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Program for July 28, 2006

Athletes United for Peace

Eddrick Osborne accompanied by former pro basketball player Doug Harris (pictured on the right) describe their latest project to produce a video documentary about the Tournament of Champions.

Learn more about it.


Meeting of July 21, 2006


Prez George Egan opened the meeting with a moment of silence for world peace and the asked Rich Brandes to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Werner Schwarz had what represented as a thought for the day.


ADG Don Farquharson and Kevin Stong of the El Cerrito club introduced themselves as did Willy Wong of the Albany Club. Willy is also the Superintendent of the Albany School District. Kevin and Willie were visiting to discuss the possibility of a visiting delegation of Russian Architects in 2007.


Jan Brown introduced her guest Beth Gelfand from the Center for Citizen Initiatives, the SF organization that sponsored the last visits of the Russian dentists and will organize the pending visit of Russian architects. Assisting Dr. Mase was Dr. Christine Ho


Subbing for David K, Prez George reported that Phyllis Brown was home from the hospital and on the mend and that is a good thing. Dan Tanita went into the hospital for back surgery, but David didn’t know his current circumstances.


  • ADG Don Farquharson. from the EC club said he was visiting on behalf of Past District Governor Brian Thiessen. Brian wants to recognize all Rotarians who were “double sustaining contributors” to the Rotary Foundation during the past Rotary Year. A double sustaining contributor gave $200 or more to the Foundation. Don then read there names: David Brown, Sid Chauvin, Ralph Hill, Stony Stonework, Dan Tanita, Jim Young, John Nicol, Josh Genser, Judy Kafka, Mark Howe, Ted Abreu, Bob Niccolls (all the way from Eagle Point Idaho), Herb Cole, Glenn Daggs, George Egan, John Troughton and Jon Lawlis. Don F. encouraged the members to keep up the good work and encouraged all members to become “double sustaining” if they can.
  • Werner Schwarz brought a district governance issue to the member’s attention. He noted that He noted that three District officers are precluded from voting on the DG Selection Committee and asked the club to consider “modernization of district governance” and pass his recommendation that they be allowed to vote. After discussion and question Warner’s proposal was passed by confusion, I mean consensus.
  • David Brown invited the members to save 39¢ and give him a check for this year’s Rotary dues.
  • Subbing for Erle Brown, who was home taking care of Phyllis,Prez George reminded the members that they really belong to two clubs, Richmond Rotary and Rotary International. Erle in abstentia reminded everyone that now is the time to support both clubs with dues and an RI contribution.
  • Prez George told the club that the Board would be supporting the Kennedy King Scholarship program for minority students. George noted that the program makes scholarship awards to “qualified minorities” which are defined as ethnic and social grouping that are underrepresented in colleges including, African-Americans, Hispanics, Pacific Islanders and people with disabilities. The Kennedy-King Scholarship Program will be the subject of a future Rotary Program.


Jim “The Beav” Beaver lead recognitions right up to Ted Abreu who acknowledged celebrating his 71st birthday over about a week and a half, starting in Washington DC, weaving through Napa and ending up in Martinez. Ted further celebrated his birthday with a $100 contribution to Rotary Foundation.


The Beav launched H&S $$s by calling on:

  • Joey Baggs (Bagley) who was, “Happy to not be here…”, last Friday, because he was in Chicago to remember his dad on his birthday. Joe took his Mom to the Lincoln National Cemetery where his father is buried as part of the memorial. Joe’s dad would have been 87 this birthday.
  • Herb “Dollar-a-Word” Cole had a happy $5 as his youngest son is returning from Kirgizstan.
  • Jan’s guest Beth Gelfand had a Happy $ for the celebration of her 10th wedding anniversary.
  • The Beav had Happy $$s because he is pleased with the success his son is enjoying in the recording industry. This past week he was mixing songs for James Taylor and Lenny Kravits. Not bad Dad!


We had a raffle. Charlie Fender got lucky enough to have his ticket selected, but not lucky enough to get anything more than a free lunch. So, there is $300 in the kitty to start the day at Friday’s Rotary.

The Program

Without any further ado, Jim Young introduced today’s speaker, Dr. Sundari Mase from UCSF & the Francis J. Curry National TB Center presenting a program about the New Global Tuberculosis Epidemic.

The Editor wishes to compliment Dr. Mase on her information laden and very understandable description of the history and nature of the resurgence to TB on the world health scene. A”highpoints” summary of her presentation is presented here.  We will try and post her PowerPoint presentation in the next Flywheel for all those who want more information.

We also note for the record that Dr. Mase is something of an entrepreneurial doctor on a mission.  Her specialty is multi drug resistant tuberculosis and she has cobbled together several grants that support her research and outreach to public health organizations and the still rare cases of MDR tuberculosis in the USA Dr. Mase did not say it in so many words, but given the fact that resurgent tuberculosis is one of the three great plagues of antiquity, the White Death, it seems that no one is paying attention!

The Points:

  • After a precipitous decline in the mid 20th century, based on the creation of streptomycin and other antibiotics, tuberculosis is on the rise.
  • Because of ineffective treatment (not enough time or medication) the tuberculosis bacterium has developed resistance to antibiotics requiring successful treatment to use more antibiotics and take more time, currently six months of daily drug therapy.
  • The biggest reason for the development of MDR TB is that patients do not take their medicines as prescribed and the easiest solution is to have the social equivalent of a “mother” (or possibly a “Mutha”), who makes you take your medicine.
  • There are two forms of TB, the active contagious disease and the latent from in which the bacterium is in the body, but is kept in check by the immune system.  While the active form is apparent (but often misdiagnosed, especially in 1st world countries) the latent presence is detected via the “skin test”.
  • Active TB is very contagious person to person because of coughing and proximity to cough aerosols.
  • Latent TB is non-contagious and nonsystematic but forms a reservoir for future disease because about 10% of that population will develop the disease in their lifetime.
  • (Here’s the punch line) Active TB is difficult and expensive to treat, requiring patient isolation, expensive drugs and contagion risks to the health care provider.  Latent TB can be easily eliminated with a single drug three month daily therapy that costs only pennies a day.
  • TB and MDR TB is being brought to the USA by immigration from areas where it is endemic.
  • While still rare in the US, there are communities in the US (Washington DC, and Hmong immigrant communities) that have TB incidence as high as the 3rd world generally.

Thanks again to Dr. Mase and her heroic efforts to fight TB and save us from our own complacency.  Look for her PowerPoint presentation in the next Flywheel.

- Submitted by rotating Flywheel editor, Jim Young