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Program for September 14th

Orlando Ramos,
Principal of Richmond High School

Orlando Ramos, Principal of Richmond High School, talks about the the process of developing a campus culture.

"What we're doing is changing the culture, not just the classroom," Mr. Ramos told the Oakland Tribune last November. "As Richmond High rises, so will the city of Richmond."


MEETING OF September 7th, 2007

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Prez Pam Jones rang the bell and called the meeting to order. Jerry Feagley led the pledge of allegiance and Glenn Daggs asked for a moment of silence for world peace. Some male chauvinist (I think it was Henry) had a Thought for the Day about how much there is for men to be thankful for now that football season has begun anew.

Visiting Rotarians

Karen Nierlich of El Cerrito Rotary Club joined us for lunch.

Rotarians with Guests

  • Pam Jones invited Patti Boucher and April Jorden as guests.
  • Liliane Koziol had her handsome young son with her.

Sunshine Report

David K had a sunny thought about celebrating how great it is to have Elof Granberg and Charlie Wong back among us (and Henry, too, somebody said).


  • Herb Cole updated the Club on the status of the Red Cross Clinic project work in Monterrey, Mexico, with four other Rotary Clubs. He talked about a trip down there within about two weeks as well as a longer, five-day trip in January 2008 (16th - 20th). Before that, there’ll be an extended trip to Nigeria with over 40 Rotary Clubs, November 5-20, for various projects including national immunizations
  • Hank Covell had some info to share. On Saturday, September 15, the local YMCA will hold its 50th annual pancake breakfast at the Hilltop facility. Can’t beat it for (did I get this right?!) $5 for the whole family. By the way, Hank says he’s not missed even one of the past 49 years of pancake breakfasts!
  • Hank went on to remind everyone about the $40 Hotel Mac dinner plus Masquers play on Tuesday, September 25.
  • Gallo Wine bottle
  • Last on Hank’s list was news about the $80 Gallo extravaganza dinner at the Hotel Mac on October 2 with the very special 31 year-old, don’t-you-dare-drink-it-but-who’d-want-to-anyway bottle of Muscatel.
  • Liliane Koziol gave a progress report about the month-long trip being planned to Madagascar in late April 2008, for purposes of, among other things, helping to equip a local hospital with various supplies.
  • Judy Morgan talked about all the positive, good things happening with Richmond’s Home Front Festival coming up the weekend of September 29-30. Rich Brandes is heading up Richmond Rotary’s involvement in the Festival with crowd management and people-boarding on interesting and historic boats that will be taking short cruises on the waters around the immediate area. Volunteers are encouraged to sign up online at
  • Rafael Madrigal promoted the District 5160 Rotary Foundation Day raffle drawing on October 6 at Discovery Kingdom. Everyone should send in their $100 five-ticket payment as soon as possible to the address on the flyer already mailed to homes.
  • There were whispers throughout the room of a roast worthy of a “thousand bonfires” that will occur on November 2. You don't want to miss it!

Special Events


Margaret Morkowski did a stellar job with Recognitions and Happy/Sad dollars.

  • John Nicol was recognized for joining Rotary 43 years ago, the same year that David Ninomiya joined. Back then, according to John, a person’s credit rating had to be ok before being allowed into Rotary.
  • Margaret then took charge of the microphone to tell us not only that she bought the very first ticket sold for the USO dance on Saturday night of the Home Front Festival but also that Indian Statue Day will occur on October 13 in Point Richmond. This event will honor the purchase in 1908-09 of the Indian statue/fountain in the Point’s center island by the Women’s West-End Service Club (oldest in the state?). Yep, any ole excuse to party!

Happy and Sad Dollars

  • David K had happy $$ for three weeks fishing in the Rockies, including the famed Blackfoot River. He witnessed a forest fire, including a too-close-for-comfort fireball situation that turned out ok.
  • As Jan Brown dug into her purse for happy $$, she pointed out that the other gender can also enjoy good football, like the Cal Bears whipping Tennessee.
  • Erle Brown also had happy $$ for a great opening Cal football game.
  • Bill Koziol seemed pretty happy about his upcoming 3-week trip to Italy. Arrivederci, Bill!

Raffle Results

Ralph Hill pulled the white ball.


Beth Hallbert

Bring Compassion, Love, and Playfulness to Parenting

With President Pam Jones having recommended her as a speaker, Jim Young introduced Dr. Beth Halbert, author of Compassionate Parenting and psychologist extraordinaire in matters relating to the sometimes weird world of teens.

Spunky and full of enthusiasm, Dr. Beth encouraged us, especially those somewhat chronologically challenged among us, to get in touch with our own teen energy once again. She actually had the gall to ask if we remembered when we, too, use to excessively drink, eat, dance, and do wild and crazy things that couldn’t be told to other people.

So I guess teens are people too. In fact, according to Dr. Beth, the key seems to be trying to help them be open and honest about their fears, emotions, interests, problems, and goals, to step into who they are, to get in touch with their truth and into their own greatness. Help them move beyond being the compliant doormat (“sure, whatever you say”) or the embodiment of total defiance (big time push back). Get to authenticity and more beneficial, informed free choice will follow.

We were reminded that parents can easily burn out, which isn’t good for anyone. She advised us to take care of ourselves first, then spousal relationships, then the kids.

In the world of actions and words, remember which speaks more loudly. Sometimes putting the foot down firmly can be the right thing to do. We’re told that teens actually want parents to say “no” on occasion, if for no other reason than they can get mad about it. Now that’s authentic!

Rotating Scribe: Tom Waller