The Flywheel

Program for May 25th

Motorcycle Bob

Long time Rotarian (1970) and piano technician Bob Mutchler will talk about the positive ripple effects of Rotary programs in the community and around the world.

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MEETING OF May 18, 2007

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

President George Egan rang the bell and asked X-Prez Stony Stonework to lead the members in an Invocation for Peace and Freedom. Mike Winter lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance. VP Pam Jones quoted Albert Switzer, “Happiness is good health and a bad memory”.

Visiting Rotarians

Todd Dashley who recently moved to West County from Indianapolis IN was visiting today and has submitted an application to join.

Rotarians with Guests

David K introduced, possibly for the last time as a guest, Bill Koziol, a realtor at Security Pacific.

Sunshine Report

David K reported it was a cloudy day for some members. Charlie Wong was having problems after his knee replacement, but likes to hear from members. David invited phone calls to Charlie. Elof Granberg fell and was back in the hospital. David was not able to get a hold of his wife Fran, and did not have any other information. David pointed to an unusually quiet Warner Schwarz, who looked pretty good for a person of his age, and giggled something about Warner not being able to talk. The deafening silence that followed proved that David K was right.


  • Margaret Morkowski Reported on the Pt. Richmond Stroll. 35 businesses and non-profits participated, 300+ people, 6 bands and particularly good sausages at Jerry Fagley’s realty office. Margaret also asked the members to consider the Youth Summer Intern Program, pointing out the flyers on the table. Margaret said the young hopeful summer workers, “Will do anything legal”.
  • Jon Lawlis again invited the members to participate in the Albany Club’s Bowl-A-Thon for Roto-Vision May 19th at the Albany Bowl. Jon and the other Richmond Rotary team members will be looking for sponsors and the Albany Club has agreed to by the first round of beer for all participants and spectators. There was a lot of discussion about how one actually raises money with a bowl-a-thon, but the main beneficiary, a new eye surgery clinic in Nepal, which is the project focus of EC Club member Tracy Giles, was not in dispute.
  • Hank Covell reminded the members that Pinole Festival of the arts is just around the corner (Saturday June 2nd) and he again is going to have an awfel lot of wine he’s going to have to get rid of and he’ appreciate some Rotary help. The Festival themele is “A Night in Vegas”, with cheaper tickets from Hank, $40 at the door.
  • Swabby David Brown Esq. asked the members to mark their calendars for the First Annual Richmond Rotary Regatta and Picnic at Avilla Cove Angle Island and points in between, July 21st . More information will follow.
  • The Erle of Brown gave one of his “you know who you are…” pep talks as the Club is almost at 200% of goal for support for the Rotary Foundation. Being only $1,400 short of that milestone because of the fantastic support of the club’s Yeomen Members, Erle encourages those who have not yet given $100 to get those bottles and cans to the recycling center so you to can support the club’s support of Rotary Foundation.


X-Prez and Chicago-phil Joe (Joey Baggs) Bagley, recognized birthday boy Nabil “Bill” Wahbeh.

Bill said he was taking his relatives to the Zoo to meet other relatives and he mad a donation to Rotary Foundation. Bill also admitted that there was some confusion about the ate of his B-Day as his parents differed on the actual date of birth, either May 18th or 21st. Hmmm, I’d say Mother Knows Best. The Bagster then recognized David “sans wife” Brown and asked if Sharon was out of town because she blew her 33% chance to pick the orang ball in last week’s raffle. David pleaded the 5th to the question but said that loyal daughter Sharon was at her Mom’s side as she recovered from knee surgery. David also acknowledged that all of this has had not negative affect on their 27 to 29 year anniversary and made a donation to the Foundation. Soon-To-Be-Prez Pam Jones acknowledged that she did in fact join the club 12 years ago and asked the Bagster to put her remembrance, “on the tab”. Monique le Conge and Margaret Morkowski both acknowledged that they joined the club two years ago and they both especially remember the welcoming kiss they received from Warner Schwarz. (One can only hope that Warner doesn’t get the club in trouble with the Equal Opportunity Commision as he didn’t kiss Cory Lawrence or Alan Baer when they joined.)

Happy & Sad Dollars

Mr. Bagley, as he is very rarely called, then launched into Happy & Sad $$$: Warner Schwarz speaking or actually not speaking, through interpreter Frank Desplancke said that he really was “very thankful” for Stoney Stonework’s recent visit. (???) David K was thankful that his wife is making healing progress with her hip, or was it knee, replacement. Herb Cole happily introduced, in new name only his newest granddaughter, Delaney Bell Cole. · Erle Brown happily told the members that the club has exceeded 200% of goal for this year’s contributions to the Rotary Foundation, and, “…you still know who you are!”, if you have not yet seen the wisdom of contributing to the Foundation this year. · Jim Young has extraordinarily happy dollars as his son Zeb, the graduate from Pacific McGeorge Law School was just offered a clerkship with the Federal 9th Circuit Court in San Francisco, working for Judge Johnnie Rawlinson in Las Vegas. · David Brown happily advised the club that there is $1,300 in th kitty baking it the 3rd highest pot in “modern history”.

Raffle Results

Jon “Selfless as melting ice” Lawlis bought three tickets “for the club” out of the hundreds sold today, with the idea that all the raffle proceeds would go to the club if he won. But he pulled a white ball and free lunch! So with the kitty well over $1,300, next week’s raffle winner will get to select the remaining orange ball!

The Program

Dr. Joe, “Kilimanjaro Joe” Serra and his lovely wife Dorothy visited Richmond Rotary from Stockton to remind us of the work being done by the Rotary Foundation and Rotary International to eradicate Polio from the face of the Earth. Joe, besides being the X-Prez of Stockton Rotary is an orthopedic surgeon and has made several trips to Africa to perform corrective surgery on “crawlers”, people who have survived juvenile polio, but have lose the se of their legs and a resigned to crawling as locomotion for the rest of their lives. Most of Joe’s polio surgery has been done in Malawi East Africa, a country that is now polio free but has thousands of victims who have never been surgically treated so they can regain the ability to walk. Joe reminded use of the mid 20th century images of hospital wards filled with “iron lungs”, but said the US never had “crawlers” because the March of Dimes and other charities znd public policy made sure that all American polio victims where treated so they could walk with leg braces and therapy. In the factoid department Joe reminded us that Rotary has ben at the polio eradication effort for 20 years, in 200 countries, with 20 million volunteers, dispensing 2 billion doses of vaccine. Rotary International’s world partners include, the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control & UNICEF and Rotary has rased well over $650,000,000 in direct support of the effort. Joe noted that Rotary did not make its goal of world eradication of polio by 2005. Very unenlightened Islamic Mullahs in Northern Nigeria wrongly characterized the polio immunization program as a plot to sterilize their followers. Consequently, infected Nigerian Moslems following the pilgrimage to Mecca reinfected other pilgrims from Central and South Asia. New cases of polio are again dropping and are confined to four countries, Nigeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India and the Polio Plus Partners have secured the support of influential Muslim medical professionals to secure the support the mullahs who opposed the program in the past. Other new developments in the polio eradication effort include: The Polio Plus Partners meeting every six months in Geneva Switzerland to review and update the effort; A new vaccine that is three times as powerful that confers immunity to polio with one dose only, no booster doses needed; Saudi Arabia requiring pilgrims to have proof of polio immunization in order to enter the country. “Transit Immunization” given at many third world boarders for anyone who does not have proof of polio immunization Joe noted that the world health effort would save $190MM/year when polio is eliminated and that is money that would be well spent on other health issues. Joe did say a few words about his three hikes to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro and highly recommended it to all world travelers. We are going to have to have him and Dorothy return to Richmond Rotary to do a whole program on Kilimanjaro, with a few words about Polio Plus! Read up more about Rotary International and the Polio Plus effort & support Polio Plus!

-Your Rotating Editor, Scribe, etc. Jim Young