The Flywheel

Program for FEBRUARY 23rd, 2007

Trek to Base Camp Mt. Everest

At the age of 66, El Cerrito resident Leigh Robinson and two friends cheated death more than once on their trek to Everest Base Camp last year. All three lived to tell.  Hear Leigh tell their story by word and Power Point about their sixteen days in the high Himalayas.


Meeting of February 16th, 2007

Welcome, Invocation and Thought for the Day

On a beautiful Friday before the long President’s weekend our own Prez. George called the meeting to order with a prayer for peace and justice in the world.  Past Prez. Herb Cole led us in the Pledge with lacked a flag, but not patriotic enthusiasm.  Prez George pulled from his coat the Thought for the Day “Anger is never without reason, but seldom a good one.”  Ben Franklin

Visiting Rotarians

There was one visiting Rotarian Rafael Madrigal who has recently relocated to Richmond from Tucson, AZ (a potential new member??)

Rotarians with Guests

Jae Park, usually a guest of Bill Wahbeh, was introduced.

Sunshine Report

David K deferred to John Nicol who did not have an update on Elof Granberg.  Past DG Werner  informed us that Dave Ninomiya has another 2 weeks of treatment and will hopefully be joining us a Club in 3 weeks.  Werner also reported on Leah’s adhesive eye adventure which is improving.


  • Reminder of Poker night on 2/16.  Hopefully, there will be full disclosure of the antics on Friday.
  • Margaret Morkowski made another request for hosts for our Russian architects. 
  • Prez George and others discussed the benefits of contributing to the Rotary Foundation….using “Hebrew Accounting” we can turn $3400 into $25000.  The Foundation helps fund international projects like the Full Service Clinic in Monterey, Mexico… and also local programs like the Homeless Project operated by Opportunity West in Richmond.    If you want to see what projects we have funded click on the word  “Projects”  in the menu bar at the top of the page. (Thanks Nick for putting that together!)
  • Treasurer David reminded all who pledge support to the Richmond Art Center to assist with upgrading their computer system to please write a check to back up your pledge!

Special Events

Past DG Werner was again given the honor of inducting a new member into our Club.  A standing O was given to Jerry Feagley, who is a long time realtor in Richmond.  It’s about time Jerry and we are very glad to have you!


There were none.  Where are you Beav??

Happy and Sad Dollars

Charlie Fender was happy Cal beat Oregon; Jim Young is the proud father of a real actor since his daughter got a gig in Philly PA; Margaret Morkowski gave thanks for those who have volunteered to Home Host….and she needs more..She also wished all good luck at the Poker Game; Ted Abrue was happy that our InterAct Club at Salesian, which has 20 members, has raised $500 to support “Candy’s Hands” project (they will come to one of our meetings);  Don Hardison was saddened by the passing of Mrs. Parelli, owner of a local cannery; Judy Kafka gave kudos to Jim Young for his (8+years!!) of serving as Program Chair; Past Prez Jon Lawlis’ daughter is now 3 for 3 in her hunt for a college and he was happy to be at Pebble Beach last week;  Tom Bennett was happy that the final suspect in Pt Richmond Mechanics Bank robbery has been apprehended and announced that Bob Connelly is the new branch manager there; Dastardly David Brown went on some macho sexist tirade about who’s %$#& he was going to kick at the Poker Game; our visitor Rafael, in the spirit of a good Rotarian, gave some happy dollars to announce that Jerry Feagley has informed him that his new office deal is done next to the Hotel Mac.

Raffle Results

Tom “Big T” Bennett dipped into the bag and came out with the white ball!


The Program

A Short History of Locks

Program Guru Jim Young introduced our own Allen Baer who revealed the latest in the lock and security world.  Allen told us that (like some Rotarians) locks have been around since the time of the ancient Egyptians.  The world of locks and security have changed since then and now we have closed circuit televisions, copy keys, clone keys and high security keys. 

Allen pointed out the ironic fact that, although peoples homes contain extremely valuable items (including family members), most home owners spend very little on their front door knobs— shelling out a whopping $30 to protect thousands of dollars of property.  Many feel that because they have alarms in their home, they are protected.  Allen said it was like saying “Don’t fix my brakes….I have airbags in my car!” 

Allen demonstrated a number of different locks and devices on the market to help those who want to get into your home get in.  There was a lively discussion regarding various ways to protect your home…for more details I am sure Allen would be willing to give you some advice on how to better protect your home.  Thanks Allen!

The Menehune, Rotating Editor -Don Lau