The Flywheel

Program for November 9th

Police Chief Magnus

State of Public Safety in Richmond

Chief of Police Chris Magnus will disucss the policing accomplishments and issues in Richmond.

This is a joint meeting with the Soroptomists, at Mira Vista Country Club.



A roast for Werner Schwarz' 80th Birthday.

Over 80 Rotarians and guest arrived early to facilitate fellowship and re-acquaintance of old friends from Orange County to Redding and all points in between.

 Werner Schwarz honord

After an invocation by Glenn Daggs and a pledge of allegiance by Rafael Madrigal,  President Pam Jones called the "Roasters" to come forward.

Assistant Governor and Secretary,  Jon Lawlis read a letter from PDG Bill Sturgeon who suffered through a 5 hour flight to Evanston of non-stop jokes.  To avoid this on a return flight he booked Greyhound Bus for himself.

Mark von Hoetzendorff, D5160 Director of the Rotary Foundation, discussed Werner's District Conference in Chico which was a great success in spite of the fact that he was transferred out by the Telephone Company 4 months before the conference.  Mark was interrupted by a phone call from Past R.I. President Cliff Dochterman who welcomed Werner to the PDG Octogenarian (80) Club.  His message was welcomed by rousing applause. Having been interrupted, Mark continued by presenting Werner the D5160 "Lunch before Service" award and presenting him with a joke book 6 by Ole and Lena.  

Next, PDG Peter Faye challenged Werner's joke telling ability by using the subjects of frog, Clinton, Bush and nun, to which Werner responded  with an appropriate joke for each.  Peter also presented to Werner a photo of him and Lea taken during the 1993 Peter Fayers' District Conference.

Jim Larsen, Secretary of the Rotary Club of Rio Vista, CA introduced Phyllis and Chris Simonsen, widow and daughter-in-law of our district's Major Donor, Hank Simonsen.  He presented Werner with a certificate of appreciation for our successful Mobil Eye and Surgery Clinic, which is now in active use in Thailand.

PDG Rev. Noble Streeter of Redding brought his daughter Nancy and narrated memories of his activities with Werner since Lea and Werner were assigned to him during the 1964 District Conference in Redding.  One of the stories included Werner's mother in Israel.

PDG Candy Pierce described the many endeavors and luncheons with Werner in preparation for her terrific year as Governor. Naturally she paid for all the meals.

Past President Bill Frank of the Rotary Club of Hercules donated $100 for a new Werner Schwarz fund to be managed by the Rotary Club of Richmond.  He related Werner's affair with his wife, Carol, during research in the dark room of Tracerlab, Inc.

PDG Herb Trumboldt of the Rotary Club of Yorba Linda presented Werner with pictures of some of his old flames like Julie Andrews, Brigitte Bardot, Doris Day, Barbara Eden, Gina Lollobrigida, etc. who are now in their 70s.  He also  described their friendship and cooperation with the Past Officers' Reunion and other RI projects.

PDG Adrian Mendes brought his wife Joan and exhibited Werner's 1988-1989 District Directory which he proof read followed by Werner's final proofing which showed the name "Schwarz" misspelled, or is it "Schwartz".

PDG Phyllis Nusz described her monthly dinners with Werner at The Spinnaker restaurant in Sausalito.  Who do you think paid?  Do you believe they discussed PETS and Past Officers Reunion items?

DG Brian McLeran, a roofing contractor, also paid for his lunches with Werner and related that when Werner talked to his Terra Linda Rotary Club he came equipped with a bucket on which he pasted his roofing golden guarantee.

PDG Eric Shapira brought his bride Susan, who is the president of the new Rotary Club of the San Francisco airport.  Eric wore a neck brace that he claimed was a result from excessive head shaking to Werner's jokes.  Eric described his many years of friendship with Werner and how they met together on a 1990 joint project with D1820/ Germany, to bring 100 youth from formerly East Germany to California to live with American families for a summer.

PP Eddy Roodveldt, our Youth Exchange Director, described his friendship and activities with Werner.

PDG Bob Wassum described his nearly 10 years of friendship and Rotary projects and his cooperation with Werner during many PETS and World wide projects.

PP Earl Brown related Werner's contribution to the Richmond Rotary club.

Other VIPs who attended the roast were PDG Connie Crawford, Holly Axtell and Keith, Brian Thiessen and George and Carol Chaffey.  In addition DGE Jim Campbell and Linda, and Russ Ketron were in attendance.  Also present were Bo Morse, GD Miller & Tina; and Eiko Studier, RC of Marin Evening.

After the roasters sang Happy Birthday, Werner thanked all the attendees and introduced his daughter Donna Schwarz- "the princess" and his newly promoted wife Lea — "the empress"— who got a rousing standing ovation.  

Werner then related how he joined The Rotary Club of Richmond with his sponsor Bob Miller II and told another joke that involved advising how to keep the grim reaper away at age  "80" by consuming large quantities of garlic.


Richmond Rotarian Sid Chauvin drew George Egan's name for the raffle, but forgot the balls.  Prez Pam sent him to look for them in the closet. Following a long silence, it was decided that the raffle drawing would be held next week.  As the Prez rang the bell, Sid emerged at the door, clutching something.  I'm sure he will have his own version of this story to tell next week.