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Round table social meeting

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Meeting of December 15th, 2006

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Prez George welcomed a large turnout of Rotarians and guests for the Annual Holiday Auction. As a participant in the acclaimed Sid Chauvin/Glenn DaggsEggnog Competition, your scribe missed the usual opening remarks. We can assume they went off in the normal way. Richmond Rotary has had a long and distinguished list of Club Presidents, and many, such as Dr. Werner and Joey Bags, absolutely great. The true mark of a great President has always been: can he or she land the large Mira Vista Meeting Room for the Holiday Auction? Prez George overcame a morass of bureaucratic obstacles and landed the big room, entering the stellar heights of great Club leaders.

Visiting Rotarians and Rotarians with Guests

There were many visiting Rotarians and guests present, and too many for your scribe to record.


The slate of Club officers for Rotary year 2007-2008 was presented and approved by the membership:  President, Pam Jones; President Elect, Mark Howe; Treasurer, David Brown; Secretary Jon Lawlis.  And I missed the list of Directors. (Our scribe was evidently suffering from EIA: eggnog-induced amensia. -Ed.) Congratulations to all.


The Program

Holiday Auction Highlights

This year’s Auction was again orchestrated by the dynamic Jim Beaver and Don Lau duo. Treasurer David Brown and Margaret Morkowski assisted with the accounting. Primed by eggnog and donated chardonnay, bidding was fast and active.

Big money producers were the gourmet dinners to be provided by Past Presidents Jim Beaver and Leslie Levy; Ted Abreu’s feast; cooking with Marsha arranged by Barbara; and the Jon Lawlis/Erle Brown Contractor’s Lunch, if that qualifies as food. The ancient bottle of muscatel went for $500. Nick Despota’s website was bid into the stratosphere and went for $3000. Sailing on the Bay on Mike Winter’s megayacht with Pam Jones was a hit. And lots of wine: Stan Teaderman’s Sauvignon Blanc(not TeaderRipple); Draper & Esquin; Troy Pewitt’s Mondavi Reserve; and Bob Dabney’s wine cellar.

This year’s MacDonald’s certificates came with a week's use of a condo in Las Vegas, donated by Stoney. The gift from the greatest distance was probably the hand-painted Batik from Madagascar donated by Pam. The best athletic opportunities were Don Lau’s YMCA membership, and serving as Mark Howe’s winch-grinders crewing on the Great Pumpkin Race. I’d give the most “unusual” award to the mounted staghorn fern (we learned you mount it sideways) donated by Jim Young.

And the Best Eggnog? Well, Sid’s had the best nose and follow-through, though it was increasingly hard to capture in the electric fountain. Glenn’s eggnog had a throaty finish and certainly provided good bang for the buck. Run-off next year!

Thanks One and All for a very successful Auction, and raising $18,151 for Club projects.   

-Semper Paratus