The Flywheel

Program for April 27, 2007. NOT AT MIRA VISTA!

Souper Center and Homeless Shelter

Art Hatchett hosts the Richmond Rotary Club for a lunch and tour of the new Souper Center and Family Homeless Shelter, the only one in West County.

Come to 165 22nd St., Richmond (this is south of Macdonald Avenue, adjacent to the area where 23rd Street passes under a viaduct).


Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Prez George called the meeting to order.  Past Prez Stoney led us confidently in the Pledge.

Visiting Rotarians

Aaron Tobler was visiting from the faraway El Cerrito Rotary Club. Welcome, traveller.

Sunshine Report

Mr. Sunshine David K reported that all Rotarians are in good shape this week.

Happy and Sad Dollars

  • Rich donated $5 happy dollars to celebrate his upcoming trip to La Paz, Mexico with Jim Young where they will move the boat to Loreto and place it on a truck to be brought home.  Drink a few beers for me fellas. 
  • Charlie Wong donated funds saying that “he was happy to be back” 
  • Elof also was happy to be back after having both of his knees replaced with bionic joints.  We call him “Super-Grandbird” now.
  • Josh announced that he and others were going to award scholarships this Friday at 5:00 at De Jean Middle School and all are welcome to attend.
  • Lesa Macintosh wanted to recognize the Rotarians that recently attended her mother’s funeral. She was very appreciative.
  • George Egan celebrated the end of tax season for a gift to the club of $20.


  • Aaron Tobler from the El Cerrito Club announced that on 4/20/07 a Bowl Athon will be held and all profits will be donated to Roto Vision.
  • This years Cinco De Mayo parade will be held this next Saturday on a closed section of 23rd  Street between Dunn and Gainor.  Please attend. We are trying to organize a group of Rotarians to march in the parade.

The Program

Bill Liang, Ph.D.
Investment Opportunities in China
(aka: How to Get Rich Quick)

Bill Liang was raised in China and attended UCSF where he received his Ph.D. in Life Sciences. The bulk of his career has been working in the biotechnology field. With his science background he is now working for an investment firm that focuses on investment opportunities in China.

Mr. Liang believes that China is an attractive location for R&D centers for pharmaceuticals and biotechnology firms. He calls these opportunities Contract Research Organizations (CRO). With this in mind he presented some opportunities to participate in the ownership of several R&D-type buildings. He also showed us an area called Jade Lake which he called the Hawaii of China, pointing out the types of investments that have been doing extremely well there. These investments, he said, yield double digit returns per month!

During the questions and answer period Mr. Liang further explained that you cannot really hold title to land in China. Instead you get a leasehold interest.

Other questions addressed the security of investments under a communist government. He responded that there is no turning back to the old days and this government really practices "capitalism in disguise."

Another questioner who just returned from China brought up the rolling blackout that is enforced upon industry. Mr. Liang responed that the Chinese are building new coal plants as fast as possible. (Cough-cough!)

Substitute Editor, Mark Howe.