to wear a mask outdoors or run an air purifier indoors.

Speaker Lisa Bowen is a local breathing coach who beat her own asthma with a process called breathing retraining, whose skills can also be applied to breathing optimally in a polluted environment.


The monthly BARSHEEP gathering (that’s Rotary clubs of Berkeley, Albany, Richmond, San Pablo, Hercules, El Cerrito, El Sobrante, Pinole), known  as  (ready for another acronym?) TGIFF, will take place this Friday, January 31. The Hercules Rotary Club will host the event at Craws and Claws Restaurant and Bar, 848 Willow Ave, Hercules (across from the Starbucks). Cost: $10 per person. Hercules Rotary will spring for the hors d’oeuvres.

A Round of Thanks

A big thank you to Richmond Rotary’s family of supporters who attended the Annual Crab Feed last Saturday! Special thanks go to Henry Moe, our Crab Feed Super-Organizer.
Thanks also to Salesian Interact students for serving and cleaning up.
We’re especially grateful to Erle Brown for being the master of ticket sales, He deserves credit for a sold-out event that kept everybody happy.
Alan and Santa Baer get kudos for organizing the raffle, Lisa and Erle Brown’s family for making the salad, Josh Surowitz for cooking the pasta, and Carolyn Moe for making the sauce to coat it.

Finally we must acknowledge an amazing army of helpers who came early to set up, tend bar, and clean up: Norm Lundberg, Don Lau, Brian Fay, Gerald Fay, Patrick Moe, Jim Findley, Sid Chauvin, the Herb Cole team.

It takes a village to have fun, fellowship and a Crab Feed!





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