The Flywheel

Program for September 1, 2006

Joke Day — back by popular demand (if you can believe it)

The rules, according to program coordinator Jim Young, are simple: Clean is good, clever is great, funny is best. (Or was that clean is clever, funny is great... Wait, no...funny is clever, uh...)

Meeting of August 25th, 2006

Prez George Egan rang the bell and welcomes a full house to the Friendly Richmond Rotary. A patriotic Rotarian led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance and X-Prez Stony Stonework. Prez-In-Waiting Pam Jones had The Thought for the Day, courtesy of the recently returned delegation from the Rotary International Convention in Copenhagen.  It’s the Scandinavian version of the Four Way Test, which is actually a three way test: Is it fun? Does it hurt? Will anybody find out?

Guests (Full house today)

We had a house full of guest so I will apologize to all who’s names I missed or messed up now. John Troughton brought his son Chance and a colleague. Leslie Levy brought her associate Jane Thorn. Nabel (Bill) Wabeh brought his colleague Jerry. Warner Schwarz brought Kim Miller. Glenn Daggs brought last week’s speaker and Richmond businessman, Gerry Schumacher, and, past member and retired Chief of Police Ernie Clemens. Pam Jones brought Police Officer Ennis Johnson as her guest.

Sunshine Report

The sun was shining so brightly that faithful scribe Jim Young was looking out the window, admiring the stunning view — and missed the report.   


  • Prez George on behalf of club Treasure David Brown reminded the members to PAY YOUR DUES!
  • X-Prez Herb “dollar-a-word” Cole riminded the members of the global benefits that Paul Harris has provided the world through the benefits of Rotary International and the upcoming trip the Ghana for Polio Plus. Herb, Normie (Norna Cole) and Jon Lawlis and his daughter currently plan to be part of the delegation.
  • Prez George held up one of those cute little blue pigs and said this is everyone’s last chance to get one to fill up with change that is always cluttering up your dresser and/or purse. Rotary will “recycle” the change.


This was a week of Rotarians in the news and Nabel Wabeh scooped Prez George in initially recognizing the accomplishments of Monique le Conge and Jim “The Beav” Beaver.

  • Prez George recognized Monique as ‘Librarian to the World”, not just Richmond as she has been elected VP and then President of the California Librarian Association for 2007 & 2008.
  • The Beav was recognized for his ascendancy, sans election, to the West County Hospital Board of Directors. The Beav was thankful he didn’t have to go to the effort and expense to get his new job, but your Editor must wonder here if this is The Beav’s sinister first move to replace “freedumb & democracy” with benign dictatorship?

Then Dandy Don took over the Recognition Reigns and asked Mike Winter, “Wazzup?” Mike acknowledged he had just celebrated his 46th anniversary with a visit to Copia in Napa (which he highly recommended) and dinner in Sacramento. Mike had $100 for the Rotary Foundation. Dandy Don again recognized Jim “The Beav” Beaver’s political ascendancy to the Hospital Board as well as the Beav’s 26th wedding anniversary. The Beav did describe the recent events as, “…a victory for freedom loving people everywhere.”, but we are not sure whose freedom as Jim went on to say he didn’t see his wife for two weeks after their anniversary, until they went out to dinner and bumped into Leslie Levy and her husband Steve.

Happy & Sad Dollars

Moving right along, Dandy Don recognized Rhonda Harris…

  • Rhonda had Happy Dollars because her daughter is taking her grand daughter  (can you believe that?) to college in South Carolina.
  • Herb Cole had Happy Dollars for the delegation of six Mexican Rotarians that will be visiting the Bay Area in the next couple of weeks.
  • Monique le Conge had Happy Dollars as she just dropped off her son at ASU in Tempe, AZ.
  • The Beav had Happy Dollars because he was glad to see Chief Clemens again and remember the old days when he had the police beat for the West County Times.
  • David Brown had Sad Dollars because of the second act of vandalism at Temple Beth Hillel at Hilltop.  David noted, “It can and does happen here too.”

Raffle Results

That old silver fox John Nicol won the drawing and consequently won $822 because there was only one orange ball left in the bag.


The Program

Jim Young introduced Glenn Daggs, President of OSS International, a security consulting and services firm, which is what Glenn does when he is not being an affable and fun loving Rotarian. 

Glenn reminded us all of the post 9/11 world we just as soon forget as it is full of personal and property risks that here-to-for were unknown. Glenn apologized for making everyone feel uncomfortable, but stated that business and individuals ignore these new risks at great potential cost to themselves and their businesses.  If it is OK with Glenn, we might host his PowerPoint presentation in the new Richmond Rotary website so that you can review in detail the threats that now affect businesses  Glenn addressed those threats in the following categories and responses:

  • Work-Place Violence and What Is It?
  • The Problem and the Statistics
  • What Causes WPV?
  • Ramifications of WPV
  • WPV Prevention Plan
  • Threat Assessment / Plan of Action
  • Emergency Response Plan — Business
  • Continuation Plan — Crisis Management Plan

The presentation was rich in detail that will not fit here, but two things were ringingly clear advice for business owners:

  • Have an Emergency Response and Business Continuation Plan for your specific operations and don’t wait until you smell smoke to start working on it;
  • Workplace violence is real, and you as a business owner you are responsible for taking all reasonable measures  to prevent it.

Thank you Glenn for helping us consider those things that only happen to “the other guy”.

-Your Rotating Flywheel Editor, Jim Young