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Holiday Auction
Great products and services, an unmatched sense of camaradarie, and a terrific opportunity to build the Club's treasury so it can continue making a positive difference in the world. And isn't that why you joined Rotary? Who will take home the infamous bottle of muscatel? See you there.


Meeting of December 8th, 2006

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Prez George brought the meeting to order and asked Bud Martin to lead the Pledge of Allegiance. Stoney led a Moment of Silence for freedom, justice and peace on earth. Prez Elect Pam Jones provided the Thought for the Day, which went unrecorded by your late arriving scribe.

Visiting Rotarians

Jim Brandt was in attendance from the Alamo Club.

Rotarians with Guests

Secretary Jon Lawlis’ guest was his son Nick. Herb Cole brought his better half Norma. Sid Chauvin’s guest was Fady Akl.


  • Jim Beaver provided a preview of next week’s Annual Fundraiser, the Holiday Auction. Some exciting items are on the list. Bring your friends, colleagues, lovers, ex-lovers – anyone with a generous spirit and a checkbook. In recent years, the Club has raised over $20,000 at this event, and the money raised has been used to support important Rotary projects, both internationally and in our local community.
  • Leslie Levy provided a reminder on next week’s effort to assist the Child Crisis Center Nursery in Concord. This is the only such center in Contra Costa County. Club members are asked to bring items to the Auction Meeting using Leslie’s list – to be emailed out separately.
  • Joe Bagley is coordinating this year’s assistance to the Richmond Salvation Army fundraising effort. See Joe if you didn’t get a chance to sign-up on the circulated list for Bell Ringing at Albertson’s in Pinole on Saturday.
  • Prez George had a nice thank you to Margaret Morkowski for her supreme efforts organizing the Holiday Party at the Richmond Country Club. The party was a great success – thanks Margaret.

Happy and Sad Dollars

Sid had happy dollars just because he enjoys the power of being the Sargent-at-Arms. Herb had sad dollars for the USC loss to UCLA. Sid then found more dollars for turning 68, and happy ones for his wedding anniversary next week. Josh Genser put in $5 to celebrate winning a bet on the USC game. Judy Kafka was happy to be back at a meeting and confident it would be a happy New Year for all – not just the Democrats. David Brown was happy that he finally completed his legal education. Prez Elect/Elect Mark Howe noted that Richmond beat out the El Cerrito Club in the last couple dancing marathon at the Holiday Party. Rhonda Harris had some happy dollars for her birthday. Jan Brown reminded all that CAL actually did win last weekend. Margaret Morkowski opened her pocket book to recognize the upcoming home hosting program with the Russian business teams. Which motivated Treasurer David to add some thoughts about his good experiences with Russian guests, and David K to tell the story of the naked Russian dentist that suddenly dove off David’s sailboat during an Angel Island cruise. Jon was delighted that Judy K was back after her difficult times. Leslie Levy provided $ with her announcement about the Concord Child Crisis Center Nursery.

Raffle Results

Lucky Don Hardison won the chance, but the pot of money is safe for another day.


The Program

Ghanda 2006

Jon Lawlis and Herb Cole presented a program about their November 2006 participation in the integrated immunization program in Ghana. This was part of a world-wide effort funded by the World Health Organization, UNICEF and Rotary International to provide polio and measle immunizations, mosquito netting and Vitamin A supplements. Jon and Alyssa and Herb and Norma participated in Ghana with 97 other U.S. Rotarians. Other participants from Europe brought the total Rotarian group to 150.

Activities started in Ghana with a two day West Africa Projects Fair, followed by the National Immunization Days on November 2 and 3. During these two days, 26,000 volunteers worked in 9,600 teams throughout the country. About 6 million children 5 years and under were immunized and 2.1 million bed nets were distributed to mothers with children under 2 years old. This campaign was funded for $16.6 million campaign in Ghana alone.

Powering through audio-visual complexities that would confound even Silicon Valley experts, Jon and Herb presented great pictures of Amsterdam, Ghana and Rotary International activities. This was an educational and entertaining program that highlighted the important work of Rotary International and the Rotary commitment of two of our recent club presidents.

-Semper Paratus