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Program for AUGUST 31ST

Joke Day III (and 1/2 )

Arthur Koestler, in his seminal book on the roots of creativity, The Act of Creation, contended that jokes make us laugh because they unexpectedly collide two previously unrelated frames of reference. His example:

A Marquis at the court of Louis XV had unexpectedly returned from a journey and, on entering his wife’s boudoir, found her in the arms of a bishop. After a moment’s hesitation, the Marquis walked calmly to the window, leaned out and began going through the motions of blessing the people in the street.

“What are you doing?” cried the anguished wife.

“Monseigneur is performing my functions”, replied the nobleman, “so I am performing his”.

The two frames: the logic of quid pro quo and the duty of moral conduct.

Fellow Rotarians, now consider your duty: Think of a joke (learn a new one, if necessary). Come to the meeting. Make us laugh.


MEETING OF August 24th, 2007

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Prez Pam rang the bell and got Don Lau to do the Pledge of Allegiance. Prez Pam said we would have to forgo Henry’s Korner & thought for the day because Henry Kelman had a small heart attack, more on that later.  In Stony’s absence Glenn Daggs observed the traditional moment of silence for peace and freedom around the world.

Visiting Rotarians

No visiting Rotarians or other guests today except late arriving guest Sandi Genser-Mack helping Judy Morgan describe the Home Front Festival (see below) and today’s only representative of the Genser family.

Sunshine Report

PDG Werner Schwarz filling in for David K, who is still on his Montanan fish quest said that Henry Kelman  did have a small heart attack, but there was no muscle damage and he is at home recuperating and already missing Rotary.

That’s it for Sunshine and Shadow.


  • Your Editor and Webmaster remind you that the Connections page (click here or on "Connections" in menu bar above) will allow you to revisit Dr.  Martha Campbell’s outstanding presentation (August 17th) about world population and fertility in the 21st Century— now, in other words.  That page has links to three other memorable programs for reconsideration or to pass along to friends and other Rotarians.
  • Glenn Daggs continues to circulate the sign-up list for $100 Peres Teacher Support contributions & is looking for eight more contributors to cover the Peres teaching staff. 
  • Raphael Magdalena is mailing out raffle tickets at $100/pack for the District 5160 Fund Raiser.  If you already bought yours and don’t want to increase your chance of winning a trip to Paris (X-Prez Leslie Levy won a trip to India) return the tickets to Raphael.  He will also have admission tickets to Rotary Fun Day at Six Marines World Flags in Vallejo, October 6th.
  • Hank Covell invited the members to participate in the September 20th   Dinner and a Play event at the Hotel Mac and the across the street at the Masquers Theatre for “The Shadow Box”.  September 20th something else besides the COI Harbor Tour is going on that day I wonder….?
  • Judy Morgan, reminded the members about the Home Front Festival Friday, Saturday & Sunday September 28th, 29th & 30th and to keep that weekend free as Rotary is a major participant in the event. .  Judy said to check out the festival banners so beautifully designed by Jan Brown and also sign up for dock duty boarding passengers on the Potomac, the Alma, the Delphinus and the Red & White Fleet ferry boats all, except the Potomac, giving harbor tours.  As a doc hand you will be under the supervision of Dock Master and late arriving Rotarian, Commander Richie Brandes (Coast Guard ret.) who knows how to keep things shipshape.  The signup list will be circulating until it is full.
  • dance steps
  • Jim Young reminded the members they are welcome to practice for the USO dance Thursday nights starting August 23rd, 7:30 – 9:00 PM at Arlington Community Church, 52 Arlington Ave. in Kensington.  The dance class is a gift from Jim and Linda to the community and is free for the first 10 couples that show up.


  • Dandy Don Lau didn’t have any recognitions today which is probably an oversight, but allows your Editor to make a recovery from a grievous omission from last week’s Flywheel, when in the flurry of recognitions I failed to record that our own bubbly and buoyant (William) Bob Dabney celebrated his 11th year wedding anniversary to the lovely and charming (really) Cheryl Maier who is certain to read this before Bob, so she’ll know that he said that it has been the best 11 years of his life, except for the day he joined Richmond Rotary and that was only a little bit better than all the other 4,014 days of the past 11 years.  Oh, and Bob also had an initial contribution to the club for his first Paul Harris.  Thank you Bob and especially thank you Cheryl for 4,015 days of grace and tolerance!  Happy belated anniversary!

Happy and Sad Dollars

  • Hank Covell had Happy $$for his wife Doreen’s B-day.  Hank and Doeen met when they were 16 & 17.  Sounds like it is from the “Sound of Music” doesn’t it?
  • Werner Schwarz I think had Happy $$.  We are going to have to get Werner a portable megaphone.  He may have been making a joke at Hank’s expense.
  • George Alvarez had Happy $$ for being in Mexico and ultimately prevailing in a land dispute with the Mexican government after 2 ½ months.  Good to see you at the club George.
  • John Wilson had Happy $$ for his wife’s B-Day.
  • Barbara M. had Happy $$ for her own B-Day August 27th.  Where is that Recognitions guy?
  • Jim Young had Happy $$ for the up coming USO Dance during the Festival and all those Rotarians with Happy Feet that want to practice up for it.
  • David Brown had a “tragic 5¢” for missing dancing practice.  In another venue David Brown is reported to have said, ‘Dance practice? I’m a guy and guys only dance for one reason, and, I’m married”.  Because your wife tells you too?  See David or Cheryl for details.
  • Sandi Genser-Mack and Judy Morgan had Happy $$ for the opportunity to show the club the lovely Home Front Festival T-shirts that you can order from the Chamber in any size.
  • Herb Cole had Happy $$ for the six participants going on the Rotary trip to Monterey Mexico January 16-20.  And also for the Rotary National Immunization Day (against polio) trip to Nigeria November 16-20.
  • Rich Brandes had Happy $$ for not being fined when he came in late to talk about the Rotary docks at the Home Front Festival, see above.

Raffle Results

Judy Morgan got the nod to go for the $249 raffle pot, AND SHE GOT THE ORANGE BALL!  As someone said under the new, legal whether you like it or not, raffle rules, Judy takes home a fabulous $24.90 which will let her by one more Home Front Festival T-shirt and the other 90% of the pot goes to the club general fund and the Carl Rafus Scholarship Fund.


Ed Mattson

Ed Mattson

Jim Young introduced Rotarian Ed Mattson from Peru, Indiana.  Ed is a Rotary International Ambassador-at-Large, Board Chair of the Rotary Cancer Support Group and representative of the Hands Across the Sea Program.

I got to tell you, for those who thought Dr. Campbell had a fast paced, information rich presentation, we have a new champion.  Ed’s program was side ranging from Moldova to Muncie and covered diplomacy, political philosophy, and about all you would want to know about cancer from the man-on-the-street perspective.  Rather than trying to condense Ed’s presentation and partly because I was mesmerized by the combination of the cute little bears and his machine gun delivery style.

The following web links will lead you to more information about the Rotary cancer support group or Ed’s book, Just Say No to the Undertaker.

Just Say NO to the Undertaker (Amazon order page and reviews)

Thank you Ed Mattson and good luck on your efforts to help cancer patients and survivors around the world!

Your Rotating Editor, Jim Young