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Program for June 22nd

Foreign market investments

Ryan Johanson, Financial Consultant & past Treasurer of Greater Bay Bank NA and Barclay’s Capital talks about derivatives beyond foreign currency and commodity futures, modern derivative markets and their possible affect on the economy and markets.

MEETING OF June 15, 2007

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

George Egan, our entertaining president, presided over today’s meeting.  Stoney led us in the invocation and Don Lau led us in the pledge of allegiance.

Rotarians with Guests

  • Don Farquason was visiting from El Cerrito Rotary today to say goodbye as the Assistant District Governor and welcome the new ADG Richmond’s own Jon Lawlis.
  • Jerry Feagley brought a long time friend of his, Dennis Ryerson, who also works in the Real Estate business and was decorated in Vietnam.
  • Rafael again brought his friend from USA carpets, Rafael Casteneda.

Sunshine Report

Jim Beaver still has pneumonia that is contagious so he will not come to meetings until he feels better.  Elof has had a relapse of sorts and often does not feel well enough to attend meetings.  He would like to hear from you by phone though.


  • On July 17 (a Wednesday), Bill Lockyer, State Treasurer, and an entertaining public speaker will come to His Lordships Restuarant (Berkeley Marina) to speak to Richmond and Berkeley Rotary Clubs in a joint meeting.  (And that doesn't mean we'll be smoking joints, says David Brown, the person responsible for the former State AG's visit. 
  • The Richmond Rotary Picnic/Regatta will be held on July 21, a Saturday. 
  • Your editor is in charge of the Regatta portion of the day.  We now have boats coming from Walnut Creek and the Tiburon Clubs.  (And Tiburon has some fast boats.) To encourage Richmond Rotarians to come and get their feet wet, so to speak, Mark Howe had offered $1 to the club for each Rotarian that comes to a RYC Beer Can Race. There are three beer cans until our Regatta. All are invited to be at my house 1321 Sanderling Island (boat is in back at dock)  at 5:30 Wednesdays on either or all of the following dates: 6/20,7/11,7/18.  Beer cans are informal, fun, last about 45 minutes, and your choice of wine or beer will be served after we round the windward mark.  $6.50 Hamburgers are served afterwards at RYC.  BE THERE and DRESS WARMLY.
  • On Tuesday June 26 there will be a Hotel Mac Rum tasting night.  Don’t drink too much, but after all that sailing you are going to do at the Regatta you just may need a good dose of grog.


  • Don Lau charged those without their Rotary pins $1 – But there was one very big exception – fathers in light of the upcoming fathers day did not have to pay.
  • Paul Allen was celebrating 9 years of marriage and the check is in the mail.
  • Don Hardison also was enjoying his astounding 65th wedding Anniversary to Betty – I hope I live that long.
  • Bob Dabney also celebrated his long marriage to Cheryl and he celebrated it with a trip to the Grand Canyon where he delivered them to the bottom of 110 degree Grand Canyon and returned to play another round of golf until they were ready to be picked up.

Happy & Sad Dollars

  • Jon Lawlis donated $100 in recognition of becoming the new assistant District Governor. Good luck Jon.



Barrie Hathaway, Executive Director

Street -Tech is a non profit that operates a school, a computer repair and installation company, and Reuse Tech, a division that rehabilitates old computers.

Street –Tech’s primary mission is to educate and provide careers to the underserved populations of color in “West County where unemployment is in the mid teens and educations rates are very low.  Ninety percent of the people in North Richmond, a representative area, are of color; only 6% have graduated from college and only 23% from high school.  There is little doubt about the need for a program like this.

This year’s class of students has 102 students.  Tuition is $3,000 per 5 month session and virtually all students receive some sort of financial assistance.    Historically they have been successful in placing 92% their graduating students.  Retention rates have been 84% and 570 students have attended the program since its inception.

Relia Tech is a computer consulting company that often uses Street Tech graduates to perform services.   

Ron Gay a young black man and Street Tech student also spoke today about his experience with the program.  He was very enthusiastic about the marketable skills he learned and especially about the discipline he learned.  He said he was taught that “early is on time and on time is late”

You can help Street Tech continue its mission by using Relia Tech services, donating computers, making cash donations and volunteering.

Contact them at :, visit their website, or simply give them a call at 510-237-1300

-Flywheel notes painstakingly penned by Rotating Scribe Mark Howe.