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Program for March 9, 2007

The New Rosie Park Superintendent Martha Lee

Martha is a 25-year veteran of the NPS and superintendent of four NPS historical areas in California: John Muir NHS, Rosie the Riveter/World War II Home Front NHP, Port Chicago Memorial, and Eugene O’Neill NHS. Superintendant Lee talks about Rosie's Girls and other project hopes.



Meeting of March 2nd, 2007

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

On a bright Friday when we were allowed in the “Big Room” and with a packed house, Prez. George welcomed all to the Richmond Rotary Club and offered a prayer for Peace and Justice in the world. With a long pregnant pause…due to a missed assignment…Jerry Feagley led us all in the pledge. Incoming Prez. Pam offered a very low volume Thought for the Day….and even after John Nicol repeated it with his booming voice….alas, I still missed it! Beav said it was good though

Visiting Rotarians

There was a lot of Rotary Brass in the room today. District Govenor Candice Pierce; Bo Morse, Distrit Membership Chair; Don Farquharson, Assistant District Govenor; President William Wong from Albany; and President Gary Aguiar from El Cerrito. Also joining us today, all from El Cerrito were; Hani Karaca, Jack Freethy, Keith Alm, Tracy Giles, Gary Buffon, Kevin Stong, Andrew Brown, Lee Prutton, Marty Kalisky, Blain Davis,Michael Chang and Eric Hodge.

Rotarians With Guests

Brand spankin’ new member Jerry Feagley introduced Rafael Madrigal who soon may be an even newer member than Jerry. Markku Pelanne had as his guest…Mary. Jon Lawlis introduced, for the last time, his guest Lesa McIntosh.

Also visiting us today were 11 Architects from all over Russia.

Sunshine Report

Mr. Sunshine David K deferred to John Nicol who gave a brief report of Elof …with past DG Werner giving an even more updated report that Elof went back for a second round of surgery. All calls are welcomed!


  • Reminder that Raffle tickets are still available from Bill Terry. Also the celebration at the Western Railway Museum, where the tickets will be drawn, is on 5/5 in Suisun.
  • A special thanks was given to Tom Bennett and The Mechanics Bank for hosting a reception for our Russian Architect friends.

Special Event

District Governor Candy Pierce had the privilege of inducting new member Lesa McIntosh, with a standing O, as the newest member of the Club. Candy let Lesa know what she now had 1.2 million new friends.

Ted Abreu introduced our own Father Nick to introduce members from our new InterAct Club. Father Nick then introduce Club Advisor Henry Moe who then introduced Huong Nguyen, President, and Christina Gedeon, Vice President of the Club. Huong reported that the Club had a fundraiser where they sold Valentines Candy Grams. Huong and Christina presents a check for $500 to DG Candy for her “Candy’s Hands” project. Candy responded that now 10 more children will receive the prosthetic hands provided by the project.


The Beav, never at a loss for words….but at a loss for Recognitions, gave a long explanation of why we do Happy and Sad dollars…. So on to…

Happy and Sad Dollars

David K was sad that he was going to be leaving early in order to assist his wife with a medical procedure; Ted Abreu was happy that he was off to Spring Training; Josh Genser was happy that he had the opportunity to host 2 architects; Jan Brown ponied up $20 and for that was able to thank host families’ Josh, Jack Freethy, Alan Baer and her own… as well as her committee which included our own Don Hardison and Margaret Morkowski; Herb Cole was happy he was finally hosting a fishing trip bought 2 Auctions ago; Ralph Hill was happy to see the El Cerrito Rotarians and our Russian guests; Margaret Morkowski wanted to thank our Russian guests for being so pleasant; John Nicol expressed his thanks to Russia for his adopted granddaughter; Sid Chauvin lamented the fact that Ron “Opie Taylor” Howard turned 53; Jack Freethy was happy that Vladimir, who was on a nuclear sub that surfaced at the North Pole, was a guest in his home; there was also an announcement about the Pancake Breakfast for the El Cerrito Club…but who knows what year or day it will be; Herb Cole…up for a second time announced the “Small Batch of Bourbon” fundraiser on March 20 to support our Madagascar Project; and The Beav has some happy dollars for his chance to check out our view!

Raffle Results

Bill Wahbeh…got to draw and got the white ball~!

The Program

“What is Rotary and Why I am Proud to be a Rotarian”

Past DG Werner got to introduce current DG Candy for her second presentation to our Club during her term. DG Candy is from the Cordelia Club and despite what Werner thinks she does she is the CEO of Tour Our City. DG Candy’s presentation entitled “What is Rotary and Why I am Proud to be a Rotarian” was a masterful presentation which tested DG Candy’s concentration and her ability to keep from laughing since she had to pause every few sentences to have her presentation interpreted for our Russian visitors. To illustrate her point she described how she started in Rotary thinking that she would participate by having lunch with her fellow Rotarians and maybe do one project….only to find out that Rotary means much more to most Rotarians and she found herself getting much more involved. Rotarian’s identify needs both locally and internationally in the 4 areas of services: Community, International, Vocational and Club. As an example of how Rotarian’s step up, she pointed out that her goal for her “hand” project was 100+ and to date she has received donations for 1,200+ hands. She also reminded us of how large our Rotary family is with 1.2 members in 168 countries and regions, 3500 clubs. She encouraged us all to not just “join” a club, but get involve. Thanks DG Candy for being such a great inspiration to us all!

The Menehune