The Flywheel

Program for AUGUST 24th

Ed Mattson, Ambassador-at-Large

Ed Mattson is the Board Chair of New Rotary Cancer Survivors Group and Ambassador at Large for Hands Across the Sea Program (formerly Rotary's World Community Services Resource Network, headed by PDG 5240, Jim Johanssen).

Ed is a member of the Mishawaka, Indiana Rotary Club, and has addressed about 2000 clubs in 41 states and 5 foreign countries.



MEETING OF August 17th, 2007

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Prez Pam rang the bell and asked Rafael Cartagena to do the Pledge of Allegiance. Henry Kelman shared his thought for day. I missed it but Hank was still happy.  We observed the traditional moment of silence for peace and freedom around the world.  (Your Editor was surprised by the bell, being in conversation with our guest speaker.)

Visiting Rotarians

Dave Parsons, A retired Richmond PD was visiting his old stomping grounds and brought greeting from the Rancho Mirage Club and presented us their manner.  Dave acknowledged knowing Glenn Daggs professionally, but no one held that against him.

  • Sheila Hurst, Chair for the Paul Harris Society for District 5160, was visiting on behalf of the District Governor.  Sheila is a member of the West Redding Club and invited the members to visit and, “Compare our spectacular view to their spectacular view.”  Sheila congratulated the club on having 10 Paul Harris Society members and noted that is 10 out of the 88 members in the entire District and that District Governor Stan Smalley is well pleased with Richmond.

Rotarians with Guests

Erle Brown introduced a guest who really needs no introduction, John Ziesenhenne— often know as “Mr. Richmond”.  It as good to see John Z. at Rotary, but we note there was something about his hair. It was blonder and longer than usual, something about a bet between him and Richmond Chamber E.D. & Rotarian Judy Morgan.

Sunshine Report

Even though we reported David K was on a fish quest to Montana and Bill K. (Koziol) would be the substitute David K.  Dandy Don Lau was the Substitute David K.

  • Jim “The Beav” Beaver is home from the hospital with a new heart valve.  He’s not supposed to lift more than 5 lbs., which is also the pull weight on his refrigerator door.  We’ll be looking for a more svelte Beav next time he is at Rotary.
  • Stony Stonework’s brother died unexpectedly Thursday in Seattle.  Stony flew up there to be with his family.
  • You all may have notice that Elof and Betty Granberg are at the back table.  More on that later.

That’s it for Sunshine and Shadow.


  • Glenn Daggs continues to circulate the sign-up list for $100 Peres Teacher Support contributions & is looking for eight more contributors to cover the Peres teaching staff. 
  • Raphael Madrigal still has raffle tickets at $100/pack for the District 5160 Fund Raiser and admission tickets to Rotary Fun Day at Marine Flags Six Worlds in Vallejo, October 6th.
  • Prez Pam announced that in spirit of his protests to the contrary, Alan Baer apparently really does know how to play poker, being the big winner from the Hotel Mac poker Fundraiser.
  • Judy Morgan and E. J. Shalaby,  together and separately reminded the members about the Home Front Festival Friday, Saturday & Sunday September 28th, 29th & 30th and to keep that weekend free as Rotary is going to be a major participant in the event.  Judy said to watch the papers and tell all your friends because there has been $150M in advertising donated to the publicity effort.
  • Jim Young reminded the members they are welcome to practice for the USO dance Thursday nights starting August 23rd, 7:30 – 9:00 PM at Arlington Community Church, 52 Arlington Ave. in Kensington.  The dance class is a gift from Jim and Linda to the community and is free for the first 10 couples that show up.
  • Past District Governor Werner Schwarz called for a motion of “all members” to support a change in the RI Board of Directors number from 12 to 64 or visa versa, your Editor is not sure which.  Although it was pointed out that this should be a matter for our own BoD That did not keep John Nicol from moving and Hank Covell from seconding Werner’s motion.  “It”, whatever it was, passed unanimously or by acclimation, it was hard to tell which one.
  • Treasurer David Brown asked that the following “Oh-Fish-All” communication be made in the Flywheel:
  1. Total Peres Classroom sponsorship checks received to date:  $1900.00 - we need another $800 or so in hand to supply the teachers funds ($100 each) as of the beginning of school.  We can do this - send in your checks!
  2. Raffle Announcement: The Board of Directors voted to bring the weekly raffle in compliance with California law: 90% of the gross receipts generated from the sale of raffle tickets must be "used by the eligible organization conducting the raffle to benefit or provide support for beneficial or charitable purposes." Therefore, effective immediately, the raffle winner will be eligible to receive 10% of the raffle pool. (Frequently winners donate their share back to the Club, and may continue to do so). Forty percent (40%) will be given to the Carl Rehfuss Fund, an endowment fund held by the Club; fifty percent (50%) will go, as it does now, into the Club's general fund. (David B. will be happy to provide more detail.)


Elof birthday

Dandy Don Lau then began a much anticipated reintroduction of Elof Granberg and his wife Betty who haven’t been seen at the club for several months.  With a smile on Elof’s face we all sang him Happy 88th Birthday and told him to do whatever Betty says. Good seeing you Elof.

  • Dandy Don asked Dan Sanders if he had had a birthday lately.  "Yes, and for the last 32 years I’ve had the honor of celebrating it with Elof, but that doesn’t mean I’m ready to tell how many birthdays I’ve celebrated.” 
  • Don asked the much-missing Josh Genser if he had done anything special lately?  Besides celebrating their anniversary July 5 with wife Elaina, Josh and family visited the wild beaches of the Galapagos Islands (much recommended) and a family reunion on the more civilized beaches of Massachusetts, the Genser’s are back in town.  Josh had a contribution for the Rotary Foundation too.
  • Tom Bennett then drew Don’s attention and ‘fessed up to celebrating his 10th anniversary, but the celebration will have to wait until some adequate kiddie coverage can be arranged.

Happy and Sad Dollars

  • Treasurer David Brown had Sad $$ for relearning the lesson to never play poker with someone who says he doesn’t know how to play poker, courtesy of teachers Alan Baer and Raphael Cartagena,
  • Raphael Madrigal had Happy $$ for the poker game in general indicating that besides having a good time he didn’t get taken to the cleaners.
  • Josh Genser had lotsa Happy $$$ for: the Galapagos Islands; the East Coast; getting well after being sick; Genser & Watkins being recognized for all the Pro Bono work the do for people in West County; and, Tom Waller speaking at the local Bar meeting.
  • David Brown had Happy $$ for Josh Genser and the Pro Bono work that Josh and Genser & Watkins did setting up the club’s 501c3 tax exempt status and the Articles of Incorporation.
  • Guest Rotarian Dave Parsons had Happy $$ for the two Raiders-49ers tickets his club Rancho Mirage is raffling of at $10 a chance.
  • Joe Bagley had Happy $$ for his daughter being home for a little while.
  • Raphael Cartagena had Happy $$ for the poker game and having such helpful players as David Brown participating.
  • Jim Young had Happy $$ for the poker dinner participants especially Glenn Daggs who gave out some great does and don’t if you are pulled over by a cop, and when he left early picked up the tab for everyone’s dinner.  Thank you Glenn!

Raffle Results

Glenn Daggs got the nod to go for the $194 raffle pot, but alas, he got a free lunch.


Painting of Wind, by NIAD artist

Pat Coleman, Director of NIAD

Jim Yong introduced Pat Coleman, Executive Director for NIAD, the National Institute for Art and Disabilities.  Director Pat began her presentation with a series of thank you's, beginning with Richmond Rotary for the invitation to speak and its past support; to Tom Waller for his past help in developing a marketing plan for NIAD; to guest John Ziesenhenne as Chair of the BoD for the help he has provided in expanding grants and donations; for art collectors like E. J. Shalaby who have independently discovered NIAD; and last but hardly least, to Joe Bagley for his connection as a Board member to Rotary.

Pat passed out a brochure about NIAD and invited members to “come down and see us anytime” at their facility on 23rd St. Also check out their web site .  Next year NIAD will celebrate its 25th anniversary of helping people with disabilities become independent and develop a purpose and self worth.  NIAD is something of a hybrid organization as it receives financial support from both state education funds and state mental health and disabilities funds.  It also seeks and receives charitable donations as a 501(c)(3) corporation.  NIAD is not an art therapy center for the disabled as Pat described something of a hybrid here too, part home, part work and part support environment.  The program currently serves 63 artists with mental and physical disabilities that limit their mobility but not their creativity. Director Pat said that much of what they do at NIAD might be thought of as “moving the paper” for artists that can not do that themselves.  To “move the paper” NIAD spends $64.95/day for each of its artists.  It receives $42.92/day from predictable (sometimes when the state budget is approved) sources and has to raise $20.43/day from a combination of art sales, grants, donations and fund raisers

When it comes to art and its sale, NIAD splits the price 50/50 with the artist.  Director Pat then gave brief thumbnail sketches of several of the NIAD artists including showing examples of their work.  While Director Pat’s descriptions were much appreciated you might want to visit to really ‘check out’ the NIAD artists.  And for all you old hippies who can’t make it over to the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love you can stop by NIAD on 23rd St. and visit their current art exhibition of the same name .

Director Pat concluded noting that NIAD has been successful enough to draw attention form the art world and has been requested to start a second facility in East County.  Maintaining the current operation is her focus and with that she said to be sure to let other people in the community know about NIAD, especially if there is an individual in their household that might be a candidate artist.  NIAD has a scholarship program for people that may not be able to afford their services and does what it can to help more disabled artist find their muse.

Thank you Director Pat Coleman for explaining NIAD to Richmond Rotary.

Your Rotating Editor, Jim Young