The Flywheel

Program for JuLY 13th

Cliff Dochterman, Past president of Rotary International

Cliff Dochterman has served in almost every Rotary assignment in the world — from Berkeley Rotary club president, to District Governor, to Rotary International Director, R.I. Vice President, Trustee of The Rotary Foundation, and President of Rotary International. In 1992, as President Rotary International he selected the theme, "Real happiness is helping others."



Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

On a cold, foggy Friday a bright new day dawned with the first ringing of the bell by President Pam.  Surrounded by balloons (It’s a Girl?), working through microphone difficulties, and a call to “take it off”  the meeting was called to order.  Using proper protocol the invocation for peace, freedom and justice was given by StoneyRafael Madrigal led us in the Pledge.  Henry “I’m not PC” Kelman, our new designated Thought giver, suggested arming, fighting, then cleaning (you had to be there).

Visiting Rotarians

Jim Arthur who was visiting from North West Des Moines was our lone visitor.

Sunshine Report

Jon Lawlis, filling in for David K, sadly informed us that Elof Granberg had suffered a fall injuring his ribs as well as other parts of his body.  Calls are welcomed to Elof at Kaiser San Rafael 415-444-2776.  Feel better Elof!


  •  “Has Been” Prez George had the audacity of pointing out a piece of paper on the table proclaimed what a great year we had last year.  That said George made a contribution to the Club.
  • David Brown reminded us of the July 18 Joint Meeting with the Berkeley Club at His Lordships Restaurant (Bekreley Marina) with our featured guest State Treasurer Bill Lockyer.  Let’s have a great turnout... bring guests.


Your faithful scribe did the honors with Recognitions.  EJ Shalaby celebrated a birthday in June with a trip to Tahoe with his wife.  Did he create the smoke??

Happy and Sad Dollars

Past DG Werner had $4.95 because Yvette Hunter was in the house; David Brown elaborated on the benefits of having 300 goats take care of 5 acres of weeds and scrubs; Jim Young was sad that Mark Howe was not present to explain last week flywheel fiasco; Jon Lawlis was happy that Pam is our new president...the second woman to serve in that capacity; Judy Morgan had a happy 5 to be back plus another 5 for the great job Nick Despota and Jan Brown have done with the Festival Website

Raffle Results

“Has Been” PrezGeorge got to pull… and thankfully pulled the white ball.


Prez Pam used the day to let everyone know what was in store for the Club this year:

  • EJ Shalaby, Special Events, went over a long list of upcoming events including the Regatta/Picnic, Poker game, Masquers, Gallo Wine, Auction, Lau’s Luau, Reno Train, Crabby Crabfeed. Joe Bagley also talked about Rotary’s role in the upcoming Festival (September) where we will be loading boats and selling beer (not necessarily in that order)
  • Jan Brown, Community Service, described some of the projects we will be supporting this year ie. NIAD, YMCA, Richmond Art Center, East Bay Center for the Performing Arts, Rhonda Harris’ Teen parent project, GRIP and others.  Because we are a 501c3 we are also applying for some grants
  • Herb Cole, International, described a few of our projects including:  National Immunization Day (NID) in Ghana, Red Cross Clinic, Madagascar Hospital project, January trip to Monterey Mexico, NID in Nicaragua, and the Madagascar GSE in May.
  • Jim Young, Communications and Programs, welcomed volunteers to help with creative writing of the Flywheel (you can write whatever you want…no need for accuracy!) and for suggestions for Programs.
  • Ted Abue, Vocational Service, is please with the success of our InterAct Club at Salesian High School and is looking to start one at Kennedy High School.  He is also working on getting candidates for our Camp program.
  • Erle Brown, Foundation, has a long prepared speech that included infoming us that our goal for 2006-07 was to raise $7,500…doing some fancy math including unrestricted funds, Polio Plus, etc our Club raised $44,155 last year.  Our goal this year is a mere $9,000.  Erle described the Paul Harris Society ($1,000 per year) indicating that we had 4 members last year and he would like us to get to 10 this year.  Never one to ask others to do something he is not willing to do Erle stepped up and is our first member this year.  He also reminded new Rotarians that we will match dollar for dollar all contributions made to the Foundation.  Remember to always write “Rotary Foundation” on your checks…not Richmond Rotary.  Erle is also working with Bruce Harter on the Ambassadorial Scholarship (1 year $25,000 to go anywhere in the world)
  • David Brown, Treasurer, distributed a list of where all our $61,000 contributions went last year including over $10,000 to Peres Elementary School.
  • Jon Lawlis, Secretary, covered issues including: Dues statements are out, give corrections for our new roster, make sure you cover your door duty, and give him make-up.  Important note:  Poker group counts as a make up!

In honor of what should have been Joke Day….Past DG Werner offered this:  “The definition of Original sin is not the apple in the tree, but the “pear” on the ground.”

- The Menehune