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Program for AUGUST 10th

Dr. Martha Cambell, President of
Venture Strategies for Health & Development

Attention to population growth in the world's poorest countries, a nearly invisible subject over the past decade, has recently been revived by a series of eight hearings in the British Parliament, focusing on the the population factor's impact on the slow pace of development, education, health and efforts to preserve the environment.

Martha Campbell was the principal advisor to these hearings and its report over the past 18 months, shuttling between Berkeley and London. She will talk about the report's findings - which are counter to much of the recent news about declining populations in Europe and Japan - and also about her scale-conscious nonprofit organization. Dr. Campbell is a lecturer in the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley and is the founder and president of Venture Strategies for Health and Development.


MEETING OF August 3rd, 2007

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Prez Pam rang the bell and got someone to do the pledge of allegiance. Henry Kelman shared his thought for every day, “It is good to be here and be thankful for awakening to another day.’”  X-Prez Stony Stonework observed a moment of silence for peace and freedom around the world.

Visiting Rotarians


Rotarians with Guests

David Brown introduced his guest Harlin Baum from the Technion in Isreal.  David explained that Caltech is the Technion of the United States.

Sunshine Report

  • Herb Cole, filling in for an absent-gone-fishin’, David K. said that Elof Granberg is going to remain at Summer View Manor another month and that he REALLY appreciates a call or a visit, so give him a call or a visit.
  • Herb expressed condolences to Sid Chauvin as his 32 year old niece passed away very suddenly.


  • Opportunity West, in partnership with City of Richmond Nevin Community Center and Bay Area Art & Music, is hosting a sizzling musical fundraiser this Saturday, August 11th, from 11AM to 9 PM, at Maple Hall, in San Pablo. Lots of great gospel, jazz, and blues music. For more information download flyer. Visit website.
  • The Poker Game Fund Raiser (or loser) will be held August 10th at the Hotel Mac.  Proceeded by dinner the game starts at 7:30 PM.  David “You-want-a-piece-of-me?” Brown challenged all comers and Glenn Daggs said “YES!”
  • Glenn Daggs is circulating the sign-up list for $100 Peres Teacher Support contributions. 
  • Erle Brown announced the upcoming RI Foundation Fund Day “at Marine World or whatever it is called now”, in Vallejo, October 6th.  Raffle tickets will be available including admission.  Raffle ticket purchases count for your Paul Harris but are not tax deductible.  Amongst other things.  The Erle also said the club has reached 10%+ membership in the Paul Harris Society.  Someone wondered out “very” loud if Erle was today’s program.  (Even your Editor had to wonder if Erle was putting in a bid for the club’s “dollar-a-word” special designation, traditionally held by Herb Cole.)


Joe ‘Joey Baggs” Bagley started recognitions with a club favorite:

  • Ralph Hill.  Joey made the point that between Ralph’s exciting and exotic trips to Lake Merritt and Montalvo Manor, he has celebrated 59 years as a member of Richmond Rotary.  Ralph used the occasion to inform Program Speaker and Guest Council Member Ludmyrna Lopez that it was a Rotary tradition that on one’s 48 club anniversary you get a hug and a kiss from a City Council member, and, he did not get his 11 years ago, wink wink, nudge nudge.  Prez Pam quickly assured Ralph that he would get his belated hug and kiss just as soon as Council Members Tom Butt or Tony Thurmond arrived.  Such Irony!
  • Joey Baggsthen called on Bud Martin to recognize his most recent of many B-Days.  Bud said he planned to celebrate by heading south to visit his kids.
  • Joeythen asked Stony Stonework how many anniversaries he has celebrated in the Club.  Stony said it would be 13 Sunday and he had a check for the Rotary Foundation.

Then Joey Baggs lead the Happy and Sad Dollar shuffle:

  • Bob Dabney had Happy $$$ for getting his son married off in the Southland even though it was in a place he could never afford to get married.
  • Pas DG Werner Schwarz had Happy $ for surviving the last to weeks and his most recent Colonoscopy.  Or as Werner later said, “You know I was on television last week…”
  • Capt. Frank Desplancke had Happy $$ for a very successful “Childspree” at Mervin’s last Saturday morning.  Capt. Frank said 64 children received $100 in pick-it-yourself new cloths for school.
  • Schools Superintendent Bruce Harter had Happy $40 for the positive West County Times editorial supporting Measure G, the mail-in ballot that will extend, and in the case of industrial properties, increase the current parcel tax that supports the WCCUSD minimalist offerings in art, sports and what we used to call “electives”.   Vote by mail by August 18th, no polls will be open.
  • Herb “dollar-a-word” Cole had a Happy $5 for the Childspree event and told the story of the child he help who said, “I really like new underwear”, Herb noting that he probably didn’t get much of anything new, including underwear.  This is of course Herb’s subtle way of suggesting more members ought to consider supporting the program next time Capt. Frank puts out the call.
  • Stony Stonework had a Happy $5 for Werner going into the car wash business,  ???
  • Mike Gill had a Happy $5 for the just completed jazz CD of Sam Goldsmith a gifted vibes player form Berkeley HS.  See Mike if you’d like to buy a copy.  Joey Baggs vibed in that it is “really good jazz”.
  • X-Prez, lovely Leslie Levy had a Happy $5 for the simple fact that her two adolescent sons were enjoing pre-adult” summer fun at Reggie on the River.  Cool! And Leslie said that without any prior knowledge of what kind of trouble they could be actively considering!

Raffle Results

DON’T THAT BEAT ALL!  An all new raffle with all the balls and $72.  Barbara M. gets the call and the fourth time at bat in the last year AND, SHE GETS THE ORANGE BALL or 2 homers out of four tries.  Batting 500 Barbara, wish the A’s could do that.


Richmond City Councilmember Ludmyrna Lopez

Ludmyrna Lopez Bob Dabney did the honors of introducing our Program speaker and one of the newest Richmond City Council Members, Ludmyrna “Myrna” Lopez.  Myrna is a local girl who learned how to pay attention helping her mother in the fabric store before attending Cal State Hayward/East Bay, a summer fellowship at Cal and then receiving a full ride scholarship to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg PA where she completed a Masters Degree in Public Policy.  After doing a mind numbing stint at the EPA in Washington DC Myrna returned to the Bay Area and now has the honor of serving the community on City Council, with special interest in the Finance Committee.

Myrna departed from the usual city politico rep. description of what they think would be best for the city and provided an informative review of what’s actually going on in City Hall with emphasis on the City’s improving financial condition, and, where new revenues are being applied to public works.  Myrna confirmed (you heard it first here in “The Flywheel”) that the City’s bond rating, because of  improving administration and budgeting, has been elevated from junk to “A” status, i.e. investment grade.  An important technical development that will save the city millions in future interest costs as it pursues renovation of public infrastructure and assets.  She described in some detail the major renovation of the Civic Center, expansion of the police force, “funding” of the city’s future retiree health care costs that are nagging other local political subdivisions, major street improvement effort, and, the hoped for expansion of auto importing at the Port of Richmond.  But your Flywheel is running out of time and space so we leave you with this important fact from Myrna, the current city budget has $293MM in total revenue and $282MM in total expenditures.  For those who struggle with math, that is an $11MM surplus.    Here are some other important comparisons from the Richmond budget dark days of 2003 and 2007 presented by Myrna:

Public Purpose Expenditure
2003 2007
Street Repair $ 2,800,000 $12,000,000
Street Lighting 66,000 1,000,000
Parks 3,000,000 8,000,000
Library 3,900,000 6,500,000
Public Safety $36,000,000 $57,000,000


Editor’s Note – These numbers have not been double checked but are believed to be fundamentally accurate.

Hey, some things do improve!

Your Rotating Editor, Jim Young