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Program for OCTOBER 12th (Note change of date & location)

In vino veritas

Sip a glass with your pals at a meeting that features wine tasting, courtesy of Richmond Rotary member Barabara. But heads-up: this joint meeting with the Richmond Soroptomists will take place at the Rockefeller Lodge, in San Pablo. Remember that and you'll have a good time.

Meeting of October 6th, 2006

In the regretted absence of Prez George, President In-waiting  Pam Jones called the meeting to order at La Strada’s Restaurant.  Father Nick Reina gave the invocation.  Red Badger Alan led the pledge of allegiance.  The indefatigable Henry Kelman gave the Thought-for-the-Day: noting that as the subject of the day’s program concerned Peru, Henry was hopeful that the population thinks better of the U.S. than does Venezuela.  

Visiting Rotarians

We had one visiting Rotarian – past member Tim Thomason visiting from Pompano Beach, FL.  Supervisor John Gioia was on hand, and was either the guest of seat mate Tom Butt , Luz Gomez, or perhaps both.  And Dr. Werner introduced Tom Bennett.

Sunshine Report

David K reported that all is well with our Rotarian troops, so it is indeed a beautiful day. 


Tom Bennett was inducted as a new member by Werner Schwarz, instantly gaining 1.2 million Rotarian friends and earning standing ovation. Welcome Tom!


  • Remember, the next meeting is neither on a Friday, nor at the Mira Vista. Not even at La Strada’s. It is next Thursday, at Rockefeller Lodge in San Pablo. 
  • Margaret Morkowski plugged the upcoming Chamber of Commerce golf tournament fund raiser. It is October 16th and followed by a great dinner.
  • Supervisor Gioia made some comments about the financially troubled Doctor’s Hospital in San Pablo. He reported that the Board of Supervisors is hard at work on a plan. A lot of effort is going toward keeping the facility open. John also talked about the new youth center in Richmond, and the need for more youth activities. So far about $100K has been raised, and he noted the assistance of Richmond Rotary would be highly appropriate.
  • Past Prez Jonathon discussed the $50 prosthetic hand that was introduced by our District Governor last meeting.  During the meeting at least 8 hands were funded by members of the Club.
  • And the Reno Train Trip is 21-22 January.  Make your checks out to the “Rotary Inner City Trip”.  $285 for a single, $265 for a double. John Nicol will be collecting reservations. 


Recognitions Chief and menehune Don Lau was absent – apparently attending the A’s game in Oakland.  Joe Nusbaum was reported to be in the crowd as well.  Joe Bagley was recognized by Past Prez Jon for a birthday and anniversary – Rita has carried Joe for 31 years now and they spent a nice weekend in Mendocino to celebrate.  Joe made a contribution to the Rotary Foundation in the name of his daughter Lana.

Happy and Sad Dollars

Jim Young tossed $10 in the box to celebrate turning 60, but also relief that his daughter Zura received a public proposal for marriage during Jim’s party. It was a great party Jim, and congratulations, even if Zura has decided to marry a sailor. Monique le Conge contributed some green after her trip to Arizona last week, and to recognize her 2nd anniversary with the City of Richmond. Believe me Monique – the City is much improved since you arrived. Michael Gill announced the Daniel Pearl World Music Days event October 13th in Berkeley – a musical performance to honor his childhood friend, Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. Werner had happy dollars for our speaker from Peru and his relationship with witch doctors. Herb Cole was happy that Captain Rich Alexander got reserve duty orders to Honolulu. Herb also tossed in some dollars for the success of the Rotary project at a school for the deaf in Monterey, Mexico – they have finished equipping the school and are planning a Red Cross Clinic there jaws of life for the city of Tampico. Erle Brown was happy that CAL won over Oregon State. Tim Thomason contributed cash because he was happy to be back in his old stomping grounds. No retelling of his joke about the Flying Orgasmic Dragon this time around. Tom Waller had some dollars for the 70th anniversary event at the Richmond Art Center last Saturday. He was surprised by the level of support by people from out-of-town. Bill Terry attended his god-son’s wedding in Georgia, where he met up with his two sons, making it an expensive but enjoyable visit. Past Prez Jon had some dollars for Tom Waller, who was honored Friday morning for the good volunteer work he is doing with West County schools.

Who Am I?

Tom Waller presented his Who Am I?, a stop enroute to a blue badge. Tom has been our program speaker in the past on the subject of  nuclear submarines, so it was no surprise to learn he is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy. He was selected for nuclear training, and served as an officer in the submarine fleet. He also attended Georgia Tech, and going subs to suds, he joined Miller Brewing where he became Director of Corporate Planning. Tom returned to the Bay Area in 1999 and established his business development consulting business. He has 2 daughters, and a son who works with Chevron. He believes strongly in the importance of schools and volunteers in many education related areas. In Tom’s words, he does it because “it matters so much”.


Rich Alexander earned the chance to win it big, and settled for a white ball and a  free lunch.

The Program

Program Director Jim Young introduced the speaker, David Peterson. We learned from Jim that Dave is left-handed, the father of daughters, and is both an attorney and a CPA.

A vacation trip to Peru several years ago changed Dave's life. There he determined that he wanted to help the rural population in the territory of Loreto, Peru. Returning to Albany, he created the Foundation For Education in Rural Peru, which raises $30,000 annually.

The Foundation, formed in 2004, supports the education of adults and children in rural areas of the Upper Amazon Basin. This area is 3- degrees south of the equator and receives about 400 inches of rain annually. There is very limited government support of education, and David has made many contributions during the past 3 years, including teaching material and a modern computer lab. Interestingly, 90 percent of the kids go to school and are literate, while less than 50 percent of the adults are literate. The current project for the Foundation is conducting adult literacy programs.