The Flywheel

Program for June 6Th

"So this guy walks into a bar with a

3-legged dog..."

You guessed it. Program Coordinator Jim Young has decided that we're overdue for an exchange of clever, stupid, off-color, or even very funny jokes.

Joke Day is rated PG-13 (unless Werner shows up).


MEETING OF June 29, 2007

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Almost X-Prez George began the meeting with a moment of silence for the memory of Dan Ercolini who passed away suddenly setting in motion events that lead to George’s Presidency.  George reminded the club he is filling in for Dan.  Dan Tanita did Pledge of Allegiance.  Almost Prez Pam Jones thought for day, “Some people bring joy when they arrive, others bring joy when they leave.”

Visiting Rotarians

Dr. Russ and Norm Foley were in the house to celebrate Norm’s 82 B-Day. Norm donated $200 to club in celebration of his birthday, his 25 years in the club and his great friend Russ.  Norm also remembered he brought Geo. into the club. 

Raphael Cartajena (please check spelling)brought a guest from S. SF, unfortunately missed the gentleman’s name.

Sunshine Report

We were all glad to see Jim “The Beav” Beaver who has been contending with pneumonia much of the spring.  Other than that, ‘no news is good news’.


Barbara M.. announced a benefit for NIAD at the Old Cannery on the June 30th.   (We understand about 250 people attended this event.--Ed.)

Margaret Morkowski announced the Point Richmond Music Festival, July 13th at the point. 5:30 to 8 PM.


Ralph Hill introduced Raphael Cartajena to the club.  Raphael got the spiel along with his blue badge. Raphael said he’s glad to be in Richmond and Richmond Rotary so he can serve the community, his church and his country.  Raphael also said he is a member of the 23rd Street Merchant’s Association.

On the other end of the membership time scale, Norm Foley was recognized and awarded for his 39 years of service to the Richmond Rotary.

Thank you, Norm.



Happy and Sad Dollars

Happy & Sad Dollars were even more extemporaneous than usual today:

  • Nabil “Bill” Wahbeh donated $5 for a great trip to Ireland.
  • David “David K” Kuchenthal donated $5 because no one was officially sick.
  • Raphael Cartajena had Happy $$ for being in the club to help.
  • Jon Lawlis gave $20 Happy $$ for George Egan being president.
  • David Brown. had Happy $$ for the 500 goats at Temple Beth Hillile,  David did not mention if the goats are being tended by any Biblical notables

Raffle Results

Judy Kafka got a second chance at the raffle this week and sans jeans, was not afraid to get up.  But alas, she got a white ball.


Joey “Bags” Bagley  and Jon Lawlis modified Beatles tunes in honor of George and his Presidential year, great lyrics, “interesting singing”.  .Then MR. IR & Mr. S. in green eyeshades did an investigation of George and determined in spit of his overuse of frivolous tax exemptions did a good job as club Prez.  Mr. IR & Mr. S were new to the club but had an appearance somewhere between a cleaned up version of ZZ Top and Don “the Menehune” Lau and Jim “the Beav” Beaver.

Mr. IR and Mr. S saw that George was in handcuffs, and forced to sit through a lot  of historical, hysterical evidence in pictures , word and song of his many questionionable accomplishments of the last year, to wit:

  • At the early age of 12 he was IDed as the Petaluma Putz.
  • There were rumors of like on the farm but no pictorial evidence of the dairy farm in Olema.
  • Richmond High School daze, drafted and off to Vietnam.
  • Geo. owned a series of “fronts for his questionable consulting and tax advice services including, rental property, a termite business, a gas station on 23rd St. where he counted the till with an M-1 across his lap, racing motorcycles, “running” an insurance business, NASCAR racing, and then “officially” financial consulting and tax preparation. 
  • As additional cover for his operations George Became a member of the Sheriff's Posse, member Jaycees, Became a world traveler & Etc.
  • But by far his greatest accomplishment has been in the arts when as a singer extraordinaire he was impressed into doing an “only George” impression of Tony Bennett singing,  “I left my heart in SF”.  The performance captured on a surveillance camera at still nameless casino or cruise ship location had the entire club gasping for oxygen as we laughed with George over his stunning performance.

George also celebrates 2 birthdays as he was in a very serious car wreck that put him in a coma for several weeks.  The day he woke up is his second B-Day and inspiration for his easy going, “It ain’t so bad, things could be worse”, approach to life.

After their thorough “investigation”, Messrs IR & S declared George “Guilty” of being a great Rotary President. And as punishment for all acts completed (too long a list to include here) instruct the members to hence forth refer to George as “X-Prez. George Egan”.

Thank You George for a great Rotary year!

And thank you to the fast finger work of Jon L. and Joey Baggs, impressive guitar work and I do have the names of a couple of good voice coaches.

- Rotating Editor, Scribe, etc.

This week’s adventure in Flywheel Reporting was brought to you by Mark Howe who went 4th of July sailing to the Delta and left his computer at home but phoned the notes to Jim Young’s bank voice mail from which they were transcribed.  The fact they exist at all is another tangible example of Grace.