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Program for september 29th, 2006

The District Governor Speaks

District Governor Candice “Candy” Pierce visits one of the most dynamic 5160 clubs to talk about the District goals and activities — and receive one of those legendary kisses from Warmer Shorts.


Meeting of SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2006

Welcome, Invocation and Thought for the Day

On a bright and sunny Friday, Prez George called the meeting to order and gave a prayer for peace and freedom.  (Editor note  Past Prez. Stoney was present…just tardy).  Glenn Daggs led us all in the pledge.  Incoming Prez Pam Jones referred to the Paris West Club which is a 35 all male member club (was there really some  cheers?) offered the thought “never take wardrobe advise from Werner!”

Visiting Rotarians

Our meeting went unvisited.

Rotarians with Guests

David K introduced his guests Jeannette and Tommy Schneckenberger.  Pam Jones had a her guest, maybe for the last time, Bill Terry.  Bill Wabeh had as his guest Mario Paucer and Jim. Prez George  claimed Kimberly Miller from Berlex as his guest.  Don Hardison introduced Jasmine Brown, new Executive Director of the Richmond Art Center.  Late arriver Monique LeConge has as her guest City Manager Bill Lindsay.

Sunshine Report

David K was present and accounted for, and reported nothing but sunshine with the Club.


  • Prez George announced the upcoming RotoPlast trip to India.
  • Prez George raffled off some 49er tix that he purchased that were donated by John Nicol.
  • Prez George informed us of the Rotary charge card that could be a good fundraiser.
  • Margaret Morkowski passed out a sign up sheet for those Rotarians who want to adopt a classroom at Peres.  Margaret also passed out info on the upcoming Richmond Chamber Golf Tournament.

Special Events

There were 2 new members introduced to the club:  Bill Terry who is sponsored by Pam Jones and Mario Paucer who is sponsored by PDG Werner.  After finding our what they needed to do to go from a red badge to a blue badge there were a number of kisses exchanged.  Can’t remember who kissed who?


Joey “Don’t mess with Slim” Bags…quickly called on Mark Howe and PDG Werner for neglecting to introduce their guest Allan Bear from Armor Lock in Point Richmond.  Mark gracious offered his apology and $20. Werner offered a mumble … but no dollars. Hank Covell was celebrating a birthday on this day. Hank contributed $71 dollars per grandchild if we would not sing. In the end we sung anyway—and we didn’t sound too bad!  Russ Schultz was called on for being in the room. Always good to see you RussLeslie Levy was celebrating her 19th Anniversary with the Club. For those who were not there when she joined, Leslie was 8 months pregnant and soon became on of the first Rotary Mothers ever.

Happy and Sad Dollars

Joey first called on “Fish Boy” David K who offered happy ones for Leslie and Russ. Erle Brown had a few for his victorious Golden Bears and some cold words for the Cardinal. Monique offered a few dollars for her dilemma on the ASU v. Cal game since her son is at ASU and she is a Cal grad. I wonder if her son is wearing the Bears cap on campus this week??? Josh Genser reported on his visit to the new Stanford Stadium which he indicated was a great venue for football. To his disappointment there was no “football” being played by Stanford. He was also please that his daughter, with no prodding from dad, joined the ECHS Interact Club.

Raffle Results

Margaret “Again” Morkowski got to put her hand into the filthy bag and try to pull out the orange ball, but alas, only white was found!

The Program

Jim Young introduced our dual identity speaker Bill Pollecak, who by day is our County Treasurer/Tax Collector….but in his volunteer life serves as the Board Chair for the Kennedy King Scholarship Program.  Bill wanted everyone to know that his early Christmas cards (property tax bills) were in the mail.  Of course, he indicated that we should all “blame Gus (Kramer)” the County Assessor who calculates our bills. 

Bill was here today to talk about the Kennedy King Scholarship Program which was started in 1968 as a living memorial to Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. in the spirit of providing equal opportunity in education for all.  The program assists minorities and underrepresented students with college tuition assistance.  The program provides 2-year $8000 and 1-year $4000 graduate scholarships. 

This year the program gave out 22 undergraduate $8000 and 3 graduate $4000 scholarships.  The total given out to date is $1,998,000 (482 total scholarships), reaching a new milestone. The largest group of applicants comes from Contra Costa College. 

If you are interested in assisting the program you can contact Bill or Prez George. Prez George indicated that the club will make a contribution to the program this year.

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