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Program for May 18th

Dr. Joseph Serra

5220 Past District Govenor "Kilimanjaro Joe," discusses his participation in the Polio Plus Campaign in East Africa and his side trip hike to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

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MEETING OF May 11, 2007

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Our dynamic and forceful president George Egan opened the meeting today. Stoney led the members in an Invocation for Peace and Freedom on Earth. Monique led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and visitor Cheryl Black had a thought for the day. “If you don’t have anything nice to say, come sit next to me. – Mae West."

Rotarians with Guests

Jim Young brought his guest Dan Miller who is from Walnut Creek and is a real estate developer. Glenn Daggs brought Earl Moffitt to today’s meeting who is his newest employee and an ex Richmond Police Officer. David K brought several of his friends from the board of Realtors to lunch today. Cheryl Black, David Brown’s better half, who promised to take Davids’s place in the club, appeared today for lunch, before deciding that David should remain the family representative in Rotary. George Egan brought Marilyn Rodriguez and Netza Cabrera from Security Pacific to the club today. .

Sunshine Report

Today’s sunshine report was cloudy. Elof Granberg has suffered a setback with his new set of bionic knees. Apparently an infection has set in, but it is my guess that it will be difficult to keep an old lumberjack down and he will bounce back. Never the less we wish him the very best. PDG Werner is at home with laryngitis. Charlie Wong is still having a hard time with his knees and after 22 days Janet (David K's better half) is recovering well from hip surgery.


  • Early Brown announced that the Foundation has received almost $7,600 from Richmond Rotarians this year, which twice his annual goal, BUT he said most of the contributions came from just a few members which means that the small guys need to contribute now.
  • Pam Jones is also trying to get a team together to participate in the Rotavision benefit bowling tournament which take place at the Albany Bowl, 540 San Pablo Ave. from 5:00 – 7:00 Pm Saturday 5/19/07. Please email Pam if you want to participate. This will be our contribution to Rotavision for the year.
  • Margaret M. also wants us all to come to the Point Richmond Annual Stroll. It is really fun with lots of free food, music, drink and laughter. IT HAPPENS THIS THURSDAY 5/17/07 FROM 5:00 – 8:00. It last one hour more this year.
  • Draper and Esquin is having a fundraiser for NIAD on 6/30 at 3:00-6:00 at the Cannery Building down from the Ford Plant.
  • High School to Career day is looking for businesses to sponsor a student from one of their career academies. The areas of interest are: Architecture, Information Technology, Business Law and others. You don’t not have to pay the student but must provide guidance. Contact West Contra Costa Career Academies, Jennielyn Dino Rossi at if interested.


Our new friendly member Mike Gill had a birthday and donated to club. Glenn Daggs generously donated $50 to the Rotary Foundation. Mark Howe had a birthday and donated $100 to the Foundation to satisfy Early Brown’s pleas for donations to the foundation. To celebrate his anniversary, David K spent time with his wife instead for fishing which we all know he prefers. He also donated $100 to the Foundation – Earl needs to cry more often. John Nicol also celebrated his 55th anniversary with the club which means he must have joined the club when he was 10. .

Happy & Sad Dollars

Monique Le Conge donated $20 to assuage her guilt for missing so many Rotary meetings lately. She works for the city and has many other meeting to attend. Jim Young’s son is graduating from Mc George Law School this weekend with honors. He also received some award to recognize his achievement at the school. Mario Paucar donated $100 in recognition of the good Rotary turnout for the 5th of May parade. Rafael promised a free drink at the MAC for all the Rotary participants in the 5th of May Parade. He was happy with the turnout. Jon Lawlis had a happy $20. Half for representing Richmond Rotary in the Cinco de Mayo Parade and half for joining Nabil Wahbeh in Suisun at the Foudation event last Saturday.

Raffle Results

With over $900 in the kitty, David Brown once again tried to buy the pot. When his ticket was pulled, he delegated his draw to wife Cheryl who, alas, found one of the two remaining white balls :-)

The Program

James Freschi the public information specialist for the Contra Costa Water District spoke today about the very complicated, overtaxed, and vulnerable, water supply situation in the Delta. His district depends solely on the Delta along with the State Water Project which is struggling to satisfy the growing demand from its Southern California customers.

Two thirds of the water used in California comes from the Delta which is an old delta region where islands have been diked to create farmland whose interior elevations are many feet below the water level outside. Since the dikes were built at the turn of the century by Chinese immigrants laid off after the intercontinental railroad was completed, they are of poor quality and often fail. The fear today, brought to life by the New Orleans disaster, is that an earthquake will cause a catastrophic failure of the dike system thus drawing salt water into the delta which would contaminate California’s drinking water supply. Salt Water intrusion is a constant problem for the CCWD especially in dry years where there is little fresh water flow. To alleviate this problem the district built the Los Vaqueros reservoir where they pump fresh water during the winter when there is a surplus of fresh water flow. It is of course released into their system during dry spells in the summer.

Katrina and the State’s growing demand for water have conspired to force the state to finally take seriously our vulnerable Delta water supply situation. Last year the voters passed Proposition 84 which raised $5.3B to address this issue. A strategy that deals with the problem, that CCWD supports is “Delta Visions Staged Conveyance Action”

-Filling in for your Rotating Editor, Scribe, etc. Jim Young - Pinch Hitter Mark Howe