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Hiroshima: Bridge to Forgiveness

Eight year-old Takashi Tanemori was playing hide and seek when the atomic bomb devastated his home and family in Hiroshima. Today he believes that forgiveness is the ultimate solution to dismantle a nuclear bomb. For forty years Tanemori struggled with revenge. In 1985 he experienced an epiphany, in a profound transformation of the heart, realizing that forgiveness leads to peace.

He remembered his samurai father’s dying words: “the greatest way to avenge your enemy is by learning to forgive”. Tanemori’s own path to forgiveness is a testament to the power and redemptive force of forgiveness. He has reconciled with history and his own painful past.

Tanemori believes forgiveness is the way to overcome the darkness of the human heart, to turn enemy to friend, to make the world a safer, peaceful place.


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  • The City of Richmond will host an Online Town Hall this Friday, April 17, on Covid-19. The mayor, city manager, and public safety officials will provide updates on the pandemic’s impact on services and response, and ideas on how the community can help during this crisis.
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The Need for US-Russia Rapprochement Today

Our guest speaker Sharon Tennison, discussed the “Need for US-Russia Rapprochement Today.” Although the nuclear threat each nation poses has dropped out of the national consciousness, the grave danger of nuclear war remains with us. Mr. Tennison offered her book, “The Power of Impossible Ideas: Ordinary Citizens’ Extraordinary Efforts to Avert International Crises,” free to Richmond Rotarians. If you are interested, please direct your request this week to