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Program for OCTOBER 6th, 2006

David Peterson and the Pursuit of Happiness

David Peterson tells the story of what happens when a Peruvian shaman and an East Bay lawyer set out to do some good.

Meeting of SEPTEMBER 29th, 2006

Welcome, Invocation and Thought for the Day

On a glorious Friday in Richmond Prez George called the Rotary meeting to order and asked Past Prez Stoney for the invocation which was a prayer for freedom, peace and justice for all. 

Past Prez Leslie Levy led us in the Pledge.  Incoming Prez Pam Jones was asked for a thought and she claimed to be too busy?! 

Sid Chauvin never one without a thought in his head offered “life is too short to drink cheap beer!”

Visiting Rotarians

Visitors included Assistant Governor Don Farquharson (El Cerrito) and Rotary District Governor Candy Pierce.

Rotarians with Guests

Mark Howe had as his guest for the last time Alan Bear.  Stoney introduced WCCUSD Supt. Bruce Harter.  Markku Pelanne introduced his wife Mary.  PDG Werner introduced his guests Kimberly Miller from Berlex and Michael Gil from TransOral Pharmaceuticals.  Sid Chauvin introduced Richmond Councilwoman Maria Teresa Viramontes.  Judy Morgan had as her guests Linda Reinhardt from WestStaff and Doris Grant from Name the Occasion Gift Baskets.

Sunshine Report

"Everything's sunny."


  • Prez George announced a $100 donation from the County Sheriff’s group.
  • Past Prez Jon Lawlis announced the District Conference from 10/13-14 in Fairfield at the Yin Ranch.

Special Events

Foundation Chair Erle Brown did the honors in introducing, with an assist from DG Candy, our latest Paul Harris Awardees:

  • Dan Sanders…Paul Harris with 1 stone
  • George Egan…Paul Harris with 3 stones
  • Double Sustaining Members were also introduced and given pins. Glenn Daggs, Sid Chauvin, Herb Cole, David Brown, John Nicol, Jon Lawlis and George Egan

    Congratulations to all!

There was also a record (?) number of new members inducted into the club…the largest single day in DG Candy’s term.

  • Michael Gil sponsored by PDG Werner
  • Alan Bear sponsored by Mark Howe
  • Bruce Harter sponsored by Judy Morgan
  • Kimberly Miller sponsored by PDG Werner
  • Eddrick Osborne sponsored by Margaret Morkowski
All were given a packet including a red badge, pin and given the task of doing a Who Am I?, attending a Board meeting, visiting another club, and joining a committee (by the way, we need more Rotating Editors!!).

Happy and Sad Dollars

There was a lot of happiness and sadness to go around: Jim Young’s son is published at McGeorge Law School; Jon Lawlis was happy to have 5 new members; Herb Cole was happy him mother is Texas got a new knee and sad Jim added another lawyer to the world;  Michael Gil (great new member) had a happy $20 to be a new member;  Werner had $5 happy ones for a better looking DG this year than last;  Erle Brown has a happy $5 for Cal; David Brown has $5 on  behalf of his colleagues of the Bar and looking forward to Herb needing legal advise;  John Nicol had a happy $5 because PDG Werner had on a coat and tie instead of his crumbly old sweats; The Beav had some because his buddy JoshGenser can’t get his Jewish Holidays straight; Prez George was happy for the new members and for good Club accounting;  new member Kimberly Miller had a happy $10 to be a new members; and finally  Sid Chauvin had a C-note because his wife was retiring today!  Eddrick Osborne, who was late to the meeting, also had some happy ones to be in the Club.

Raffle Results

Somewhat-new member Bill Terry got to pick and got a white one! And a free lunch next week.

The Program

Our speaker was District Governor Candy Pierce who exemplifies this year’s theme “Lead the Way” which was chosen by International President Bill Boyd. 

DG Candy joined Rotary 20 years ago when we came to our senses and welcomed women into Rotary.  If you think your life is hectic, besides being DG Candy has a 5 year old, a full time job, teaches Sunday School and tries to get in a round of golf from time to time.  DG Candy stressed that "We can all make a contribution…if every day we feel we can make a difference, we are proud of being Rotarians, and if we decide to make the time to make a difference." 

DG Candy shared 2 programs she is supporting this year: 1) LN-4 Prosthetic Hand where for $50 you can “Give Hope-Give a Hand” to children who have lost their hand due to war or other tragedies; and 2) Child Abuse Prevention Program in conjunction with the Sacramento Club. 

The International emphasis is on: 1) Water; 2) Health and Hunger; 3) Literacy and 4) “Family of Rotary. 

District events this year include: 1) District Conference in Fairfield; 2) Family Foundation Fun Day Fundraiser South May 5, 2007 which will be a Western Railway Museum “Famijly Event” and 3) North (Redding Club) June 30th on the Sundial Bridge where on June 30th you can see the sunset on one side of the bridge while you can see the moon rise on the other. 

Increasing membership is also important and DG Candy indicated that Richmond was ahead of schedule.  The International Convention will be in Salt Lake City (don’t worry, there will be adequate levels of libationl!)

June 17-20, 2007 “Rocky Mountain Rendezvous”  DG Candy was given flowers from our own Dave Ninomiya and Judy Morgan gave Candy a basket of goodies from Richmond women owned businesses (arranged by Name the Occasion Gift Baskets) as a thank you!

At the end of the presentation, some of our more “senior” members agreed that DG Candy’s presentation was one of the best we have ever had!  Thanks Candy for sharing your time and thoughts with us!

Your Rotating Scribe
The Menehune