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Program for AUGUST 17th

Wind, by Vincent Villanueva

Pat Coleman, Director of the National Institute for Art and Disabilities (NIAD)

NIAD strives to help people with developmental and other physical disabilities to develop the capacity for creative expression, and so increase their sense of personal identity and pride.

NIAD also increases the public's understanding of the artistic ability of people with disabilities. Its director, Pat Coleman, will tell us how the organization meets these objectives.



MEETING OF August 10th, 2007

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Prez Pam rang the bell and got Raphael Cartaegna to do the Pledge of

Allegiance. Henry Kelman shared his thought for August, “It’s almost football season and a good reason to site in front of the television on Sunday.”  Joe Nusbaum observed a moment of silence for peace and freedom around the world.

Rotarians with Guests

Cory “the Kid” Lawrence introduced his guest Jonathan Oyay whom we believe works with Cory a Cushman and Wakefield.

Sunshine Report

  • David K., besides noting that the fishing is so bad that he is going to Montana to find water with fish in it said that Jim “the Beav” Beaver a heart problem, a little surgery and he is up and about now. David K will have a card for The Beav next week, but you don’t have to wait.
  • Elof Granberg is doing better and plans to go for a walk and will be leaving at Summer View Manor soon.
  • David K. didn’t know the where-abouts of Charlie Wong and otherwise wishes him well.
  • David K. also wondered quizzically about Sid Chauvin, wondering if he has gotten out of jail yet. (???)
  • Werner Schwarz is still “operating the car wash” and is going in for a biopsy this week.

Last but not least, while the real David K. is in Montana, the new David K will be Bill “Bill K” Koziol.  If you have any Sunshine or Shadow reports, give Bill K. a call.


  • Glenn Daggs is circulating the sign-up list for $100 Peres Teacher Support contributions. 
  • Red Badge rookie Bill “Bill K” Koziol that the new member social hosted by Barbara M. at the new Draper & Esquin facility was great.  Bill K was particularly impressed how friendly the Rotarians are.  Bill K’s girl friend was impressed too especially by friendly X-Prez George Egan.
  • Raphael Magdalena has raffle tickets at $100/pack for the District 5160 Fund Raiser and admission tickets to Rotary Fun Day at Marine Flags Six Worlds in Vallejo, October 6th.


A more dandy than usual Dandy Don Lau  launched into recognitions by calling on Mike Winter.  Mike admitted that August 7th was his 47th wedding anniversary.  Mike tested anniversary 48 by not mentioning Cindy by name, but we’re certain she had something to do with it.  The Winter’s celebrated a couple of summer days in wine country and by making a $100 contribution to the Rotary Foundation.

Happy and Sad Dollars

Dandy Don then took the meeting into Happy and Sad Dollar land.

  • Monique Le Conge had a Happy $5 for a nice trip to Hawaii now over.
  • Richmond Chamber of Commerce ED Judy Morgan had a Happy $5 for the upcoming Home Front Festival By The Bay at the end of September and the 12 page ad in “The West County Marketplace” magazine about the event.  Judy gave both Erle and Herb a run for the “dollar-a-word” title but really plugged the USO Dance at the Ford Crane way Saturday night Sept. 29th.
  • Jim Young had Happy $$ for Judy’s announcement and segwayed from the USO dance to an open invitation to the members to practice their dance steps, Thursday nights starting August 23rd, 7:30 – 9:00 PM at Arlington Community Church, 52 Arlington Ave. in Kensington.  The dance class is a gift from Jim and Linda to the community and is free for the first 10 couples that show up.
  • Nick Despota had Happy $$ — actually an addendum to the Sunshine Report— for signing a contract for the installation of solar panels on the roof of house. A sunny outlook indeed.
  • Commander Richie Brandes had Happy $$ for a nice vacation to Portugal and a serendipitous continuation first class flight on to India.  Rich also had fond memories of an absolutely spectacular first ever Richmond Rotary Regatta and picnic at Angle Island, including the dedication of the Angle Island Past District Governor lavatory facilities (behind the bus).
  • Markku Pelanne had Happy $$ for his son’s beginning adventure in Nigeria where he went on a visit and has decided to stay for a year of work and, well adventure.  Also for his nephew who just began school at UCSD.
  • Herb “dollar-a-word” Cole had Happy $$$ for the article about Markku Pelanne he saw in “”National Geographic” (please share that article Herb) and the upcoming Rotary trip to Monterey Mexico January 16 – 20.  Yes, applications for the trip, which will deliver wheelchairs and visit the Red Cross Clinic are still available.
  • Bob Dabney had Happy $$ for the Opportunity West Fundraiser and Music Festival on Saturday the 11th at Maples Hall in SP.  If you’re reading about it for the first time here you missed it, but Bob is still taking donation on behalf of Opportunity West at least that’s what he says the donations are for.
  • The Erle of Brown had Happy $$ for relinquishing back the “dollar-a-word” title to the undisputed champ, Herb Cole (‘nuff said).
  • Jan “Jan B. Nimble” Brown had Happy $$ in an, “after you my dear Alfonse”, for both Nick Despota and Judy Morgan and the Chamber staff for all the great publicity and effort going into the Home Front Festival.
  • Charlie Fender had Happy $$ for a just ended great three week vacation that included a canal boat trip on the Erie Canal in New York and a visit to Chautauqua, a summer festival of lectures, music and discussion of ideas and current events. Chautauqua is an Iroquois word that means “dollar-a-word”.
  • Nabel “Bill” Wabeh and Dandy Don Lau himself both had Happy $$$ for something but your Editor was writing so fast he can not now make out what it was.  Sorry guys.

Raffle Results

Mike Winter, still celebrating 47 years of being lucky at love, now tries his had at the $100 raffle.  Shucks,  Mike’s still lucky at love as he got a white ball, free lunch and the $100 stays in the kitty for another day.


Dr. Martha Campbell: Human Population and Fertility Issues

Vietnamese woman in poor housing Jim Young introduced today’s Program Speaker Dr. Martha Campbell.  Dr. Campbell was accompanied by her husband Dr. Malcolm Potts.  The Campbell-Potts are both professors at Cal and specialize in human population and fertility issues.  Dr. Campbell is also the president of Venture Strategies for Health and Development, a Berkeley non-profit research group that specializes in human population and fertility issues.  Dr. Campbell comes to use via the Rotary International convention in Salt Lake City as they were sponsored guests of Rotarian Action Group for Population and Development ( ), which also awarded both Drs. Campbell and Potts their Paul Harris Fellows.

Dr. Martha launched into a presentation of population fact and policies with information density one might expect in a first year med student anatomy class.  Your Flywheel Editorial Board feel the presentation was so valuable and important to consider we will be posting the entire PowerPoint presentation on the “Flywheel Connections” page so that you can review it at a pace that assures consideration and understanding.

Dr. Martha advanced the radical idea that current wisdom regarding the “economic” origins of high and low birth rates is wrong.  That common idea is that poor cultures have many children to promote family economic well being and that wealthy cultures have few children because they have achieved economic well being or security.  Dr. Martha and Venture Strategies advances the thesis that a woman’s individual ability to control fertility and reproduction is what creates high or low birth rates. Cultures that provide women with the ability to control fertility and birth have low birth rates and cultures that do not or can not provide or allow women to control their fertility and pregnancies have high birth rates.  (Anyone who doesn’t understand why this is a really radical idea can see your Editor after the next meeting.)

Other examples of the high points of Dr. Martha’s presentation included:

  • An example of current population growth is the fact that India’s population increases by a net 1,000,000 every three weeks.
  • By 2050, depending on the rate of current growth, the human population on Earth will be between 7.5 and 10.5 billion people with 9 billion the likely number.  Current world population is 6.5 billion.
  • Population growth has dropped of the landscape of political issues for a number of reasons including; very low birth rates in Europe and Japan; the aids epidemic; racial bias; political and religious conservatism in many cultures.

Dr. Martha’s presentation was followed by a lively Q&A including:

Q = “What about Islamic Cultures?” A = “They’re all over the map.  Islam does not have a centralized doctrine or administrative structure and it is interpreted differently in different places.  Also the Koran is the only major world religious text that sanctions birth control.”

Unfortunately we again run out of time for “The Flywheel”.  So if you want to hear the good stuff at Rotary like my Pappy used to say, “Be there”.  But a big thank you to Dr. Campbell for sharing her cutting edge ideas with Richmond Rotary.  STAY TUNED FOR THE CAMPBELL POPULATION PRESENTATION IN THE “FLYWHEEL CONNECTIONS”.

Your Rotating Editor, Jim Young