The Flywheel

PRogram for September 8th, 2006

"Where there's a will,
there's the web."

The Richmond Rotary website is the star of this week's presentation. Of course, you're here now so you've already met this work in progress. But many members — we can't say exactly how many— have never visited these pages. So the mountain will come to Mohammed, dragged into view by the dynamic digital duo of Lawlis & Despota (can you tell that one of us wrote this shlock?).

Jon Lawlis and Nick Despota will demonstrate how to navigate the site, and coax from you suggestions for helping it grow into a truly useful tool.

Meeting of August 25th, 2006

Welcome, Invocation, and Thought for the Day

On a beautiful first day of September, the meeting was called to order by Prez George.  Past Prez Stoney was called on give a prayer for peace, justice and freedom.  Dr. Dan Sanders led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.  The thought for the day by Incoming Prez Pam was something about “trouble”…the real trouble was she didn’t think she had to do a Thought!

Visiting Rotarians

Jim Cambier from the Danville Club whose classification is Investment Manager.

Rotarians with Guests

Werner had a guest that he forgot to introduce until half way through Joke Day Tom Bennet, Regional Director, The Mechanics Bank.

Sunshine Report

David K reported that it was good to see Elof!  Nothing else to report


  • Upcoming event at NIAD, see George for information.
  • Bay Area Rescue Mission is having its Fall Banquet on September 29th.

Who Am I?

Gary Bell is originally from Springfield, Ohio, and Kansas. He is one of 10 kids and has a twin. He and his brothers and sisters were raised by a single mother and he learned at a very early age how to share and about hand me downs. He moved to Richmond in 1989 and has been very active in the community. He has been been married for 6 years to his wife Shelley. He has 2 sons. He has been in the banking business for many years and has his own business First Bankers Mortgage and Realty in Richmond.


The ever popular “Beav the Cleaver” took his whacks at those present… Past Prez Jon Lawlis celebrated his birthday by having his daughter take him out to dinner…sorry to say she forgot her wallet. Gary Bell had a contribution to his Paul Harris in recognition of his 6th Anniversary with Shelley. Erle Brown, that sentimental ol’ fool, celebrated 47 years of marriage to Phyllis at a Red Oak meeting, but made up for it later with a nice evening with the women who means everything to him. Congrats to you Phyllis!

Happy and Sad Dollars

Beav kept it going with 5 happy ones for Phyllis. Rich Brandes was happy he had a son in Peru, one coming home from Boston and for the first time in 40 years he is unemployed. Don Hardison was concerned about the Stanford band. Josh Genser, who did not know of the plight of the band, made note of Jim Young’s escapades at his hideaway and for his son going off to college. Honest Stoney fessed up that he had celebrated a birthday without recognition. Jim Young noted a good week at the bank and news of his son. Werner, after the moths took flight from his wallet, gave $10 happy ones. Herb also chipped in for the 4 Mexican Rotarians who will be joining us next week and to tell us that 100 are going to Ghana. Dan Sander reported on his trip to DC and ended with the comment “Freedom is not all that free.” David K gave his last 4 buck for TO and pity for Dallas.  Sgt-at-Arms Sid added some to the pot for his son and the 49ers and his daughter in Hawaii.

Raffle Results: A winner!!

Margaret Morkowski with the bag fully loaded… pulled out the orange ball!

The Program

Joke Day got off to a flying start with Jim Young going over the rules…what rules??  Beav started with on with Michael Jackson,Prez George told one, but messed up the punch line! Equal Opportunity Werner offended the Polish, Protestants and Catholics. David Brown told the perfect divorce attorney joke...cough up those coins. Lawlis did kangaroos and high balls. Stoney contributed a few including “ol’ paddywhack.”  Margaret M offered up pitbulls.  Gary “am I running for something” Bell offered one so we could remember his name in November. Nick D. gave us some to think about. John Niccoll offered a funny one and one to think about for those born before 1945. Father Nick reminded us that sometimes business is more important than facts. And then there was Josh who reminded us that we do know where the tip of our nose is…..but sometimes the tip of some other part of out body may be farther away than you think!  Sorry if I missed anyone…it was flying fast and furious and a good time was had by all!

Your Ever Rotating Editor,
The Menehune