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Program for September 7th

Dr. Beth Halbert

Dr. Halbert, author of Compassionate Parenting, will present ideas on bridging the "parent-teen communication gap."

"In her work as a child psychologist, Dr. Halbert has learned how kids think and why they act the way they do. She knows how to get them to open up about their fears, emotions, interests, problems and goals. She also knows parents and how to help them create positive dialogue with their children and reduce negative tension in the home." (from Cornerstone Speakers)


MEETING OF August 31st, 2007

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Prez Pam rang the bell and got Red Badge Rookie Leigh Johnson Esq. to lead the Pledge of Allegiance (counselor Johnson also tells a pretty good joke, more on that later).  Henry’s Korner & with proprietor Henry Kelman was back an raring to go after a small heart attack, a couple of weeks ago.  Hank got off the first good joke of the day noting he had no idea that those ads on TV about not using Viagra and nitrates together meant “nitroglycerine”, at least not until a couple of weeks ago.  A hard working Gary Bell observed the traditional moment of silence for peace and happiness around the world.


Markku Pelanne introduced his son John Pelanne who has been in Nigeria Africa who is about to return to participate in a new micro-credit loan program which has establish the goal of successful lending to very poor, entrepreneurial women as part of a program to develop self sustaining employment, income and the reduction of poverty.

Visiting Rotarians

Gary Bell introduced Monica Shaw, an associate in the mortgage industry, of Keller Financial and a member of the Pinole Rotary.  Gary mentioned that Monica is also a member of the NIAD Board of Directors..

Sunshine Report

Dandy Don Lau (I believe) covered for the still absent David K.  Don reported that Jim “The Beav” Beaver is “doing fine and is still kosher”, having had a bovine, non-swine valve replacement during his heart surgery.  The Beav is still under orders to “do nothing” which includes driving and opening the refrigerator door.  Calls and cards are much appreciated.

Herb Cole said Mike Winters Mom, Wilma Winters passed away last week.  She was a life long resident of Richmond and a long time fixture in the RUSD central office and a community volunteer including Secretary for the Richmond Museum.  An unattributable comment was heard that, “She was a great lady”

That’s it for Sunshine and Shadow.


  • Glenn Daggs continues to circulate the sign-up list for $100 Peres Teacher Support contributions & is looking for eight more contributors to cover the Peres teaching staff or so says Glenn’s alter ego Prez Pam.. 
  • Raphael Madrigal said that in spite of Jim Young always getting his name wrong (I only got it half wrong) he is still providing raffle tickets at $100/pack for the District 5160 Fund Raiser.  Very soon he will also have admission tickets to Rotary Fun Day at Six Worlds Marine Flags in Vallejo, October 6th.  The District Fun Day at that Vallejo amusement park will also includes morning child care and a Keynote Address by Past Rotary International President Ramendara Saboo.  More information on the Foundation Fun Day.
  • Hank Covell invited the members to participate in the September 20th   Dinner and a Play event at the Hotel Mac and the across the street at the Masquers Theatre for “The Shadow Box”.  Tickets are available from Hank.
  • EJ Shalaby, reminded the members about the Home Front Festival, September 28th, 29th & 30th (Friday through Sunday ), and to keep that weekend free because Rotary is a major participant (check out the Sailing Through History events).  EJ passed out sign up forms for participation in the Festival, especially working with Dock Master Rich Brandes for dock duty boarding passengers on the Potomac, the Alma, the Delphinus and the Red & White Fleet ferry boats all (except the Potomac) giving harbor tours.  Richmond Rotary will also be selling prepackaged snacks out of the Harbor Master Building by the dock loading operation.  The signup list will be circulating until it is full.  Proceeds from the Rotary effort will go to RI’s Polio Plus program.
  • Jim Young reminded the members they are welcome to practice for the USO dance practice Thursday nights, 7:30 – 9:00 PM at Arlington Community Church, 52 Arlington Ave. in Kensington.  It was nice to see Nick and Nel Despota and Monique Le Conge and honorary Rotarian John “Z.” Ziesenhenne at the last session.
  • Prez Pam asked the members to mark their calendars for Gallo Wine Night at the Hotel Mac Oct. 2nd.  The dinner and wine tasting of Gallo’s good stuff will be in honor of the legendary 79¢ bottle of Tokay that has raised over $8,500 at Holiday Auctions over the years.  Rumor has it that the wines being tasted are all better than the Gallo Tokay.  Menus and sign-up are circulating at the meeting.


Jon birthday

Prez Pam started recognitions by recognizing PDG Werner Schwarz who she said, “Has something to say about something between his legs.”  After the cries of disbelief and swoons caused by the mere thought died down, Werner produced a large Happy Birthday Balloon from under the table and asked Jon Lawlis if he had just celebrated his birthday?  Jon had, #55, and he celebrated it taking his daughter to the University of Redlands in the Inland Empire, where it was 114° and he had a celebratory dinner that night at an In & Out Burger someplace between Bakersfield and Tracy.  Jon had $100 for the Carl Rehfuss Scholarship Fund.

Dandy Don Lau the asked Erle Brown about his love life.  Erle said it has been 48 great years with the love of his life, Phyllis, as of August 29th and he has $100 each for the Paul Harris and Carl Rehfuss Funds.  One can only hope that kind of enthusiasm is rewarded by a winning season for Cal.

Dandy Don called on Gary Bell who celebrated his seventh anniversary on the 25th.  After some confusion over their wives, both of whom are named Shelley (or Shelly) Gary acknowledged a “fun” celebration in Las Vegas and a $100 left over the club’s general fund.

Dandy Don also acknowledged Jim “The Beav” Beaver’s anniversary with Jane on the 18th.  The Beav’s “laid back” life style precluded him from making his $100 contribution to the club, but “the check’s in the mail”.

Happy and Sad Dollars

  • Jim Young had Happy $$ that none of the club’s Raphael’s have ganged up on him for is creative but inaccurate renditions of their family names.  Thank you Raphael Madrigal and Raphael Cartagena for you tolerance and understanding.
  • Jon Lawlis had Happy $$ for dropping his daughter off at U. of Redlands.
  • Dan Sanders had Happy $$ for his son starting the firs week of his MBA program and U. of Sand Francisco.
  • Werner Schwarz had Happy $$ on behalf of himself and David K. for Henry Kelman’s participation in today’s meeting.
  • Tom Waller had Happy $$ for Prez Pam who let him talk about the collegiate level RotoAct Program at Cal and various other colleges in District # 5160.  Tom will be working to get the club closer to these high energy young Rotarians-in-training including their participation at the Home Front Festival.

Raffle Results

Markku Pelanne got the nod to go for the $69 raffle pot, depleted last week by Judy Morgan, but Markku must be luck at love because he got the white ball and a free lunch.


Ed Mattson

Joke Day III (and 1/2)

Jim Young launched into Joke Day with, “How many Rotarians does it take to change a light bulb?

Most of the club voted to delegate the job to somebody else, one Rotarian who believes in Service Above Self, to get the job done. Fortunately that’s a joke about other clubs and not Richmond Rotary where volunteerism and enthusiasm are contagious. That said, Joke Day was a big success. Like my Pap always used to say, “If you want the good stuff you have to be there”, so this summary will not retell any of the great jokes from our stalwarts like Josh, Genser, Werner Schwarz or David Brown. We will note that there were great first time appearances from tellers like Leigh Johnson, Tom Waller and Bill Koziol, even though Tom’s series of joke’s may have set back Rotary’s efforts to reach out persons of the female persuasion 25 years. BUT IT WAS A JOKE!

Joke Day is regularly scheduled anytime the combination of holiday weekends and lack of speakers make it impossible to get a program involving participation beyond the club’s lunch hungry members.

Editor’s Note:
Rotary speaker engagements are open to anyone with something informative, interesting, unusual or funny to say to the club with the caveat that they must keep crass commercialism (“Give me money” or “Buy my stuff”) to a minimum. Pass along names and contact information to Jim Young and know that if he hasn’t scheduled your proposed speaker it is probably because he: 1)Lost the contact information; 2)Forgot outright and needs to be reminded; 3)Couldn’t get through because they are actually hard to contact & etc. Your Program Chair does ask that the candidate speakers all be” good enough” to have your name associated with them because it will be.


Your Rotating Editor, Jim Young