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Program for AUGUST 3rd

Richmond Councilmember Ludmyrna Lopez

Our new City Councilmember reflects on the changes and opportunities for Richmond in the coming years.

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MEETING OF July 27th, 2007

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Newly minted Prez Pam rang the bell and asked Red Badge Rookie Bill Kosel to lead us in the pledge of allegiance. Glenn Daggs shared the observation that, “There are three kinds of people.  Those that make thing happen, those that let things happen and those who wonder ‘what happened?’”  The club observed a moment of silence for peace and freedom.

Visiting Rotarians

Janet Fernate from the Pleasanton Club introduced herself.

Sunshine Report

David K. said there have been cloudy days for Elof Granberg at Summer View Manor and life would be brighter if you when by and visited him or called him on the phone.  An entourage of Rotarians lead by David K. will visit Elof after the meeting. (Summer View Manor’s address is in last week’s Flywheel.)


  • Troy “long time, no see” Pewitt was warmly greeted by the members acknowledging that his 7 kids keep him busy.  Or was that 3 kids that seem like 7?
  • Barbara Medwadoski of Draper & Esquin will host a Red Badge Rookie Social August 6th at the Cannery on S. Harbor Way at 6:00 PM.  Wine will be served and it’s a good time for new and old members to meet and greet and talk about Rotary.
  • The Poker Game Fund Raiser (or loser) will be held August 10th at the Hotel Mac.  Show up, it will start some time.  Prez Pam usually has the details for the poker game if you need them.
  • Glenn Daggs is circulating a sign-up list for $100 Peres Teacher Support contributions.
  • Herb Cole announced that the trim to Monterey Mexico will be January 16-20 and those interested in meting with the Monterey Clubs should get their intentions to him by August 16th .

Special Events

District Governor Stan Smalley, accompanied by his lovely wife Marsha, presented the current Richmond Rotary Fellows of the Paul Harris Society.  These members contributed $1,000 to the Rotary Foundation for this year; Jon Lawlis, George Egan, Glenn Daggs and Dave Calfee

Werner Schwarz receives Paul Harris Award
DG Smalley presents Paul Harris
to Werner Schwarz

To their ranks DG Stan added new Fellows: Werner Schwarz, Herb Cole, Erle Brown & President Pam Jones.  DG Stan also announced that he was told that two additional members have applied to join the Paul Harris Society, which will give the club 10 members or about 10% of the club as Paul Harris Fellows.  Good work for Richmond Rotary!


Always active, never a dull moment, “You talkin’ to me?” Joe ‘Joey Baggs” Bagley leaped into recognitions:

  • Troy Prewitt celebrated his 1st club anniversary with a $100 contribution to his Paul Harris.
  • Tom Bennett celebrated his 45th B-Day by launching his mid-life crisis, in Main (?), on business (?), with a $500 contribution to the club AND a $500 contribution to RI Foundation.
  • Capt Frank Desplancke of the Salvation Army and a Happy B-Day July 20th AND oodles of fun with his kids at Chucky Cheese.
  • Ted “Yes I am a member“ Smith sent birthday greeting to the club for recognizing his July 25th B-Day and a challenge to The Beav and the Erle of Brown. Unfortunately the challenge was garbled by a hyper enthusiastic Joey Baggs.
  • Mark Howe ferries Rotarians to Angel Island
    Skipper Mark ferries picnickers to
    Angel Island
  • Tom Waller celebrated his B-Day at the 1st ever Richmond Rotary Regatta, Picnic on Angel Island.  In addition to his 1st ever celebration Tom had dinners with sons and daughters Friday and Saturday nights and contributed $100 to the RI Foundation.
  • Allan Baer and his wife Santa celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary at the 1st ever Richmond Rotary Regatta.  And to keep the celebration moving Allan went home and started to remodel the kitchen.  And also made a $10 contribution to his Paul Harris.
  • Pam at ChildspreeHerb “dollar-a-word” Cole acknowledged his club anniversary July 10th and thanked, or possibly blamed Don Lau for bringing him into the club.
  • Jon at Childspree
  • Kudos to those Rotarians, including Pam and Jon (pictured right), who shepherded kids through Mervyn's department store for the annual Childspree event. Thank you all.

Happy and Sad Dollars

X-Prez Leslie Levy had Sad $$$ because she missed the regatta on account of work.

Erle (of) Brown had Happy $$$ because his trip to Montana through Nevada gave his a chance to finally “blow-out” his wife’s new car that has only 9,000 miles on it from driving to Safeway.

David K. had Happy $$$ for a good son and halibut fishing.

Werner Schwarz had Happy & Sad $$$ for the regatta and picnic.  Happy for the event in general, but sad for the description of the picnic being right next to the docks and the toilets.

Herb Cole was sorry he missed the picnic and Werner missing the toilets at the picnic but Happy $$$ for the 2½ pound lobster he ate in Bean Town.

Jan Brown had Happy $$$ for Alan Baer and Hyperactive Joey Baggs who respectively put it all together for a great picnic and did most of the works.  (Oops, did we forget Prez Pam Jones?)

Glenn Daggs had Happy $$$ for OSS International’s new HQ in Concord.

Angel Island harbor
A brilliant, beautiful day at Angel Island

Tony Thurmond had Happy $$$ for his second lunch of the day and the fact that nobody made too big a deal about him being late and missing the announcement of the Red Badge Social, which he repeated.

Joe “Joey Baggs” Bagley had Happy $$$ for a great picnic and just because he’s a happy guy.

Raffle Results

The Early Bird may get the worm, but Tony Thurmond proved again that it is the second rat that gets the cheese as pulled out the orange ball and won a whopping $709, which he promptly donated to the club.  No rat he, our own Mr. T.


District Governor Stan Smalley

Well folks, District Governor Stan did a heck of a job outlining the next program year in District 5160, encouraging participation in everything including the International Convention in Los Angeles next June.  If you haven’t figured it out, everybody, including  DG Stan and Marsha Smalley his wife had a great time at the first ever Richmond Rotary Regatta and Picnic.  Unfortunately we have run out of time to otherwise characterize DG Stan’s very thorough presentation.  So we leave you with these thoughts about the value of the District Governor’s participation and support as compiled by Prez Pam:

Welcome Stan - There Really Is a New Sheriff in Town!

Here are the to five things you can expect the DG to help you with:

  • He will stand guard in front of that Blue and White Bus while Past Dist. Gov. Werner Schwarz goes behind the bus. We’ll let Werner explain what he was doing back there. But there’s a new tree growing.
  • He can sing “Happy Birthday” to Tom Waller.
  • He and Marsha can help Joey Bags push the little red wagon up the hill with both kegs of beer, ice, wine, burgers, soda.
  • He will negotiate with the Park Rangers to allow Mark and Barbara’s dogs on the Island and defend Mark when he “moves” another man’s boat.
  • He can crew your boat, and his body fits just right in between Rich Brandes’ boat and that other boat that he hit when we docked on the island. What a bumper.

Thank You District Governor Stan Smalley!

- Flywheel editor Jim Young