The Flywheel

Program for November 2nd

Werner Schwarz

Recognizing Werner

With or without special guest Oscar Meyer, our cub will “recognize” Werner Schwarz's 80th Birthday.


MEETING OF October 26th, 2007

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

The A Team of Tom Waller and Sid Chauvin worked the greeting table taking money, greeting arrivals and grabbing signatures on get well cards.  Prez PamJones brought the meeting to order and Glenn Daggs led the invocation.  Bruce Harter led the Pledge.

Visiting Rotarians and Rotarians with Guests

There were no visiting Rotarians and your scribe was exploring the food line when one or more guests were introduced.  

Sunshine Report

David K reported on Troy Pewitt ‘s 13th child, which is probably why we haven’t seen him for awhile.   Rhonda Harris and Ted Smith are still both recovering, and the Get Well Soon cards were circulated by David.    


  • Mark Howe.  Provided a reminder of the Glenn and Mark(and I’m sure Susan and Others) Barbeque at Mark’s house on Sunday November 4th.  Arrive about 5 PM is the word.
  • Joe Bagley.  Our Peres School Haunted House event is this Wednesday, on Halloween.  Additional volunteers are needed.  It will be a great morning of costumes, kids, candy and smiles.  And bring White Sheets!
  • Leslie Levy.  The Holiday Auction Gourmet Dinner, featuring the culinary talents of Jim Beaver, has been delayed but not forgotten.  Standby for further word and a date on this. 
  • Glenn Daggs.  Glenn has done a lot to support the Peres adoption program, and reiterated the need for volunteers at the Halloween event.  Glenn passed around a sign-up sheet for the bed-time stories reading program at Peres.
  • Troy Pewitt.  Troy had Bruce Springsteen Concert tickets to auction for the Club’s benefit, which could have gone for $250 to David K, but instead went to Glenn for $275.  These must be great seats. Thanks Glenn and Troy, and David  for raising the ante.
  • A Werner Schwarz Roasting is scheduled for next week.  Don’t miss it!    


Joey Bags did the honors.  Turns out Troy has 3 kids, not 13, and celebrated his 39th birthday at a quiet dinner with his wife.   Rafael Madrigal celebrated his wedding anniversary on the 22nd and they are headed to Bodega Bay this weekend for a quiet interlude in a seaside cabin.  Joe reported his conversation with Ted Smith, who is getting better and as Joe put it “is a lot of fun to talk to”.  Get better soon Ted.  Joe also called Bart Wallace who is working in Southern California these days – Bart celebrated his 25th wedding anniversary and was relieved that his extremely generous donation last month doesn’t need to be repeated.  Charlie Fender accused Joe of missing his anniversary last month, and reported 65 happy years, yes with the same woman.  Stoney reported that his club anniversary was missed in August.  He missed the last meeting to watch Cal lose, but came away from the game with a good joke.  A bunch of Greeks in a bus being driven by a monkey….you know. 

Happy and Sad Dollars

  • David Brown was happy that his son’s wedding is over, and surprisingly the kids stayed within budget. 
  • Allen Baer missed his club recognition anniversary, and made up for it with $100 in happy dollars
  • Ted Abreu was happy that he reached 12 years in the club on the 22nd, and believes he holds the longest record of procrastination before giving his Who Am I.  Ted remembers Herb Cole prodding him to action, and forecasts the record may soon pass to another educator, Bruce Harter
  • Glenn Daggs found sad dollars in his pocket realizing he too had been missed for his club anniversary.  This is indeed catching. 
  • Tom Butt is pleased the restored, historic Point Richmond railway station will open as a Mechanics Bank branch next Monday.  Come and observe.
  • Joey B was happy and sad that he and Rita have reached their 17th anniversary at Graphics Depot.  The community and Club have benefited from this fine business over the years.  Joe says their motto these days is”We’re Not Happy Until You’re Not Happy”, which may be some kind of philosophical sign language. 

Raffle Results

Lucky Tom Butt won the chance to find an orange ball, but unluckily did not.


Bruce Harter

School Superintendent Bruce Harter

Prez Pam introduced Bruce Harter, Superintendent of WCCC Schools.  This program was in the tradition of many of our best - provided by a member.  Bruce provided a fast moving PowerPoint of “The State of Our Schools”.  

Bruce joined the District 15 months ago and reported on progress made and challenges remaining.  There are 30,000 students in District schools, and about 1/3 are English language learners. Test scores have been going up in recent years, as has the rate of placement to 4 year colleges.  Community service is now a part of the student program.  Bruce mentioned the positive impacts of the volunteer dental clinic (thanks Dan Tanita) and large increase in the Junior Achievement Program(thanks Tom Waller).  Uniforms are now standard in the District in grades K through 8.  It’s good to hear that physical education is back in the schools, and that efforts are being made to include healthy foods on the menus.  Bruce reminded us that the District prepares 16,000 meals each day for students.

With the loss of the recent parcel tax initiative, the District budget is headed for challenging times.  Revenues have decreased, partly driven by the enrollment of students in charter schools.  Bruce is looking at hard decisions in expenditure cuts to balance upcoming budgets.  

Semper Paratus